Find Anime Resources


Find Anime Resources

Looking to find that anime — for free? You are in the right place. We have all the resources you need to answer your anime related questions. This list is also updated frequently, so keep an eye on it. This is your homepage to learn how to find anime related content!

Find Anime By Image Guides

Are you looking for that anime, but only have an image to go by? Take a look at these two guides that teach you the basics of anime reverse image search:

How To Find Anime by Image

How To Find Anime Characters By Image

How To Find Anime Character Birthdays and Zodiac Signs

Find New Anime To Watch and Anime Recommendations:

Tired of re-watching the same old anime? Take a look at our guides for finding new anime to watch as well as anime recommendations lists:

How To Find New Anime to Watch

How To Find Anime Recommendations Based On the Anime You Like

How To Find an Anime if You Don’t Know its Name

Find Anime Wallpapers and Anime Music:

If you are trying to find anime related content like anime soundtracks and wallpapers, then these articles should get you started:

How to Find Free Anime Wallpapers

How to Find Anime Openings and OSTs

How To Find Anime Songs On Spotify

Find Your Anime Twin and Anime Community Guides

Some tips on how to use anime character generators, become more active in the anime community and find like-minded people:

How To Find Your Anime Look Alike

How To Create Your Own Anime Character

How To Find Anime Friends

How To Find Anime Icons For Apps


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