How To Find Anime Openings and OST

Are you wondering how to find anime OST? You are in the right place. In this guide we will show you how to effectively find that anime opening or OST that has been on your mind.

If we watch how anime series have changed since their beginnings, we can see how we went from having the right and necessary amount of music to set a functional animation mini-movie to music to be something that animation production companies now give special attention when producing a new anime.

As we all know, every great anime always has, like the cherry on top, a memorable opening and ending song in each episode. That recognizable song wherever you listen to it and that sometimes it’s so good that you never skip it. Even animation houses go the extra mile and insert memorable songs at significant moments in the series, highlighting even more how outstanding it needs to be.

Thanks to this we can say that we have memorable songs that we cannot stop listening to. But what if as a fan those songs are the only ones you want to hear? But then you don’t even know the name of the full version of the song. And also how to find it and playlists that contain that song either

For these situations, we bring you some of the different ways to find your favorite anime songs!

How to Find Anime OST – Find Anime Openings on Soundcloud

Find anime openings soundcloud

Soundcloud can be known as a free music platform for songs from any origin. And that includes music luckily from multiple anime. So, it will help us to find anime theme songs. Just insert in the search bar “(name of the anime) OST”, and you will get a lot of results.

But you will not only find individual tracks but also Playlists of this anime series. Soundcloud also has filters to drop results of only tracks, playlists or filter according to the tags that the tracks have. For example, the tag of “#Anime”.

find anime OST soundcloud

And if you want more varied playlists you have two options:

  • Add the songs you like to a custom playlist after signing up for Soundcloud.
  • Or search “anime (Opening / Ending)” use the filter to only show playlists. You will get a lot of playlists with varied songs from different anime as a result.

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How to Find Anime OST – Add the Anime OST to Your Personal Playlist

To add a song to your personal playlist from an already existing Playlist, you have to tap on the original playlist main picture and then tap on the “…” symbol on the side of the selected song for the option to “add to a new playlist” appear for that song.

Find Anime OST On Aniplaylist

A page focused on compiling Playlists and anime songs available on Spotify. Yes, perhaps somewhat limiting due to the same reason but that does not mean that it does not continue to have an extensive library of easy access anime music. The only thing you need to do is insert the name of the anime whose songs you are looking for, and it will immediately give you the links of the pieces available on Spotify (and Playlists made by the same page)

Apart from that, it has handy filters for your search whether you want the results to be exclusively EDs, OPs, OST or Playlist. Also, a filter of where the songs should be available (insert your country) and even which season of anime releases your search should belong.

This page has a user on Spotify Itself with hundreds of public playlists named according to the anime to which the songs belong. And a “Weekly discovery” list of anime music that mimics that one of Spotify.

How to Find Anime OST – Find Anime Openings On “Anime Song Lyrics”

Anime Song Lyrics is the largest anime music lyrics compilation portal. With one of the most complete search engines. You can find all the anime-related songs you are interested in or do a separate search for a specific piece. It divides the songs by genre of the anime they belong, tags and season in which it was released.

After going to the page of the song you were looking for, it will give you all the data of the song, composer, release date and who performs it. Of course, the complete song reproduced from YouTube and the lyrics in Japanese with official English translation or professionally translated by the webpage. With the option to put them side to side and rate the quality of the song. The website helps you find anime OST and also provides you with some helpful background information.

And if you are registered on the platform, you can add the song to your personal favorites list. It should be noted that as its name indicates, ANIME SONG LYRICS is limited to pieces with lyrics.

How to Find Anime OST – Find Anime Openings On Mobile Apps

As an alternative option, we present two smartphone apps which collect musical content from anime in different ways.

Anime Music Radio

This app collects anime music online radio stations around the internet, each with its own DJ. That way you can choose the one you like the most and have an endless playlist.

The incredible thing about this is that the app not only stays on broadcasting the radios but also in the history tab when you access each of the radios you can find the name of the song that has just been played and the anime to which it belongs. ANIME MUSIC RADIO generally shows you various Japanese music in its more than 100 stations, whether they are songs with lyrics or not

ANIME MUSIC – Mix OST, Otaku Chat and Wallpapers

Anime Music is basically a Spotify for Otakus where the “musical genres” are the names of the anime. The “For You” playlists are an incredible way to explore introductory compilations to the variety of songs the app features. Weekly it updates a top 10 list according to user preferences.

One can create playlists with the songs available in the app and select their favorites to form a personal library. Also includes a chat for members and downloadable Wallpapers for smartphones. And a radio option similar to the one of the previous app recommendation but we would not recommend that function in this app much since it has a slow connection to the stations.


We hope that these recommendations have given you a hand to continue enjoying the fantastic songs that anime has to offer. Do you think we missed any method? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time fellow anime fans!