How to Find Anime Character Birthdays and Zodiac Signs

Hi, welcome to our quick guide on how to find anime character birthdays and Zodiac signs. While the more experienced, veteran anime fans already know all the right places to look at for the right information.

For a newcomer, searching out the little niche details about their favorite anime character can be a challenge.

To make things easier for you, we will cover everything you need to know to find the Birthdays and the Zodiac signs of anime characters.

How To Find Anime Character Birthdays and Zodiac Signs

So, we will give you a list of tips that will be helpful in finding anime character birthdays and Zodiac signs with as little trouble as possible. Just keep trying the options in this list and you will have your answer in no time.

My Anime List Character Descriptions

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The Easiest and the most straightforward way that you can use to find anime birthdays is by going through their character descriptions on My Anime List.

The website notes most of the publicly known accurate information in their character records. So, you can be sure to get some of the most accurate information about your favorite anime character from there.

My Anime list also covers other small details about the characters like their blood group, height, favorite snacks, voice actors, etc.

Official Anime Website Character Catalogs

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Like My Anime List, certain popular anime have their own dedicated websites with all the information you would ever want.

These websites have the official information listed, so you can be sure that you are getting all your information straight from the source.

Some of these character catalogs also include special trivia about certain characters, so you can find some more behind-the-scenes information about them as well. Anime Zodiac signs should be included most of the time.

Find Anime Character Birthdays With Anime Fandoms

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A bit less reliable than My Anime List and the official websites, the anime fandom pages are community-maintained pages on the internet. These pages cover each and every detail about almost all anime characters out there. It is surely a reliable way to find anime birthdays.

These pages are maintained by fans and site moderators. Anyone can hop on to the fandom pages and suggest edits. So, these fandom pages are some of the most frequently updated sources of information out there.

Although most of the information present on these fandom pages is correct, sometimes mistakes are made. Often, there are major errors on the fandom pages. So, it is better that you find multiple sources first before taking anything written in the fandom pages at face value.

Anime Character Database

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Perhaps the biggest repository of anime characters on the internet, the anime character database has hundreds of thousands of characters. All of these characters are cataloged there, with most of the basic information like anime character birthdays about them available.

This database is fandom maintained, so check multiple sources for the same information. It helps you confirm if the data presented on these pages is true.

That is not to say that these pages are filled with false information. But since the catalog of the anime Character database is huge, there are a lot of mistakes and outdated facts on the website.

This is especially true if you are looking for information on a not that well-known character.

You can go through their catalog here.

find Anime Character Birthdays in Data books

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On special occasions, the authors release data books of their most popular series with all the information you would ever want.

These data books are the official sources for most of the information online. To find if an anime has a Data book released, you just need to hop on to the fandom posts and go through the release catalogs listed there.

If there is a Data book of an anime out there, you can search for the Data book on google. One of the top SERP’s should have it.
Not only can you confirm every single detail about your favorite character but also go through trivia about them and learn something new while at it. Stuff like anime character birthdays and anime zodiac signs will usually be included there.

Anime Character Data books are not that rare. Most popular series have at least one major and a few minor Data books released over the course of their lifetime.

Anime Character Profiles

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If you have ever read a Shonen manga, you might have come across character profiles neatly tucked away at the end or at the start of a volume. These character profiles have all the niche information in them. If you have a volume or two of your favorite manga lying around, chances are that they will have anime character birthdays included in the profile information.

These profiles can give you a basic background reminder of the role of a particular character in the series. They also come with trivia information like the character’s birthday, favorite food, and more.

These character profiles are essentially the most beneficial in finding the birthday and the age of the character.

But How To Find Anime Character Zodiac Signs?

If you are not interested in finding a character’s age, or their birthday and just want to take a note of the Zodiac signs of all the characters in your favorite anime, then websites like are perfect for doing just that.

They cover a bunch of different characters from the most popular anime out there and list them by their Zodiac signs, saving you the trouble of Googling each character by name.

Curious to Find Out Which Anime Character Has the Same Birthday as You?

A few years ago, a popular Japanese website compiled the birthdays of most of the anime characters out there.

You can check them out here.

Through their catalog, you can easily find which anime characters were born on the same day as you.

Hope You Found What You Were Looking For

Now you should have all the tools required to find the information you are looking for and more. If you have any more questions, leave your question in the comment section below and we will get it sorted out. Until next time, anime fans.