Top Ten Muscular Anime Characters

Today, we are counting down our picks for the top ten muscular anime girls of all time. The hottest, most charismatic, muscular anime women who either look like they could kick some serious ass, or have a strong body that can only be achieved by a high level of fitness in real life. But without further ado, let’s move on to the list.

10. Muscular Anime Girls: Choi Arang

Whereas translated editions of the Korean manga Beautiful Gunbari are hard to come by and the story is hardly masterfully written, there are muscular anime characters like Choi Arang, that make the read worthwhile. The entire premise of the manga is “what if there were female soldiers?”. There certainly are, in real life as well, but this Manga takes the concept and develops it further. The artwork and character design is top notch, and Choi Arang’s character hits that sweet spot between fit and hot very nicely.

Choi Arang, muscular anime girl characters

Plot wise, there isn’t much to talk about in this manga, but if you dig an action-packed story with plenty of fan service and badassery of the female variety and can get a hold of it, be sure check the manga out. There are plenty of muscular anime characters in there for sure.

9. Cha Hae-In, from Solo Levelling

Whereas Cha Hae-In isn’t muscular in a very flashy way, she certainly has a very fit and striking figure. Cha Hae-In is the Vice-Guild Master of the Hunter’s Guild of Japan in the Korean manga, Solo Levelling. If you have not read this manga, and are into fantasy and RPG elements, it is a definite Mangahub recommendation.

Cha Hae-In at High Orc dungeon

In Solo Levelling, the world is dominated by highly powerful “hunters”. People, who take part in various raids into dungeons and areas filled with dangerous monsters to gain experience, find treasures and make the world safe from monsters. Cha Hae-In’s speciality is swordsmanship and stealth, making her slim but muscled build logical for her special affinity.

Her personality is also fitting for an assassin, as she is quite reserved and mistrusting of most people except a few select individuals. She is a kind person, however, as she has on numerous occasions protected the weak and upheld good morals in the story of Solo Levelling.

8. Muscular Anime Characters: Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is a “warrior” type character that relies on speed and blades to take care of her enemies. Life in the universe of Attack On Titan is a brutal fight for survival. It is a world where monstrous Titans and other sinister forces roam the earth, so it is important to be as physically strong as possible. From a few scenes in the anime it is apparent, that she is one of the hottest muscular anime girls of all time.

Mikasa Ackerman sit ups

Indeed, Mikasa trained hard enough to be considered the top soldier among the 104th Training Corps, showing great battle prowess and source of will in difficult situations. She is very loyal and protective of his friends, especially Eren, who has been rescued by Mikasa numerous times. These muscles aren’t just for show.

Mickasa Ackerman punches

7. Meryl Silverburgh

While technically Metal Gear is a video game franchise, its art style and plot is heavily influenced by japanese comics. The franchise also gave us one of the best muscular girls in animated media, Meryl Silverburgh, best represented in the concept art of the wonderful Yoji Shinkawa.

Meryl first appeared as a supporting character in the cult classic Metal Gear Solid. As the daughter of a soldier, Meryl was followed a strict training routine in her youth and developed an interest in the art of war from an early age.

Her character received a very warm reception back in the early 2000s, as she managed to pull of being a cute redhead and a gun-wielding badass at the same time. She is also notable for her rather stocky but attractive build, making her character believable asa soldier and a breath of fresh air at the same time.

Meryl Silverburgh muscular anime girl characters

6. Buff Female Anime Characters: Android 18

Aside from Bulma, Android 18 was easily the most attractive of the buff female anime characters in Dragon Ball. Unlike Bulma, she was also one of the most muscular anime girl characters in Dragon Ball, while remaining laid back and introverted in her personality. Since Androids are enhanced humans in the story, they are completely capable of emotions and resemble humans in most ways.

Android 18 buff anime characters

Besides being insanely fit, Android 18 also has a fairly adequate sarcastic sense of humour and a good sense of fashion. In fact, one of her quirks is that she gets very upset if her clothing ends up being damaged in a battle.

5. Fubuki

Whereas Fubuki is far from being a strength-based character her body is damn well on of the finest out of all muscular anime women. This fact has not gone unnoticed, as Fubuki scored a very impressive second place in the Young Jump popularity poll, just behind the main character, Saitama himself.

Fubuki muscular anime characters

in the story of One Punch Man, Fubuki is the sister of Tatsumaki, the second ranked S-class hero. Rather than taking pride in this fact, however, it has lead to her feeling insecure and jealous of Tatsumaki’s far superioe telepathic powers that clearly outrank hers. Fubuki’s quest to close this gap between Tatsumaki and herself has lead her into making some questionable decisions like attacking anyone who refuses to join his alliance, the Blizzard Group and other acts of minor villainy. After meeting Saitama in the story, however she has revealed a sweeter and more wholesome side of her personality.

4. Sniper Wolf

We just couldn’t resist leaving out this amazing Metal Gear Solid muscular anime girl, partly because, Yoji Shinkawa’s art is just that amazing and secondly because she is probably on of the best female antagonists of all time. “Sniper Wolf” is the pseudonym of a highly deadly sniper, both in terms of looks and combat prowess. As an ex-member of the elite special ops group FOXHOUND, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Sniper Wolf hot muscular anime girl characters

Trained as a soldier from a very young age, she showed great talent and was recruited by different powerful parties in the Metal Gear universe, but met her very unfortunate end in a fierce standoff against Solid Snake. Ultimately, she was a tragic figure, that spent her life fighting her way from one conflict to the next and died feeling that Snake ‘set her free’ from her brutal life. She was also kind to Huskies, taking care of them and sharing her scarce sources of food with them.

Back in release and ever since, the character of Sniper Wolf has been extremely well received and consistently ranks in lists that rank the sexiest and most memorable female villains in animated media.

3. Casca

At MangaHub, we are very big fans of Berserk, so we couldn’t leave out the fan favourite tragic heroine Casca. This is how Ketaro Miura himself has described creating the character:

I simply crammed my own tastes into Casca to create her character. She’s loaded with what I considered ideal: a warrior woman, dark brown, strong but with a womanly side […]

As idealistic, as this sounds, the character seems very realistic both in terms of her personality and her battle-scarred physique. You can tell just by looking at her, that this fit anime girl is prepared to fight her way out of difficult situations.

Thanks to Miura’s amazing drawing skills and bold tragic plot direction, the characters of Berserk really showcase their best and worst, as they are faced with impossible circumstances and horrible choices. Without spoiling too much, the story of Casca very tragic, but not without its share of happiness, especially taking into account, the recent developments of the Berserk manga.

Casca muscular anime girl characters

2. Mizuki

If you want an examples of buff female anime characters, this is it. Captain Mizuki is a great example on why Yusuke Murata’s artwork and character design is one of the best in the game. A former track and field champion who has joined the Hero Association, she is a sight for sore eyes, and certainly one of the best muscular anime girls of all time. Her physique shows unmistakable physical prowess while remaining elegant and beautiful. Good stuff!

Captain Mizuki muscular anime girls

As a former Olympic athlete, many of her attacks against monsters are also based on Olympic events such as javelin throws and pole jumps. So clearly her muscles are not just for show, but she is in fact very athletic and adept at moving her body in all kinds of ways. Truly one of the more realistic occupations for muscular female anime characters.

1. Hottest muscular anime girl: Motoko Kusanagi

Masamune Shirow’s title series, Ghost in the Shell is famous for popularising one of the most beautiful and badass of muscular anime girl characters, Motoko Kuzanagi. She is the cyborg leader of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission set in a fictional, futuristic universe.

muscular anime girl Motoko Kusanagi

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best muscular anime girl characters of all time. Tell us what you think in the comments section. Did we leave someone out who deserved to be on the list?