Best Fighting Anime of All Time

Anime is well known for its wide variety of action series filled with what some would consider the most epic battles you could see in the whole animation industry. But with so many anime focused on the action, which ones are the best to give them a try? Well, I did my best to rewind in my brain’s anime catalog the ones that I personally consider the ones filled with the best anime fights I have seen.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: the Most Creative Anime Fights

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Jojo tells the story of each of the Joestar family descendants in each of their seasons. Well, know for their poses and increasing extravaganza. This series holds an infinity of elements with fights that, as one would think, go out of the ordinary. There is a lot of strategies, kinds of energy sources, powers, and techniques that are different to one character to another.  There are no tournaments in this anime as the characters are in constant movement. So you can spect a lot of sudden fights.

One anime that season after season goes further in how creative and crazy their fights turn out. Impossible to predict what will happen in them, and I love it.

Naruto: a Shounen Classic

Anime ninja fight

Naruto is a lonely orphan in the ninja world who had a beast that destroyed his village sealed inside him when he was a baby. Same reason everyone rejects him. Because of this, his dream is to grow up to be the strongest ninja.

If there is something I can give a lot of credit to Naruto as an anime adaptation is the quality of their fights (I can kind of forget how many filler episodes it had), they have a quality that never dropped. When all of them are still students at the beginning of the story, most of the fights happen in tournaments like other classic Shonen anime. But even if they are just twelve-year-olds, what often determines one of the contestants its out of combat is that they require being rushed to a hospital, badly hurt. And they were fights with an arbiter and rules. In Naruto Shippuden, there are no rules at all, and most battles are to death.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Brutal Anime Fights

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Yoshihiro Togashi’s work introduces us to Yusuke Urameshi, an ordinary teenager who, upon his death, awakens strange spiritual powers. From that point on, Urameshi will meet all kinds of people, spirits, demons, and others, which can be both allies and enemies.

If you have decided to watch this remarkable gem, I tell you beforehand that you will not only encounter great battles. This series is divided into two parts, the first one is the most cliché you can imagine, but then it suffers a drastic change to something much better both in plot and combat. It has a certain predilection for tournaments. By the time you get to the middle of the series, every battle becomes a battle to the death and has a stunning development, our fighters defying their limits up to sacrifices, great techniques, and outstanding animation.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Interesting Power System

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One of the Shonnens I have been following the last months and where I have found fights with an INCREDIBLE quality of animation, choreography, and background.

Due to a life or death situation, our protagonist is forced to ingest one of the fingers of Ryômen Sukuna, “The king of curses,” which has caused so many disasters to the world of sorcery. Itadori manages to reverse the situation, but he must be executed because he has a part of the demon inside. But he is given the choice of dying at that moment in vain or doing so in the future for the greater good. If they gather Sukuna’s twenty fingers and Itadori consumes them, the young man’s execution will mark the endpoint of the myth, the end of terror forever.

The lore of the series is enriched through a series of elements and concepts that are not only interesting but also have an attractive evolution. This is the case of the “system of powers” of its characters, whose first brushstrokes show that its conception and operation are not only interesting but that it also treasures a certain presumable depth and complexity that are effectively exploited for each of the characters and is another of the strong points of the series.   

HunterXHunter: 200IQ Anime Fight Experience

Best Fighting anime

Gon Freecs is an orphan boy who lives with his aunt and grandmother on Whale Island. One day he is attacked by a bear and rescued by a hunter. When this smiling and adventurous boy discovers that his father left home to become a hunter, Gon decides to be a hunter to find his father and learn a little more about his life.

HxH has the best fights that exist, and this is due to many factors; first of all, they are never random since they are always accompanied by an excellent background saga, so we know the characters involved from the beginning, and every fight is always presented to us from a long time ago. Secondly, the characters have the most analytical and strategy oriented approach to fights in anime by a long shot. You can truly see how the intelligence of the characters becomes the deciding factor in these anime fights.

It is also worth mentioning the development and skills involved. The characters’ determination makes that even an unwinnable battle is fought to the last drop of blood with their power to the maximum.

Ashita No Joe: Old but Gold Fighting Anime

Anime boxers

Considered the king of spokon, an anime classic, Ashita no Joe tells the story of a vagabond teenager who spends his time fighting in the streets, until an old drunkard who was a professional boxer discovers him. Although he refuses to be his pupil, one way or another, he ends up getting involved in the boxing world. In this anime, I discovered one of my favorite sports rivalries, to be honest. Where both characters train beyond their limits in order to defeat the other in the ring.

It won’t have the powers or explosive battles in the literal sense of the word like other series with elements that surpass reality. Nevertheless, Ashita no Joe carries an immense fighting spirit in its fist-to-fist scenes. Both characters show what they have learned or what they are learning throughout the round.

Sincerely captivating despite being an old anime, and with that, I can say that for the time to which it belongs, the fighting animation is not bad at all.

Samurai Champloo: Fighting Anime in the Edo Period

With one of the best choregraphed fight scenes in anime and an awesome soundtrack by Nujabes, what’s not to love about Samurai Champloo. Whereas the storyline in this series can be a bit loose at times, the fight scenes are always top notch and extremely engaging. Definitely give this one a watch, if you haven’t already.

One Punch Man: Superhero Combat Anime

Whereas the main character of the series, Saitama, is known for defeating his opponents in ‘one punch’, there is no shortage of intense action packed scenes is this anime. Coupled with an amazingly high quality of animation in season one, One Punch Man is easily one of the best fighting anime of all time. Get ready for an intense experience and lots of slapstick comedy in this one.

What are the Best Fighting Anime Out There?

There you have it, here are our candidates for the best fighting anime of all time. Do you agree with our picks? Did we miss any anime? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time fellow anime fans.