Top Ten Pokémon RPG Games Of All Time

In the world of anime gaming, one of the most loved genres is role playing games. Ask anyone about their favorite games of all time and there will be a high chance that they will reply with an RPG game.

It isn’t surprising, considering how much anime RPG games have to offer with their storyline and the impact your decisions have in the game. Now, you might be one of those people that is into anime RPG games. You might also be a huge Pokémon fan! If yes, this article is exactly for you.

Best Pokémon RPG games

Now we will get into the ultimate list of top 10 Pokémon RPG games will keep you engaged for hours on end. Especially, if you’re into anime role playing games.

10. Pokémon X and Y

gamers anime Pokemon

Probably the most dramatic transition from its predecessors, this was the first time Pokémon RPG games took the path of a 3D-based game, unlike its previous versions. With the advent of this pokemon RPG game, not only the structure of the game changed, but the gameplay took an entirely different path as well.

In Pokémon X and Y, you can customize your avatars; you can choose the gender, the skin tone, the outfit, etc. This helps make the game a bit more personal rather than just “some game” you’re playing.

Pokémon X and Y Gameplay

A great thing about this pokémon RPG game is that the beginning of the game is more fast-paced. Several new online features and numerous

Pokémon species are introduced to enhance the anime gamers experience. However, like the previous versions, nothing much has been changed in the plot of the game considering that it is directed at a younger audience.

9. Pokémon sword and shield

anime RPG gaming

Number 9 on our list is Pokémon sword and shield. Released in 2019, it is a relatively newer game. If we look into the gameplay, it has been modified in several aspects. There are awesome cut scenes, with numerous encounters and dialogue choices.

Pokémon sword and shield Gameplay

The battle sequences in this pokémon RPG game are similar, but in a 3D atmosphere this time. The option of “Dynamax” has also been introduced that allows you to increase the size of your Pokémon in certain circumstances.

Probably the best thing about this anime game is its presentation. Look around and you’ll notice just how breathtaking the environment is! With vibrant colors and great attention to detail, it will make you gaze at the scenery and leave you in awe. A game you should look into if you’re more into the visuals/graphics in games.

8. pokémon RPG Games: Pokémon Revolution

RPG anime pokemon games

You would wonder why I would put a 2D Pokémon RPG game on a better scale than a 3D one. Well, even though it might have a 2D structure, it does very little to bring down its value considering that this game excels at various other aspects.

First of all, 2D as it is, the visuals and the overall animations are still very smooth and presentable. With contrasting colors and well-animated movements, I think it does a good job to compensate.

Pokémon Revolution Gameplay

Other than this, this game has its unique storyline (however, with a similar plot as its predecessors). A Pokémon 3d MMORPG, this is a game based on online features, so along with the story mode, you can also engage in PvP battles.

Furthermore, this game is no different in regards to character customization. Though, it can be concluded that minute details cannot be felt unlike in the 3D versions of the game. A huge appeal of this game is that it has an astonishingly gargantuan map. With locations like Kanto and Johto, you can use some of your time in discovering these amazing places.

7. Best Anime Gaming: Pokémon Rangers

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If you’re a tad bored with standard Pokémon RPG games that follow similar plots and gameplay, then Pokémon ranger is a game you should consider.

As with most Pokémon RPG games, the story is somewhat simple, but with a cool twist. Unlike in other games, you aspire to be a Pokémon ranger in this game, rather than a trainer.

Pokémon Rangers Gameplay

There are many updates in the Pokemon Rangers gameplay, as compared to earlier pokémon RPG games. The battle sequences and gameplay mechanics have drastically changed.

Released on Nintendo DS, the usual style of capturing Pokémon by knocking them out is excluded. Instead, you now have to capture them with a “capture styler”. You achieve this by drawing circles with your stylus around a Pokémon that you encounter. It becomes more of a challenge with comparatively stronger opponents due to their movements.

Is Pokémon Rangers outdated?

Not really. The presentation of this game is very elegant for its 2006 release. As with many Pokémon RPG games, this game provides many different locations with diverse climates. In short, if you want a different experience, then this is a game you should try!

6. Pokémon Sun and Moon

all time best pokemon games

What better way to celebrate the series’ 20th birthday than to release a fantastic new addition and complement this franchise. I am talking about none other than Pokémon sun and moon! To start things off, as with all 7th generation Pokémon RPGs, you get to customize your characters just the way you want them to look.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Gameplay

Furthermore, the battle sequences have been greatly developed in such a way that it gives a new look, but it still feels like you’re still playing the same Pokémon RPG.

The camera angles and a variety of distinct moves give you a new and fresh experience. 81 new species of Pokémon have been introduced. Similar features such as “Mega Evolution” that were found in its predecessor, Pokémon X and Y, have been retained.

Other features have complemented the interactions between NPCs and real players in this Pokémon 3d mmorpg. Finally, as expected from all 7th generation games and onward, the visuals are remarkable as well.

5. Pokémon Gold and Silver

best Pokemon rpg games

Let’s go back in time to an event that initiated the rise of Pokémon RPG games. Considered by some to be the best game in the entire franchise, I will now move on to Pokémon gold and silver.

Being an older game, you can’t expect high-quality features. However, this doesn’t mean that this isn’t an enjoyable game. It is an old 2D, 1st generation game.

Pokémon Gold and Silver pokémon RPG gamesGameplay

What made Pokémon Gold and Silver special was the gameplay. it introduced features like new poke balls, the poke gear, steel and dark-type Pokémon, and much more. The fact that it has sold over 23 million copies validates that the gameplay experience was a success.

4. Anime Gaming: Pokémon Omega Ruby

anime games Pokémon Omega Ruby

A recreation of the 3rd generation Pokémon RPG game, Pokémon ruby, this installment follows essentially the same plot with the same characters.

However, this time it is a 3D version and has maintained the features found in the 6th generation games, these include Mega Evolution and Super Training. You’ll find a great change in the battle mechanics as well.

Unlike the previous version, the animations give an extra touch whilst also maintain the feel of playing Pokémon Ruby. Naturally, the graphics of the game have been improved considering the 12-year gap.

Although it does have its downsides, like finding a lot of water in numerous locations, which just reduces the impact of the exquisite visuals. Though, since it’s a remake of the commercially successful Pokémon Ruby, you are definitely in for a thrilling adventure.

3. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

pokemon 3d mmorpg anime games

Another enhanced remake of one of its previous versions, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver is heavily based on the original Pokémon Gold and Silver. The fundamentals of the game mechanics are similar to the original version. Still, this doesn’t mean certain aspects haven’t been improved. Many modifications have been made and new features have been included.

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Gameplay

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver gameplay is exquisite. A new minigame has been added, called the “Pokéathlon” that uses the Nintendo touch screen to allow Pokémon to participate in certain events.

The slot machines have been replaced by a new game called the “Voltorb Flip”. If you feel a bit nostalgic at certain times, the item “GB sounds” changes the soundtrack to that of the original Pokémon Gold and Silver.

The plot follows the same route just like most Pokémon RPG games, i.e. choose from 3 Pokémon to start your journey to become the best Pokémon trainer.

The graphics have been greatly improved upon, but it is not 3D Pokemon RPG game. Being a remake of the highly successful Pokémon Gold and Silver, this anime game has a lot to offer.

2. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

pokemon 3d mmorpg

Another addition to the Pokémon RPG game remakes, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are enhanced versions of the original Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Of course, there are improvements in the overall design, animations, and graphics. However, that is not the only improvement this installment has to offer. In this version, there are no slow-paced dialogues, allowing you to play without interruption.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Gameplay

Moreover, there are more customization options, that provide that fulfillment of identity you won’t find in the previous installments. Furthermore, there are new characters, new locations, a longer story, and so on.

A great new minigame called “mantine surfing” allows you to surf between islands and is very enjoyable! Overall, just a better game than its predecessor and certainly worth playing.

1. Best pokémon RPG Game: Pokémon Platinum

pokémon RPG games Pokemon platinum

Coming on the number one spot is Pokémon Platinum. It is one of the first Pokemon 3D MMORPG and has many amazing aspects to it. The game was released in 2008, but the overall gameplay and visuals are way ahead of its time. Even today, the graphics are very appealing and the gameplay is engaging.

Pokémon Platinum Gameplay

With over 7 million in sales, the game was a commercial success. It also introduced the Wi-Fi plaza that allowed you to interact, battle, and trade Pokémon with real people, laying the groundwork for Pokemon GO.

To add to this, the plot and gameplay mechanics are not too different from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl to help you adjust if you were a fan of the previous version. Overall, it was a better game than all of its predecessors (just probably only matching up to Ruby, in my opinion).


We hope you enjoyed our list of best Pokémon RPG games. Remember that taste is subjective, so feel free to leave your opinion on these games and pokemon RPG games in general. Did you like them a lot or you couldn’t get enough of them?