Top Ten Pokemon Mobile Games

Looking for the best Pokemon mobile games? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Ever since its release, the Pokemon franchise has become a business empire too. From its original TV appearance to selling Pokemon cards and developing Pokemon games, the company has come a long way. Clearly pokemon is the biggest name in anime gaming right now.


Hence, in this blog post, we are going to talk about the Top Ten Pokemon Mobile Games for both Android & iOS. Don’t worry! Whether you are coming from any device, our list has got you covered.

While Pokemon GO has been dominating the world of AR games for a while now, this list will have a diversity of games that you can play even if you don’t want to go out. Therefore, let’s CATCH THEM ALL!

Top Ten Pokemon Mobile Games

10. Pokemon Playhouse

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Starting off the list for our younger audience, Pokemon Playhouse is the perfect Pokemon Mobile Game for the age (3-5.) The game has been published by Pokemon Company International Entertainment, and when it comes to gameplay, it’s best suited for children. Out of all the Pokemon Android Games and Pokemon iOS games, this one makes the most sense for children as it’s easy, innovative, and fun to play.

Your kids can interact with various cute Pokemon and explore locations they’ve never done before. From towers to the outdoor playground, the game offers an immersive experience for the children out there. Moreover, the game also offers a story listening mode where your kid can just listen to a sweet story while relaxing.

Pokemon Playhouse Gameplay

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The best part about Pokemon Playhouse is the fact that anyone can play it. Your kid doesn’t need to be a gold trophy winner or genius either. It offers all the adventure-packed action punch into such an awesome package. Moreover, the game is available on both Android and iOS. Hence, you’re not getting any discrimination here either.

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9. Pokemon Masters Ex

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One of the best Pokemon mobile games on our list is the Pokemon Masters Ex. For all the Pokemon fans out there, this game was more of a dream come true. As a kid growing up with all those Pokemon craziness over the years, I’ve always wanted a game like this. Pokemon Masters Ex is a free-to-play game, and it supports both Android & iOS.


Being published by DeNA, it incorporates the good ol’ “CATCH EM’ ALL,” and the gameplay is just a breeze to play. Moreover, you’ll have to recruit coaches and make a team with three members in it.

Pokemon Masters Ex Gameplay

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The game focuses on battle-type mechanics where each player has their main Pokemon. The best part about Pokemon Masters Ex is that it lets you create a custom player, and when it comes to modification, you’re getting a lot of flexibility.

From hairstyle to skin color, you can become as gorgeous as you want. Along with Misty, Brock, and PIKACHU!!! The game focuses on a beautiful playing experience that is bliss for every Pokemon fan out there.

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8. Pokemon TCG Mobile

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If you’re an OG Pokemon fan, this Pokemon mobile game will give a hit of nostalgia. Well, all you need is a mobile device and internet, you’re good to go. A TRADING POKEMON GAME! And the best part, it’s available for both devices: Android and iOS. If you’re from the 90s, you must have a huge collection of Pokemon cards.

Well, this game takes the whole experience to another level. Now, you can trade Pokemon cards with anyone, anywhere. The whole environment of competition is what makes Pokemon TCG one of the best mobile Pokemon games of all time.

Pokemon TCG Mobile Gameplay

Just start with Fire, Grass, or Water. Start filling your deck with some of the strongest Pokemon your friends have ever seen. You will get booster packs, cool Pokemon accessories, and cards that you could’ve never imagined. Moreover, the game allows customization to the point where you can do anything.

So, are you ready to challenge the world and become the best Pokemon trainer out there? LET’S GO!

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Pokemon Showdown Mobile

If you’re more of an Online Browser Gaming fan, this Pokemon game will surprise you. Pokemon Showdown is a battle simulator that a lot of fans enjoy every day. Even though we don’t have an app for it, the game can still be played on a browser. Word! You just need an Android device with a good browser, and you’re ready to play this badass simulator that is fully animated.

But if you want it for windows, you can surely download the game

7. Pokemon Showdown Mobile Gameplay

pokémon showdown mobile gameplay

The game lets you choose countless battle types along with the Pokemon collection that you might not even know. So what are you waiting for? Go and flamethrower the hell out of those opponents. With the awesome action this game provides, it’s one of the best Pokemon games we’ve ever played. The best part. It’s on mobile as well.

6. Pokemon Quest

Another RPG Pokemon mobile game we have on our list is the Pokemon Quest. Developed by the Pokemon Company, this game follows a unique art that is aesthetically pleasing. All the Pokemon are in the cube-shaped form! Moreover, you have to choose your cube-shaped partner and role-play the game like you’re a Pokemon itself.

Moreover, the game covers so much content for us Pokemon fans, and it is one of the best pokemon android games we’ve ever played.

Pokemon Quest Gameplay

The main focus of this game incorporates yummy treats that are divided all around the island. As you clear the game, it becomes challenging, so you might want to build your camp too. Moreover, the wild Pokemon can become your worst enemies. SO BEWARE! But even though the game is quite challenging, once you get a hold of those simple controls, it’s a breeze.

So build your team of the best buddies and ace the adversity as Pokemon Quest is one of the best Pokemon iPhone games you can play to this date.

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5. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

While the Pokemon games come in all shapes and sizes, this one is special. Incorporating the traditional puzzle-type gameplay along with fun graphics, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile provides great gameplay for Android and iOS users.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Gameplay

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Make sure to line up three or more Pokemon in a row to ace the game. As you progress through Pokemon Shuffle, you will get more and more stuck, making the whole game a lot more challenging but fun at the same time. You need to battle and catch ’em’ all.

As there are more than 150 Pokemon, your collection should be full of those exciting buddies. Therefore, this is another great Pokemon mobile game that you should take into your consideration.

4. Pokemon Duel

As already stated, these Pokemon games come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a broad one for you. Developed by Heroz studios, Pokemon Duel is a free-to-play Pokemon board game for both Android and iOS users. The game focuses on dueling with the enemies, and all you need to do is just make your Pokemon go wild in a duel.

Pokemon Duel Gameplay

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Duel with players all around the world as this Pokemon game will suck every single brain cell of yours. From special items to the legendary Pokemon, this list is just too vast to cover!

Pokemon Duel

3. Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

This might not be the best Pokemon game for Android or iOS. However, one of the best simulation games for sure. Being the weakest Pokemon, the irony is what pushed the Pokemon Company to roll out a title like this. I bet you were expecting it.

If you’ve enough of the strongest Pokemon in the series, Magikarp Jump takes a whole opposite approach. You’re kicking off with the weakest Pokemon named Magikarp. The game is available for both Android & iOS. Hence, no one is missing out on anything.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Gameplay

pokemon magikarp jump anime games

The gameplay is rather simple. You have to use SPLASH and jump to make points. Does that make any sense? I bet it did. Magikarp is only known for using a useless attack called Splash. It became a full-fledged meme with time.

The more jumping points you make, the more chances of you winning is there.

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2. Pokemon Cafe Mix

For fans who are into a wholesome Pokemon experience, Pokemon Cafe Mix provides a yummy experience. You have a Pokemon cafe, and all you need to do is serve those cute Pokemon out there. The game features a plethora of Pokemon customers that you have to satisfy based on their needs. Moreover, the gameplay and graphics are phenomenal.

Pokemon Cafe Mix Gameplay

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First thing’s first. THE GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING. With those charming and cute graphics, the game is just too awesome to play. Each Pokemon has a unique ability in the game, and you have to hire these Pokemon into your restaurant as well. Considering the wholesomeness that this game has to offer to us, it is one of the best Pokemon mobile games that you can play right now.

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1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon go mangahub

I’m sure you guys are highly familiar with what Pokemon Go has to offer. This innovative game incorporated AR in the times when we didn’t even know what AR had to offer to us. The augmented reality takes the Pokemon and Human relation pretty nearer. Developed by Niantic for both Android and iPhone, Pokemon Go encourages every bit of you to move outside to catch those Pokemon. Check Pokemon Go accounts on PlayerAuctions.

Pokemon Go Gameplay

pokemon android games Pokemon Go

You are getting an irreplaceable experience. Moreover, your smartphone acts like a full-fledge Pokedex that you have to use throughout your journey as a Poke MASTER! From different types of upgrades, skins, to thousands of Pokemon, Pokemon Go is full of kickass action and battles that you have to fight throughout.

However, the twist happens when we talk about fighting other players in real-time. The game allows such a nice experience, that whether we talk about Android or iPhone, this is the best Pokemon mobile game of all time.

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Quick Tip: How to transfer Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home?

pokemon go pokemon home

Before we start the transfer of Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home, let’s talk about some of the prerequisites for doing it.


That way, you can easily get the Pokemon that was sent by Pokemon Go into the Pokemon Home. On the other hand, if you want to send Pokemons from Go to Home, you will need to have the Nintendo Switch and your mobile version linked to the same Nintendo Account.

Therefore, let’s talk about how to link Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home.

  • Start Pokemon Go on your mobile device and press the Pokeball Icon at the bottom.
  • Click on the Settings option and select “POKEMON HOME.
  • Click on “SIGN IN.
  • After that, you just have to log in to your Nintendo Account.
  • Your account has been successfully linked with Pokemon Home now.

If you want to send your Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home, follow the following steps:

  • Open Pokemon Go. Go to the settings
  • Sign in to the desired Pokemon account that you used with Pokemon HOME.
  • Click on “Send Pokemon.”
  • Click on “Continue.”
  • Select the desired Pokemon you want to send to Pokemon Go.
  • Click Next. Confirm the Pokemon and click on “TRANSPORT.

That’s it, fellas. You’ve successfully transferred your Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home.


These Pokemon games are diverse in every single way. From an Augmented Reality game to something simple like a puzzle, we have incorporated a list where we have a Pokemon game for every Pokemon fan.

There you have it. The list of Top Ten Pokemon Mobile Games for both iOS and Android. Let us know your most favorite Pokemon games in the comments below. Also. don’t forget to mention your most favorite ones so that we can keep a close watch on them.