Top Ten Anime Car Decals

Welcome to our picks for the best anime car decals out there. Remember, that taste is subjective so feel free to disagree or post your favorites in the comment section down below.

What Are Anime Car Decals?

Anime car decals or just cars with anime car stickers are an emerging and ever so growing trend in Japan that had the Japanese coin a term, Itasha (Painful Car), for any car that has any anime graphics displayed on its body. Technically any vehicle with anime car decorations can be an Itasha, but in this list we will focus on the more impressive designs out there.

The Itasha cars are huge in Japan; so much so, that every year hundreds, if not thousands of anime car decals from all over Japan gather together for an event called Itasha Heaven to show off their Itasha cars to other anime decorated car owners around them.

This trend, although started from Japan, but now has also become incredibly popular in the west, as the anime has started to go more mainstream. Anime cars or just Itasha have started to become more accepted in the last few years, and we have seen some great masterpieces to come out of this hobby. So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Anime Car Decals of all time, and without any further delay, let’s just get into it.

1. Cowboy Bebop—Buggati Veyron

The Japanese anime fans are definitely no one when it comes to having anime cars in the country by volume, but we are starting off this list with a literal gem. This Cowboy Bebop Buggati Veyron is owned by none other than the infamous rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who, aside from his rapper career is also known for his love of anime.

anime car decals lil uzi
Anime Itasha enthusiast Lil Uzi

Now, this Buggati Veyron is not the only car that Lil Uzi has. He also boasts a Lamborgini Urus that is draped in an old classic anime called Soul Crushing among others.

9. Demon Slayer—Toyota GT86

Demon Slayer Nezuko anime cars

The Second car on our Anime Decals list is a Toyota GT 86 that is owned by David Elmore who goes by his Instagram handle, @weebofrs. The Nezuko car wrap on this GT 86 is by far one of the best looking designs on this list. The car also has a Bicycle mount on the ceiling, which is also Nezuko themed and adds just some extra bit of flair to the whole anime themed car design.

8. Sword Art Online/K-On—Audi R8

sword art online anime car decorations

We know that this is another anime car that is owned by Lil Uzi on the 3rd spot on this list, but the Azusa and Shinon chrome combo on his new Audi R8 is just too irresistible.

This design on the Audi R8 is exceptionally flashy and actually looks just too good. There is Shinon from Sword Art Online on the front hood, and Azusa from K-On on the side. Lil Uzi is definitely a true anime fan and his anime car collection speaks volumes of his passion for the genre.

7. Sailor Moon–Mazda RX-7 (FC)

Sailor moon anime car decorations

In the fourth place, we have a classic anime decal, the Sailor moon Mazda RX-7 (FC) that is owned by Collete Davis (@colletedavis on Instagram). The Kaleidoscope range of colors on her in the classic Sailor moon style definitely stands out on the field. This Full wrap on the RX-7 is one of the best Sailor Moon anime car decals that we have seen so far.

6. Hatsune Miku—Mercedes AMG GT-R/GT3 Anime Car Decorations

hatsune miku anime car decal

In fifth place, we have the Hatsune Miku AMG GTR/GT3 by Good Smile Racing. Now, this Hatsune Miku themed car is not just for show. It actually competed in the Japanese GT300 series in 2019, and although the Good Smile Company’s performance was not that good, The Miku GT3 has won and even got some ranked spots in the GT300 series over the course of its career.

5. No Game No Life—Nissan 240SX

anime itasha Nissan 240SX

Continuing the trend of competitive anime decal cars; on the number six spot, we have Jibril on a Formula Drift Nissan 240SX. This car is owned by the professional Formula Drift Racer, Andrew Schulte. Where Andrew has actually competed with his prized Jibril Nissan 240SX in a ton of competitions and is part of the drift racing group, The Harajuku Heart Break. His Nissan 240SX is definitely one of the most recognizable and iconic cars in the Arizona Drift Circuit.

4. Anime Themed Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia anime decals

During the 2015 Gumball 3000 Rally in 2015, one of the teams to enter the long haul called themselves “Team Anime”. This now was composed of participants that had supercars themed around anime. And one of the prized stallions that the group showed off in that Rally was the anime-themed Ferrari 458 Italia, which had some of the flashiest designs in all off Gumball 3000 Rally 2015.

3. High School of The Dead—Nissan 240SX Anime Car Decal

Nissan anime car stickers

Now, we already have a Nissan 240SX on this list, but this High School of the Dead themed drift car takes the number three spot on our list. Its blue chrome body topped off with Saya Takagi, gives it a classic finish that blends together incredibly well and gives the car a very nice and clean look overall. This Nissan 240SX definitely brings back our attention to anime car stickers, rather than full wraps, that cover the full body of the car.

2. Kimi No Todoke—Audi R8 Anime Car Decorations

Talking about anime car stickers; this Audi R8 in cream white is also owned by Lil Uzi Vert. This is by far has one of the cleanest anime car stickers like designs from the Anime Kimi No Todoke. And yes, that is Sadako (Sawako Kuronuma) on the sides. Although not as flashy as some of his other 2 cars on this list, this Audi R8 looks exceptional with the red neon light beneath it, which further accents the overall aesthetic.

1. Fate Series—Ferrari F430 Anime Car Decals

anime itasha ferrari

And at the last, we have an old fan favorite. This Ferrari F430 was officially signed by the Author of the Fate Franchise and even the Voice Actors from the series were seen with this car, promoting the series in the Machi Asobi, Anime Fan Paradise event in 2015.

This Ferrari F430 boasts 3 of the most popular Type moon series, Fate Stay Night, Fate Grand Order, and Fate Extra going on a full wrap on each side. Where the 2 Sabers from Fate Grand Order and Fate Extra on the sides, and Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Night is casually displayed on the car’s hood.

And this concludes are list of top ten anime car decals. Feel free to share your favorites and your opinion of the trend of Itasha cars as a whole.