Top Ten Anime RPG Games

RPGs and Anime. It’s like a match made in heaven. Both video games and Anime are known to be a perfect combination. Whether we talk about the Isekai Anime series or Anime RPG games, everyone loves the idea! As we can see a mix of epic adventure slash action, fans from all around the world are always itching to play the best Anime RPG games out there.

Hence, in this blog post, we are going to talk about the top ten Anime Pc games that are based on RPG-style Anime. The vast world filled with countless hours of pure action and fun, Anime RPG games are a blessing for all the Pc gamers out there. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list.

10. Engaging Anime MMORPG: Blade and Soul

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Blade and Soul is a combat-focused MMORPG game focuses on a fantasy world that is inspired by Chinese culture. While the game differs from our usual MMO style gameplay, the main focus here is timing, combos, and to what extent are you willing to play smartly?

Being an Anime RPG game, you’re getting one of the best graphics along with an exquisite action that is one of its kind. Another main point of the play Blade and Soul is the detail. From character making to the top-notch character features, this game is one of the best Anime Pc games you can play right now. Hence, let’s talk about the gameplay and what makes Blade and Soul the ideal MMORPG game for every Anime fan to play.

Blade and Soul Gameplay

anime rpg game Blade and Soul

By dashing, gliding, jumping, and any possible physical movement you can imagine, Blade and Soul takes a very different approach. The serious brawl is what makes it an ideal RPG on our list. Right off the bat, you have the option to choose from the following races inspired by Chinese mythology:

  1. The Dragon Gon
  2. The Yun Bird (Vermillion)
  3. The Jin Tortoise
  4. White Tiger Lyn

With a plethora of choices, the weapons in Blade and Soul are what makes the gameplay so sick! Hence, we can’t expect any degradation in quality when it comes to this game. Explore the fantasy world of Blade and Soul with countless action moments in this fantasy Anime RPG world!

9. One of the Best Anime PC Games: Attack on Titan 2

anime pc game attack on titan 2

Attack on Titan 2 is one of the more interesting anime PC games to come out in the recent years. With the release of the final Attack on Titan season, the fans are losing it! Whether you’re a fan or not, you need to play this Anime style RPG game as it has one of the best action mechanics you can find in any game. While anyone would love to play Attack on Titan 2, the fans would feel a lot of nostalgia while playing this Anime RPG title.

Whether we talk about the aesthetically pleasing art style or badass action controls, you need to boost around the city to defeat those evil titans. You have to walk a whole journey in the shoes of Eren and experience his traumas throughout the series. Cause if you won’t, the game will not do any justice either!

With the introduction aside, let’s talk about Attack on Titan 2’s gameplay. What makes this game an ideal Anime RPG game for the fans?

Attack On Titan 2 Gameplay

anime pc gaming attack on titan

While playing Attack on Titan 2, I was experiencing the first-hand feelings that our protagonists might have done! The game is designed in such a way that it takes every bit of your energy to keep you alive.

Moving through the buildings, forests, and places you’ve never visited before, this steam anime game will put your knowledge to the test. Those intimidating titans are there to eat you at any moment if you’re not careful. So, let’s get those titan necks and breeze through some of the difficult Attack on Titan moments of all time.

8. Awesome Anime MMORPG Honkai Impact 3

When it comes to anime anime MMORPG titles, the list is just too wide! Honkai Impact 3 is another Anime PC game that has been receiving a lot of attention in recent times. The game focuses on a group of Elite Valkyries, and how you lead the whole group to save the world from absolute destruction at hand.

From the makers of Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3 was developed by miHoYo. The story focuses on an adverse force, also known as the Honkai. The Honkai race is there to destroy the world and wreak havoc in general. Now, it’s all up to you to save the world and lead your team with an epic RPG gameplay.

Honkai impact 3 Gameplay

anime mmorpg Honkai Impact 3

The game focuses on leading the squad of three Valkyries and how you’ll make use of each team member to play most appropriately. By appropriately, I mean kicking the hell out of those enemies. The controls are action-oriented, and once you figure out each aspect of the gameplay, you’re going to have a killer RPG experience in general.

Moreover, aside from the story mode, you can also choose Co-op raids, arena, and a plethora of other modes. However, the gameplay is not all about kicking butts. It also focuses on your characters. How will you decorate them? And how will you keep your team healthy and strong? Honkai Impact is one of the best Anime MMORPG on our list.

7. Steam Anime Game: ArcheAge

For the Game of Thrones fans out there, ArcheAge provides a similar experience in a free package. You heard that right! This MMORPG Anime game has everything needed to become one of the best MMO games on any list. Unlike most Anime Pc games, this one focuses on massive battles while you ride through the seven seas.

The game itself is one hundred percent free to play. However, if you want to open the extensive content, you get an option to pay for the subscription. This steam anime game has received a lot of attention lately. Hence, if you like a Game of Thrones type experience, you know where to go.

ArcheAge Gameplay

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The gameplay focuses on your usual RPG style where you need to build big castles, fight and conquer the whole world, and create your nation that will become the legendary ones later in the series. However, all those things are difficult to obtain. And that’s where your creativity will come in.

Play the free Anime RPG now, and enjoy the experience.

6. Cute Anime RPG Game: MapleStory 2

maple story gameplay

Another attractive Anime RPG game that you should never overlook is called MapleStory 2. Built by a Korean company called Nexon, the game is quite popular. It focuses on bringing that creative RPG essence out of you and making you solve problems that normal people cannot.

With such vibrant gameplay and excellent controls, you’re getting an experience, unlike any MMORPG Anime game. The game is designed in a way that will keep you forever busy in that charming RPG world.

Maplestory 2 Gameplay

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As the name suggests, yes, you can build your own maple home in the world. Moreover, with countless customization options for the character, you’re not missing out on anything here. The game works by the player chooses a play of a certain class.

Whether you choose that heavy gunner or assassin class ninja, you will suffer from the world that will bring your creative professor out. Moreover, this Anime Pc game also focuses on mini-games, side quests, and multiplayer options that will keep you busy for hours.

5. Anime Fighting RPG Game: Brawlhalla

anime fighting rpg game

When we talk about Brawlhalla, a lot of anime fans would love action-oriented physics. It’s a small and free game that focuses on a brawl-type fighting experience. However, things get exciting when we talk about the actual gameplay.

First of all, you have a huge ton of characters to choose from. But if you’re playing the free version, don’t expect much at all. Buying the character pack will not only give you endless character choices, however, but the RPG Anime experience also becomes a breeze to play.

Brawlhalla Gameplay

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With those awesome action controls, the game focuses on fast-paced gameplay. There are several modes you can play. And up to 8 plays can play the game at a time. Sounds pretty badass, right? The platformer action experience will keep you engaged for hours. However, don’t be too angry if you’re a new player. Great things take time. Brawlhalla is one of the best Steam anime games you can play right now. And it’s FREE!

4. Tales of Symphonia

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In the world of Anime PC Gaming, Tales of Symphonia serves a unique anime RPG gaming experience. With its heavy presence from 2016, if you missed this classic anime game, you’re missing out on a lot.

The game is heavily Anime inspired as we can judge from the cover itself. But when we talk about the gaming experience, that’s where things get spicy. So, let’s talk about why Tales of Symphonia is one of the best Anime RPG games of all time. The GAMEPLAY!!!

Tales of Symphonia Gameplay

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In the world of Sylvarant, you are on a mission to find out the mysteries. Being the chosen one, and only you can bring the world back from the demise to where it was originally supposed to be. The normal world! The gameplay is focused on real-time action-packed combat, however, your strategies and techniques will play the most important role in bringing you to victory!

3. Dragon Ball Kakarot, Anime PC Gaming at Its Finest

dragon ball kakarot PC anime gamers

Dragon Ball has been constantly putting out one of the best Anime RPGs for a long time. Hence, Kakarot is not an exception. Another open-world Anime RPG experience that will keep you hooked with the story of our main character “Goku.” Moreover, the game will keep you moving with the struggles of Goku and how he turns adversity into an opportunity.

With the open-world RPG style, the whole gameplay becomes charming. Therefore, let’s talk about what makes Dragon Ball Kakarot one of the best Steam anime games of all time.

Dragon Ball Kakarot Gameplay

Dragon ball Kakarot gameplay

In each saga where Goku struggled his life off, you need to put all of your strength into kicking the enemy’s butt off. Moreover, the gameplay incorporates those awesome side quests along with the controls that are best suited for this type of Anime RPG gameplay, Dragon Ball Kakarot is the best of the best!

2. Addicting Anime RPG: SoulWorker

Kujutiste tulemus päringule soulworker

This 3D Anime RPG title was put out by Lion Games. SoulWorker is a free-to-play RPG that allows the users to fight with their very soul as the weapon. The main story incorporates demons that are trying to eradicate humanity to take control of their world. Amidst all this ruckus, who will save the world?

Your team with all sorts of unique characters. Your characters would have to tap into their souls and find their most powerful weapons that will be enough to save the world from the chaos that these accursed demons have bestowed. The fast-paced Anime RPG game incorporates gameplay of its kind. So, let’s talk about why SoulWorker is one of the best Anime MMORPG out there.

Soulworker Gameplay

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PvE action to put your reflexes to test, and hundreds of dungeons to keep you busy in fighting, the game has one of the best RPG experiences we’ve ever tasted. As an anime fan, it feels right at home.

1. Our Top Pick For Anime RPG Games: Genshin Impact

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Another free-to-play RPG-style game that has never been seen before, Genshin Impact puts something unique on the table for all the Anime fans out there. With a solid and exquisite main storyline, this open-world game is not just available on Pc but mobile as well. There’s no limit when it comes to Genshin, and it offers the best Anime RPG gaming experience we’ve ever played.

As soon as you start playing the game, you’ll be engulfed in such a beautiful world where action and fighting are a must. Being the chosen one, you need to fight the bad guys and become the strongest one out there.

Genshin Impact Gameplay

anime rpg games Genshin impact

The gameplay is what we have to talk about there! With a plethora of characters that you will eventually unlock, Genshin Impact focuses on how you will upgrade these characters and make the best use of your team. With Artifacts and Weapons, you can take your whole team to the next level.

Are you ready to solve the puzzles in this RPG open-world-style game? Genshin Impact is the best Anime RPG game due to the unique qualities it provides.


We have talked about the Top 10 Best Anime RPG Games of all time. These games will keep the Anime fans hooked into countless hours of epic gameplay. Being an Anime fan, I’m talking from experience here. All these games provide something unique on the table for Anime fans, and if you love these games, make sure to check out other titles as well. If you are not sure if your PC can run these games properly, you might want to check out our free anime browser games list instead, to get started right now. And of course, feel free to share your opinion on these games or your favorite anime RPG’s games in the comment section below. Until next time!