Best Anime Games on Steam 2024

Are you using Steam but have never played any anime games? You’ve got to be kidding me. If you want to level up your weeaboo experience, these Anime games on steam will surely take your gaming experience to the next level.

We made a list of the Top 10 Anime Video Games on Steam 2024 to make your gaming journey more exciting this year.

Either you have not played or do have some know-how to the anime games arena, it is going to be fun anyway. Hold on tight to your gaming chair; the countdown is about to begin.

Best Anime Games on Steam

10. Unbeatable [white label]

Just developed by D-cell Gamer, Unbeatable is a nice punk-looking anime-style game of 2024. It is a rhythmic adventure game that, like other rhythm games, links to your sense of music.

The game is a classic hit and smash. It is played with just two buttons, but you are free to make it more difficult, as you like. But mind you, the aesthetics are designed to make it tricky for you to get the objects.

The game is available for free at the time of writing and offer a nice aural steam anime gaming experience.

9. Omori

Developed by Omocat, Omori is one of the games you don’t see a lot. It is a psychological adventure that explores feelings in a unique way through the main character’s life.

This anime game is about a dream world, and tries to emotionally connect to the player. The graphics have a simple unique scribbly touch to them creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The plot centres around the dreams of a boy, and his quest to make friends in a world with strange objects and challenges.

The quest of the protagonist starts when one of his friends goes missing, and the story keeps involving from that point on. Omori is a good choice for you if you are into dramas and exploring emotions more deeply i games.

8. Best Anime Games on Steam: Neir Replicant

steam anime

A game by Cavia, Neir Replicant is

made for people with adventurous genes. It has many versions released so far with one remaster make; the latest version is released in April 2024.

It is a role-playing action game where a protagonist is on a mission to save the world. He is on a quest to save her daughter or sister, depending on the version, and encounters many obstacles.

The cool thing about this steam anime game is that the character ages throughout the story so you can follow their life as it evolves through time.

7. Persona 4 Golden

rpg anime game

If you are into games that take place in an anime high school setting, Atlus made Persona 4 Golden just for you. The game takes place in the outskirts of Mount Fuji, to give it a homey look.

The main character of the game is a high school boy who is trying to find people who have gone missing.The game begins when the the protagonist leaves to the countryside for a year-long stay.

He discovers that people going missing (possibly murdered), and he is the only one who has what it takes to help.

What makes this game great is the characters, the RPG elements and the coming of age type story that will hook you in, if you are into books like catcher in the Rye or perhaps even Oyasumi Punpun.

6. Steam Anime Gaming: Helltaker

Anime succubus

Helltaker is a free anime game on steam that has an underworld type theme, complete with anime succubus characters. The visuals and music are a definite plus point for this game.

The gameplay is rather simple, it’s basically a puzzle game with various demon girl characters. You can even date satan in this game, if you are interested.

The game has different levels that lead to demon girl final boss you have to beat. It is a short, but fun game.

5. Hack//G.U. Last Recode

Created by Hiroshi Matsuyama, Hack//G.U. Last Recode is an action role-playing game. The game is part of a series, and with every new version, an interesting development in store for the characters makes makes it worth to try the next installment.

The game is about a boy, Haseo, chasing an antagonist, Tri-Edge, who killed his friend Shino. As the game progresses, Haseo gains powerful allies as well.

There is also Manga and CGI film available based on the plot; which shows that this is one of the most wanted steam anime games.

4. Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings

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Unlike games that make your heart beat faster, Atelier Lydie and Suelle is quite relaxing. The soothing music and graphics of the game won’t let you get stressed at all.

Lydie and Suelle, two sisters, are passionate about their Atelier, but their father, a painter, doesn’t support them much.

So they look around them and into their father’s mysterious painting to collect alchemy material for their Atelier. While they travel the world, both sisters overcome many hurdles in their quest.

3. Attack on Titan 2

best anime games on steam

On number three, we have Attack of Titan 2; one of the best anime games on Steam. Developed by Omega Force, this is a gory action game which, as the name suggests, involves fighting the titans.

It is based on the very popular Attack On Titan, known for its high quality anime series. So you can be sure the plot is good.

The aspect that hooks most gamers is the storytelling and character development in the game, and we don’t see such an impeccable connection in most anime games on steam.

2- Dragon Quest

Developed by Square Enix, Dragon Quest is part of a series, that has a basic looks, but has still fascinated gamers and secured its name in the list of anime games on Steam.

Here is a hero who is out there to save the world with his company, so the story is somewhat cookie-cutter.

What makes this game great is the action and combat system. You can use a variety of spells and fighting moves. The enemies like monsters and metal slime are also well thought out and unique to this game.

1. Best Anime Games on Steam: Dragon Ball Fighterz

steam anime games

Surely you have heard of Dragon Ball Z. This Dragon ball game on Steam is Based on renowned animated series and developed by Arc System Works.

Dragon Ball Fighterz, is a classic Steam anime game. It is a fighting game where characters battle in teams of three. The attacks and fighting strategies of Super Sayans aremostly taken from the original series so they should be familiar for many people

To Wrap it Up

So here is a pretty good selection of anime games on Steam, hope you found what you were looking for.

Pick your favourites off this list and most important, have a fun time playing. Don’t forget to share your anime gaming adventures in the comment section below.