Is Broly in Dragon Ball Super Stronger Than Beerus and Jiren?

Broly in Dragon Ball Super is certainly one of the strongest characters to be revealed in the DBZ franchise. But how strong is he actually, compared to the big dogs, like Jiren and Beerus. Let’s find out

Feats of Broly in Dragon Ball Super

Broly is a Legendary Super Sayan, the fabled legendary form of Sayans from Yamoshi’s legend, originally thought to be the Super Sayan form achieved by Goku and Vegeta much earlier in the story.

A Super Saiyan appears once every thousand years… a Saiyan who overcomes the wall which no warrior, no matter how gifted, can overcome… That’s supposed to just be a stupid tradition… And even if the legend were true… only I would have the potential to become a Super Saiyan.” – Vegeta

Broly was born with an abnormally high power level, 10,000 as a mere child, already rivaling the strength of the strongest Sayans on the planet Vegeta at the time. In fact the threat of his power was so great, that it was the reason that originally motivated Frieza into destroying the home planet of the Sayans, in order to eliminate the threat that Broly posed.

Frieza, however, was not the only one interested in containing Broly’s power. Broly’s father, initially to fend off his son’s violent and uncontrollable outbursts uses various mind control devices to control and encapsulate Broly’s power. Later on, however, he plots to take over the world by using Broly as a tool.

It is only when his father’s mind control devices are removed, that we get a real glimpse into Broly’s potential power. In his Super Sayan form he actually overwhelms both Vegeta’s and Goku’s strongest forms when they are fighting separately on their own. Eventually they are forced to fuse into Gogeta to defeat Broly, before he is able to instinctively grow to match their combined power.

Why Broly has unused potential

Since Broly spent the majority of his life under the control of his father, who did spend some time training his skills, but ultimately was always intensely afraid of him, he never received proper training in the way that Goku and Vegeta did, by fighting with powerful opponents and overcoming challenges. This makes his high pace of growth even more interesting, he is seemingly able to learn instantaneously skills that may have taken Goku and Vegeta years to master, and can draw from a seemingly limited supply fo strength. So in this sense we can assume that Broly has a very good chance of becoming much more powerful than the characters we know to be close to his level, if he actually trained seriously.

Broly vs Beerus

It is hard to tell which one is stronger Beerus or Broly, because they have never really had a direct confrontation, and we know that Beerus is stronger than Vegeta and Goku. Arguably Ultra instinct Goku could be stronger than Beerus, but that has yet to be shown in the actual source material.

One indication we have, however, that Broly could be stronger than Beerus, is the fact that in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku claims, that Broly is stronger than Beerus, but it is uncertain if he is correct, because Beerus has yet to show his true powers in the series, and statements in the movie can’t be viewed as canon by default.

Two points also speak in Broly’s favour, he has a feat that is greater than anything Beerus has demonstrated so far in the story: during his fight with Gogeta, the power of their attacks was so great, that they actually managed to clash through the existing dimension and crash into a new one. The second is Broly’s seemingly unlimited capacity for growth, which has seen no clear limit thus far in the story.

In my personal opinon, though, I think Broly would probably lose to Beerus, but has the latent potential necessary to surpass him, if he received adequate training. At least if you believe that Goku can potentially win against Beerus, then it makes no sense to think that Broly would not be capable of rising to that level as well.

Broly vs Jiren

The best way to measure Jiren’s power is to say two things: his skills were said to rival those of the Gods like Beerus, and in terms of raw physical strength he was told to be stronger (Beerus lost a match of arm wresting to Jiren). The second point was, that he was able to fight almost on par with Ultra Instinct Goku, a skillset that Goku still hadn’t achieved while fighting Broly. Its a close call and hard to predict, but I would say that Jiren beats Broly, but Broly has the potential to overcome him if he kept on training.