The Role Of Managed QA And Testing Services In Agile And DevOps Environments

Software development can be quite a challenge, and the time between when a code is written and the software is finally released into the market can be long in the absence of testing and quality assurance or QA.

It is no wonder, then, that companies all over the world are taking the help of software testing and quality assurance services to streamline the process of software development. If you too wish to have software for your company, you can go and check this site for QA testing services.

Why Is Managed Quality Assurance And Testing Services Essential In Agile?


In order to appreciate the role of quality assurance and testing services in an agile environment, you need to first understand what Agile is. Agile is one approach by which companies develop their software. In this approach, the developers release several iterations of the code. 

Moreover, they release small bits at a time instead of a big bang release. When the developers release several rounds of small bits of code at a time, it helps in incorporating improvements in a better manner.

So here are some reasons why quality assurance is necessary for an Agile environment.

Developing Scripts For Automated Testing 

Testing the code to check for its functionality and usability is key when it comes to software development. Many QA professionals work on developing the code for automated testing. Automated tests improve the efficiency of the testing process. 

Hence problems can be detected faster, and the bugs can also be removed in a more efficient manner in comparison to manual testing. However, in some specific cases, when automated testing is not feasible, then the quality assurance professional can also develop strategies to manually check a code.

Sticking To The Schedule For The Release Of Products

QA engineers also help the entire team to stick to the schedule when it comes to the development and release of the code. In many instances where software development happens in silos, the work can get derailed; however, if you have good QA personnel on board, then they can reduce the derailment of projects to a great extent.

Here are some ways in which QA experts can be engaged in the development of a code 

  • Allow testing at all stages of development. The faster a glitch is detected, the easier it is to resolve.
  • Create a coding structure that is modular. This means that any defects that are spotted can be easily removed without disturbing the entire program.
  • Keep track of the technical debt. High technical debt means a lot of things need to be fixed on the technical front. So if there is an upper limit on the technical debt that an organization will take, things do not get delayed too often.

Now that you have seen how useful a quality assurance engineer is in Agile and how they can be engaged in a better manner, you will be able to appreciate better how useful QA experts are in DevOps.

What Is DevOps?

In the DevOps environment, there is a fusion of development and operational functions when it comes to software development. So the QA verifies that the development team delivers and maintains the technical standards as per the feedback given by the operational team.

Here are some points that will clarify the role of QA personnel in the development and the ultimate release of a code.

Checking The Responsivity And The Stability Of The Code

In many instances, a code looks great on paper, but it may either be unresponsive or unstable in the real world. However, every time some glitch is found by the operators, the developers may be defensive of their code. In such instances, a quality assurance engineer comes to use. He can act as a channel between the developers and the operators.

Building A New Perspective In The Development Of A Code

The quality assurance engineer helps to bring in a new perspective in the development of a code. A person who writes the code understands the technical aspect of it very well. 

Likewise, a person who is responsible for operationalizing the code will understand the likes and preferences of the end users very well. However, the QA engineer understands both the technical aspect and the real-world utility of a code. So he brings a fresh perspective into the process of developing a program.

Developing New Features In A Program

A quality assurance expert makes testing old codes and fixing bugs quite simple. So the developing team can focus their energy on developing new features in the code rather than fixing issues with the old code. Thus, by aiding the development team, the QA experts help in developing new features in an already existing program.

Developing Strategies For Continuous And Parallel Testing

Parallel testing is a faster and more efficient way of testing a code than sequential testing. It is the job of a quality assurance expert to develop better strategies for parallel testing so that multiple versions and subcomponents of a code can be tested at once. This saves time and brings more efficiency to the testing process. 

The latest testing methods are based on cloud-based automated testing procedures. The quality assurance expert is also responsible for scaling and developing new-age parallel cloud-based parallel testing procedures in a DevOps environment.

The QA expert in a DevOps environment helps developers by testing different versions of a program in real time. Continuous quality checks performed by the quality assurance expert ensures that the entire product development pipeline is smooth and all the checks are continuous without facing any major roadblock.



Developing a perfect program that serves the interests of the end user is never easy. However, in most cases, the problem lies not with the technical competence of the developer but with the lack of testing and communication. So hiring a managed testing service and QA team can do wonders for the future programs that you build in your company.