Anime School Settings Ranked!

When we talk about anime schools, we immediately know that there is a 90% probability that this anime academy is way cooler and/or crazy than ours was in real life. There are many series—and not just in high school anime—where the main setting is a truly magical and exciting bastion of learning.

Many of these anime colleges remind us of our schools in real life, but some elements in them are more magical or supernatural then what you would find in a regular mathematics or geography class.

We are not going to limit ourselves to just talking about those schools, however. We will also talk about anime schools where, despite being apparently normal, they have something special that makes them fun to attend. Those schools that could very well be our school, or that what makes them unique is not that the principal can levitate objects or is a god in disguise. Let’s get started with our list of top ten anime school settings!

Bewitching Anime School: LUNA NOVA MAGICAL ACADEMY (Little Witch Academia)

anime building

Luna Nova is like a Hogwarts, but with fewer and fewer people dedicated to magic in the modern world due to technology having more versatile uses. Each year it receives fewer students, which means fewer payments, which means bankruptcy. Having no option but to trust in the magical talent stored in humans from non-magical families, this magical anime college decides to accept people without magical knowledge.

The freedoms of this anime academy for its students are incredibly fascinating. They are entrusted with creating potions without supervision and even to be eaten and vomited by monsters. With a peculiar academic curriculum, the teachers are no less odd. For example, we have Pisces-sensei. Who is a fish. What I like the most is that these teachers really get involved with their students and take on a role beyond that of a simple authority figure.

Also, the house itself is one of the coolest anime school buildings I have seen so far!

HONNOUJI Anime Academy (Kill La Kill)

high school anime

Oh my god, this anime academy and the competing schools presented in this anime go beyond the student council being a powerful school influence. This anime university is literally the domain of the student council president. These powerful figures can go from “organizing school trips” to “conquering other lands (also known as other academies)” The Council hasso much power that they can even dictate the social standing of a student’s family according to their grades.

You can get your family to live in a mansion with delicious food and all the fancy services you wish if you are the president of a club and have a good development as a student. But if you are a starless student with low grades and don’t participate in this anime school’s activities, your family will be doomed to live forever in the slums.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are occasional days when being late means getting kicked out of school, creating a life or death situation for the expelled student. But the funny thing is that not counting the fact that the uniforms given to the students have special abilities and the crazy power system within this anime academy, the school and the students are perfectly normal.


anime college

Look at that huge anime school building, wouldn’t you want to attend that school instead of your real one? School is not just about getting a good education. It is also about learning to socialize and having a greater amount of contacts for the future.

Hyakkaou Private Academy takes this to the extreme, as the most widely accepted extra-curricular activity for socializing and gaining contacts and reputation is nothing less than gambling. Interesting concept in my opinion.

There, students (ranging from well-off families to some of the heirs of the wealthiest families in Japan) gamble money on traditional games such as poker, and some games are created by this anime school’s students themselves in order to get closer to be a member of the student council.

Those who have losses impossible to pay become slaves of the other students, and if their debts are too heavy, the Council intervenes and exchanges their debt for a life plan. This life plan goes from what career they will study when they leave high school to the number of children they should have at a certain age and with whom. All this is to have absolute control of Japan… from the shadows.

The classic high school social hierarchy transcends into the rest of your life. At the same time, whether Japan’s most powerful families will continue to be so influential will be in the hands of the heirs who attend this school and its gamble sessions.

HAKUSEN PRIVATE Anime College (Special A)

anime school building

Hakusen is the best in its prefecture and one of the more intriguing anime college settings we know of. Classes are separated from A to F based on grades, with the SA class being the top class with the best students. From the first year to the third year, the seven within the SA class, which is known as the SA (Special A) class, are highly respected and admired by the high school students in the Special A anime.

They are not just rich anime students, as getting into the academy is possible through a scholarship. It is even possible to get into SA class based on exceptional grades. And the SA classroom is unlike any other. There is basically an outdoor section built just for them, where they have a vivarium with all the liberties to hang out and spend their free time as they see fit. Study hard, and you will receive the luxuries of a rich person in the Hakusen private anime college!

UA Anime High School (My Hero Academia)

anime hero academy

For anime fans, this school might be the ideal one to attend! In it, anyone with a quirk can become a hero as they learn to use their unique powers to defeat villains and work as a hero in the real world. Its quite hard to get into this anime university, it a school reserved only for the elite.

The entrance test has a wide number of metrics that help determine the ideal candidates; they are harsh, but fair to everyone.

Despite their training being dangerous, unlike other schools, the board recognizes this and is constantly looking for ways to improve the environment where the heroes of tomorrow will be trained more safely because they are still inexperienced teenagers.

In one way or another, despite being an academy for heroes, there is no shortage of classic school trips and student fairs classic in Japanese schools. Of course, with the touch of being events not of any school, but of a school for super-heroes.

Did we miss that anime school that you dreamed of attending? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time fellow anime fans!