Top Ten Free Anime Browser Games

As much as the Otaku community loves watching anime, it is also obsessed with playing anime games that let them travel to an alternate reality and have fun for hours. There are plenty of free anime games online that you can choose according to your specific tastes.

Nothing is better than a free anime game online for an Otaku who is looking to have fun while being at the comfort of his/her house. From traveling to another dimension to fighting weird-looking monsters, anime browser games have everything an Otaku desires.

We have compiled a list of free anime games that anime gamers can play free on the browser for hours and hours. Go through our list of free anime games for the browser that we strongly recommend every Otaku to play.

Top Ten Free Browser Games List

10. Serenia Fantasy

Serenia Fantasy is a retro-style MMORPG that lets its users enjoy the classic visuals and highly detailed Pixel art. The simple and light graphics will make you fall in love with it instantly.

This free anime game lets you collect your unique costumes with their own stats and style. However, there’s a catch. The 16-bit RPG style will surely bring nostalgia to all the fans out there.

Especially someone who has grown up playing these awesome RPG titles, Serenia Fantasy is an excellent MMORPG out there. The game is highly pixel focused with attention to detail in every aspect of it. All the animegamers will love this retro art style. Hence, let’s talk about the storyline of Serenia Fantasy.

Serenia Fantasy Gameplay

In Serenia Fantasy, the players are able to make their characters as unique as possible. With charming outfits and over the top styles, Serenia Fantasy provides a whole different anime browser gaming experience.

Another unique aspect of Serenia Fantasy is the fact that players can transform into any boss they’ve ever defeated.

On top of being one of the most unique MMORPG games, this provides endless flexibility for the players to enjoy. Therefore, if you’re into beautiful animation along with an unrivaled experience, Serenia Fantasy is an ideal free anime game for you.

9. League of Angels III

With an epic storyline and excellent quests, League of Angels III is another free anime browser game with an MMORPG style. The game focuses on team building, and how you’re going to fight the demonic beasts to make an impact on the rotten fantasy world. The storyline of League of Angels III is perfect.

However, when we talk about the art style, it might be a bit outdated for today’s world. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy this game. Being one of the most popular Anime browser games, League of Angels III has a surprisingly difficult amount of strategy involved.

Hence, if you really want to try your luck out. You know what to do.

League of Angels III Gameplay

Simplicity is the way to go. League of Angels III has a simple yet challenging experience that will have you use every bit of your brainpower. Your team and the equipped weapons are the most important aspect of acing the gameplay. Activating the angel’s special powers will allow you to dominate just about anyone who’ll come in your way.

However, beware of the fallen world. It’ll trap you in if you don’t stay calm. With the beautiful world of League of Angels III, you get a huge map to explore, a plethora of characters to choose from, and a lot of battle types that will keep the Anime gamers engaged for hours.

8. Hunter x Hunter Online

If you’re an Otaku, this Anime game might be the perfect fit for you. Hunter x Hunter Online is an excellent Anime containing some of the epic characters along with great action. However, when it comes to their MMORPG game, the adventures are exciting and fun to explore.

This free-to-play anime browser game features the story of Gon who will set out on a journey with his friends. Joining the guild and going on a journey with some of the most powerful characters out there, Hunter x Hunter Online can be quite tough at times.

Hunter x Hunter Online Gameplay

As most other MMORPGs, right strategy, formation, and timing is the most important winning aspect of Hunter x Hunter Online. The battles can be played on their own. Hence, you just have to control the flow of the war. Fight all the badass bosses out there, and make sure you put every inch of your brain into forming the un-killable strategy.

From challenging the Sky Arena to upgrading you players, this Anime game online provides one of the best RPG experiences we’ve ever encountered for Anime fans. Some other exciting news for Anime gamers out there is that you get to play a lot of Manga characters as well.

Clearly one of the best browser anime games.

7. Sword Art Online Legend

Sword Art Online is an anime based on the RPG aesthetics. All the Anime gamers respect the Anime as well. But when it comes to SAO’s Legend, the game has far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Out of all the free Anime games, SAO’s Legend is probably the most challenging out there.

The vast variety of challenges and unique world with completely unique aesthetics makes SAO’s Online a pretty fun to play game. Moreover, the character development is another aspect that will make the Anime gamers fall in love with this title.

SAO’s Legend – Gameplay

The game incorporates a high IQ Artificial intelligence along with real players. I got confused to the point where I couldn’t even distinguish them anymore. Therefore, making friends is one of the most exciting parts of playing this free Anime game. Some features include guilds, daily events, character gears, gemstones, and mounts.

The attention to detail is what makes SAO’s Legend one of the best browser anime games of all time.

6. Dragon Ball Z Online

Almost every Anime fan out there is aware of Dragon Ball, everywhere. Well, I don’t blame anyone. The series is just too popular to be hidden from Anime fans out there. Moreover, the Dragon Ball franchise has put out a lot of action/fighting games. However, there was always a lack of good MMORPG browser DBZ games.

But there you go. Dragon Ball Online is an epic MMORPG with superb quests. You have to find all the seven Dragon Balls and get your wish granted. Wasn’t it what you always wanted? This Anime browser game allows you to create your character freely.

Dragon Ball Z Online Gameplay

Whether you like the Sayians, Androids, or Namekians, you have the choice to create anything. Moreover, hiring the allies to help you in war and fights, the game offers something unique on the table for us.

Take on Dungeons with your expert team to raid the epic gears. However, at first, you’ll start low. Gradually picking up teammates and gears to continuously improve your team is how you’ll survive this free Anime game. Plenty of missions, plenty of challenges, and plenty of characters. Everything is unique here.

5. Divine Storm

When the power of Gods is against you, no one can save you! This free to play Anime MMORPG game, Divine Storm is one of the most diverse in a lot of ways. There are a total of three classes to choose from. You have to choose out of those three classes.

Moreover, the key to fighting evenly with those of Gods is to upgrade your equipment, artifacts, and fight off the evil forces against you.

Divine Storm Gameplay

The gameplay system in Divine Storm revolves around the power of leadership. By recruiting the right team members along with pets and optimizing your army in the right way, you will be able to beat the competition.

Moreover, you can also try out solo and team matches to overcome the biggest challenges that come in Divine Storm. All in all, Divine storm is an awesome MMORPG title for Anime lovers out there due to its diversity.

4. Ragnarok Journey

For all the classic RPG lovers, Ragnarok Journey is an excellent one. This game will bring you on a nostalgic ride with a mix of Anime aesthetics involved. The browser based MMORPG is inspired by the original Ragnarok Online. With such uniqueness and diversity, there’s a lot that Anime fans are going to love about this game.

You have the choice to choose from one of the six classes that are offered in the game. Embark on the epic adventure and dominate the dungeons as you proceed throughout the game. You can play this Anime game free of cost right now. And most of all, the LOOT in this game is flawless. We’ll talk about it in a bit.

Ragnarok Journey Storyline

The crafting ability that you characters have is the key to dominate this game. By constantly putting efforts, recruiting the most appropriate part of your team, and most of all, upgrading those materials, you can ace your way through this game.

3. Clash of Avatars

If you’re more into simple RPG games, Clash of Avatars is your cup of tea. With easy to control mechanics and casual gameplay, this game offers a rather bright Anime gaming experience. And how can we not talk about the five dances as you play the game. Won the game? Well, it’s dance time. Tease your enemies and play in the most casual way possible. That’s Clash of Avatar’s real motive.

But we still have to talk about the killer Anime art style. It just looks amazing. Moreover, the control mechanism is unrival to this date. So, if you’re an Anime gamer, we highly suggest you must play this Anime browser game.

Clash of Avatars Gameplay

You get over 60 skins and more than 40 mounts to choose from. Moreover, as the trend of anime pets is ever increasing, Clash of Avatars let you hire one specially for your team. So, whether you imagine it being Happy from Fairy Tail or Chopper from One Piece, you’re going to get permanent nakamas!

The game has a plethora of PvE content that is there for you to beat. Let’s go for it!

2. Naruto Online

Have you ever wanted to play a Naruto role playing game? Naruto is one of the most popular Anime of all time. If you’re a fan of Naruto characters, then it means you’re getting the best experience as you can basically relive those moments. THe MMORPG is officially licensed by Bandai Namco, and when it comes to the storyline, it’s similar to the original Naruto Anime.

For Anime gamers, Naruto Online incorporates all of the main characters. So, whether you want to relive your life as Itachi or Kakashi Sensei, you have an unlimited choice. The game works in a rather unique way. You need to make your own team. Choose up to 5 characters with each element of ninjutsu out there.

Naruto Online Gameplay

It’s all about teamwork in Naruto Online. The combo fighting system is an excellent way of fighting. It enhances your teamwork, and you can use a combination of techniques to provide one of the most brutal attacks that can ruin the other team.

All the epic dungeons and ruthless bosses are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

1. Rakshasa: Street of Demons

This fantasy MMORPG, Rakshasa: Street of Demons is a dream of many anime gamers out there. In the world of anime gaming, Rakshasa has carved its path as one of the most popular and unique browser games of all time. The street of demons is where you’ll start.

Rakshasa is the street of demons, and only the chosen ones can go and fight with their might under no light. In other words, the highly rewarding PvE and exciting PVP is waiting for Anime gamers.

Rakshasa: Street of Demons Gameplay

The game is vast. And by that, I mean pretty vast. Play this free anime game and you’ll get a gist of what I’m talking about. When we talk about gameplay, you get some of the top notch aesthetics. AI characters are there to give you tasks. Yes! That’s called easy money.

Therefore, for beautiful Anime players and epic gameplay, Rakshasa is one of the best Anime browser games.


We have incorporated a list of Top Ten Free Anime Browser Games. All these games offer something unique on the table for Anime fans. Hence, it all comes down to your personal preference. Whether you’re someone who enjoys the plain and simple RPG experience, or you’re someone with an extreme Anime style action love, we have got you covered.