How To Create Your Own Anime Character

I’m sure many of you have tried to create your own anime character at least once. Perhaps you tried out an anime character generator or an anime character randomizer, but were not happy with the results?

Or perhaps you were creating a 2D version of yourself or spent hours trying to make your own anime character using online tools? Well if this happened, you are not alone and we are here to help!

We will go through the best anime character creator tools available that will help make your own anime character in no time.

Wait, Why are There So Many Anime Character Generator Tools?

Due to the popularity surge anime has gone through in recent years, plenty of anime character generators have popped up on the internet. While creating an anime character on one of these online character creators is usually easy, there are a stupid number of anime character maker tools online that deliver very poor results.

Finding the best anime character maker can take a long time, so to make things easier for you, we have gathered some of the best anime character creators on the web. Some of these character creators are exceptionally easy to use. In contrast, others require some hours of dedicated practice to get the user to understand the interface.

How To Create Your Own Anime Character?

Despite the difficulty curve, however, here here is a selection of the best character creator options online (in no particular order). So, without any further wait, let’s just get into it.

Anime Character Generator Options: Make.Girls.Moe

free anime character randomizer

Make Girls Moe is one of the old classics. A collaborative team from Tongji University, Carnegie Mellon University, Fudan University, and Stony Brook University created this anime character generator way back in 2017. They used AI to make creating your own anime character as easy as possible.

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The software allows for various types of adjustable modifications, where you can change the skin tone, change the hairstyle, eye color, select if you want your Waifu to blush, have a hat or a ribbon and do much more.

But despite this, Make Girls Moe is limited in that it has just 4 base models to build on, and the interface is janky and a bit old.


  • Easy to Use
  • Can automatically generate unique anime characters.


  • No Preview.
  • Janky Interface.
  • The generated characters can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Online Avatar Creator:

anime character generator online

Like Make Girls Moe, Crypko is an advanced AI anime character generator with a more modern and fleshed out interface.

The software is powered by GAN (generative adversarial network), which improves itself with every new anime character generator request. Through this process, it can create modern-looking high-quality anime characters from the waist up.

Each new design created in Crypko is unique and is incredibly good-looking. So, you are sure to get the best out of this character-creating software if you are looking for an online avatar creator tool.


  • Exceptionally High-Quality Characters.
  • The interface is fast and is incredibly easy to use.


  • Generated characters cannot be used for commercial applications.
  • Crypko can be a little more expensive than your average software.

Free Avatar Maker:

anime girl template

Unlike the first 2 options, is more of a hands-on anime character creator rather than an automatic AI generator. It has a relatively broad range of customisable options available where the software allows for various simple alterations.

Charat is pretty decent as an online avatar maker. The software allows the user to create an anime Waifu or avatar in exactly the way they like.

But since we can’t have nice things, even if you are using the software in English mode, some options still come up in Japanese. So the lack of translations is quite annoying for sure.

On top of the language issue, the UI can be hard to use because of its counterintuitive design. But if you can look past that, Charat,me is a decent online avatar creator!


  • Plenty of customizable options available.
  • Grants full Control Over the Character Design.


  • Bad User Interface.
  • Menu options always come up in Japanese, even if you are on the English version of the website.

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best anime character maker

Albeit more complex than the other anime character appearance generator options, Picrew is one of the best anime character creators on the web. It allows you to create your own anime character with all the options you need.

Picrew allows the user to tinker with every single thing they need to do in order to create your character. One caveat is that you need to spend some time learning how to use the software.

Also, the website is mostly in Japanese; it can be somewhat difficult to navigate through the interface, especially if you don’t know how to read basic Japanese. You can use your browser translate feature, however to get around this issue.


  • Has an incredibly diverse range of features that allows the user to create breath-taking sketches.
  • An intuitive design that is easy to get into.


  • The website is a bit hard to navigate because it is mostly in Japanese.
  • The user needs to spend some time in order to learn how to use the software and navigate the anime character templates.

online character creator

Avachara is one of the best Chibi anime avatar creators on this list. Using their extensive library, anyone can make a Chibi version of themselves or of their favorite anime character.

The website UI is good enough, and the premade assets and anime character templates library is exceptional. You can pretty much create any anime character you want on Avachara without even going through the tutorial. Certainly an easy to use anime character randomizer.


  • Huge library of Premade Assets and anime character templates.
  • Easy to understand interface.


  • You can only create simpler designs with Avachara.
    It is not that powerful as an Anime avatar maker

Best Anime Character Generator: Vroid Studio

create an anime character from scratch

Perhaps the best anime character creator ever, Vroid Studio allows you to create 3D models or of your favorite character with little effort.

The software has an easy-to-use interface with some of the best pre-made tools to allow even someone who has never used a creator’s studio in their entire life to start making unique Waifus and Husbandos on their own.

They have a huge library of customisable tools that you can take advantage of. Moreover, you can easily download the software for free from their website.


  • Easy to Use Interface and advanced options for anime character creation.
  • Has an extended library that is filled with pre-made assets and anime character templates.


  • Requires you to spend some time to learn how to use the software.
  • It is still in Beta, so Vroid Studio might lack some features, while some of the available tools could be unstable.

Have Fun & Create Your Own Anime Character

So, these are some of the best anime character maker options out there. Just keep trying them one by one and put some effort into it, until you have successfully created your anime lookalike.

Let us know in the comments how well these anime character generator tools worked out for you and ask if you have any questions. Until next time anime fans!