How To Find Your Anime Look Alike

If you’ve ever tried to find your anime look alike, you’ll know that it is harder than it may originally seem. Perhaps you’ve even seen those “what would x anime characters look like in real life” posts? Because I have, realising at the same time that 80% of the posts touching the subject of who would be this or that character in our world will include only the famous and brilliant category of humanity.

If they can, why can’t I find anime characters that look like me? In the more than 100,000 anime in existence, there must be a character like me, right? But then, even though we review the different options of this or that character that our brains catalog might remember, we end up discarding them for some unavoidable big difference.

But don’t worry my friend, it is not necessary to end up in an Isekai for you to find a character you can call “my anime look alike”.

There are “my anime twin characters for almost everyone out there! It is also helpful to read our anime finder resources page, where we list all the resources we have that are helpful in finding anime related content.

What to Do Before You Find Your Anime Lookalike

List Your Key Traits

The first step before trying to find your anime look alike, is to know clearly how your current appearance would be described. But it is not that we need a paragraph of a long and complete description, no. We only need the key traits that would explain how you look and how you are.

Color of eyes, hair, a teenager or an adult, wear glasses or caps in your day-to-day, etc., and some personal trait. Those kinds of things that people could identify you in their brains by. Make a list of these critical characteristics. It will help us find anime characters that look like you.

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Prepare Emotionally to Find Your Anime Twin

Finding your anime twin may be a spooky experience! Make sure you are prepared for this occasion and do whatever you need to do to be mentally prepared. Go for a jog, drink some hot milk or a beer.

Use Online Tools to Find Your Anime Look Alike

So now that you are prepared! It’s time to find anime characters that look like you. Luckily there are many helpful tools out there. The internet is our best friend in modern times and stores an immense amount of information that we can easily access with a quick search.

And for this, as on other occasions, it will provide us with handy websites for our objective.

How to Find Your Anime Look alike – Use Anisearch

Anisearch is an anime look-alike website that focuses on helping people find anime related stuff by hosting a nice anime character database. You can use it to find anime characters that look like you easily.

find anime twin

On anisearch, we need to go to its anime > characters tab and then to the page’s index to start our search.

Our goal is to filter its list of characters according to the characteristics previously listed to find the most similar character to us possible. So, we will begin by using the “basic” filters first.

find anime character that looks like me

Here we will have the section of essential characteristics for an anime character: Age range, hair-colour, eye-colour. When we click on the apply button, our list of options will appear. But it is very long.

Unfortunately, finding physically similar characters to us is not easy on the page, as it does not have many filters for physical features. But what it has is a filter for anime personality archetypes.

To do this, we will change from “basic” filters to filter by “tags,” and we will go to its last section. There we will select the most outstanding aspect of our personality. We will click again on “Apply” and bingo!

find your anime doppelganger

Now we will not only have an anime character similar to us physically but also in their personality traits.

Use Anime Planet To Find Your Anime Doppelganger

find anime characters that look like you mangahub

Anime Planet is the biggest anime character database available online. Being one of the most popular anime search engines used on the internet, it keeps adding more functions to its platform.

Above all, standing out in having way more precise filters with a more extensive library of characters than the previously presented website. To find find your anime doppelganger, we must go to the tab characters > browse all characters.

This is where we will use three filter categories: Gender, hair, and tags.
In the first two sections, we will write the obvious thing that they ask us, but in the third category of filters is where it gets interesting.

Interesting due to the large number of feature tags that this section of the platform has. Guide yourself from your previously noted list of key characteristics. This way, you won’t be aimlessly navigating between the tags.

find your anime look alike

ANIME PLANET will drop a list of characters with photo, name, tags that include the ones you used to filter their list of characters and the name of the anime they belong to.

And it doesn’t stop there. Because if we click on the name or photo of the character, we can find on its file the position it has in the ranking of the most loved characters in anime and also the place it has among the most hated characters. In my case, I ended up finding a character incredibly similar to me. How scary!

Tips For Anime Characters Search

If you are having some difficulties and are still wondering what anime character do i look like, try the following.

There are some tricks to using tools like anime character databases and anime character lists. We have outlined some of them in our how to find anime by image article as well, but here are the basic tips.

Learn How To Find Anime By Tags

Learn to find anime by tags. Do not enter all the extra tags after the essential physical appearance traits that both sites propose to you. Add tags and filter little by little.

Using a huge amount of filters can result in poor results, because a single anime character may not have all the characteristics listed.

Keep adding and testing, starting with your most important extra features and adding more anime tags as you see fit.

Using the tags provided on Anime Plane or MyAnimeList should help you answer the question “what anime character do i look like” easily.

Don’t Just Google

This time the Google search engine will not be of much help. Because the maximum that it will be able to offer you are anime-style character pictures, some from series and others that do not belong to any.

And it results in useless efforts due to this low precision. Finding anime by image, by using reverse image search will be quite useless as well.

The “Find Your Anime Look Alike” Quizzes Might Not Help

The anime quizzes that you can find about “Find out what anime character you are” are not an accurate source of results due to the small number of characters inserted as possible results and the not very useful range of questions that should be filtering out the anime characters.

Which Anime Character Do I Look Like?

Now you know, fellow anime fan, maybe it is difficult, but not impossible, to find your anime look-alike. We hope you were successful! I guess, the most exciting thing now would be to watch the anime to which your character twin belongs to see how is the world to which they belong and the role they play in the plot.

Hopefully, they have a good life and are not living in a post-apocalyptic world or something like that.

I hope these tips helped you find that character you can call “my anime twin”. Until next time!