How To Find Anime Recommendations Based On the Anime You Like

Trying to find anime recommendations? Here’s the classic scenario.One day you watch that series that makes you binge all their seasons in a single day because of how much the plot has hooked you. Just to realise after finishing it, that you need more of “whatever that series that you liked so much” is. A plot similar to fill the void left after finishing that series. And it is that, although you might think that there is no other anime like that. The chances are, there probably is at least one with a similar or almost identical plot or/ and vibe on existence.
And with finding those anime similar to the ones that left that emptiness in your heart, we give you some of the best-known ways to find them!

My Anime List Anime Recommendations

My Anime list is one of the anime databases where users can interact either in rating the anime or leaving recommendations to those who liked that specific series. You have all the information about a series you can imagine. And one that is updated constantly. From listing all the content and episodes, OVAs and Movies a Series have to the voice actors and main staff that participated on the anime and their role in each of the episodes.

But for us, the feature that will help us Is the tab named “Recommendations” that each anime article has. And that’s how you just have to look for the name of the anime you wanted and go to that tab to find a list of suggestions of anime to see if you liked that one. And it’s a list created almost 100% by other users, where it even allows you to add your own suggestions!

Use Anime Planet’s Database

Anime-Planet being the first platform ever created for the gathering of anime information could not be left behind. Like My Anime list, each of its registered anime has its respective recommendation tab, but what makes this tab quite different is that apart from being able to add recommendations, users have the option of agreeing or not with the suggestion being similar to the one anime you are looking for a similar story. And in this way, the list is ordered from the one with the highest score by users agreeing to be identical to those with the lowest score.

Besides, each of these recommendations will be accompanied by short user reviews about why you are going to like that recommended anime if you have seen the series for which you are looking for recommendations for similar stories. And even this section has filters to show exclusively only OVAs, Movies, etc.

Use Google To Find Anime Recommendations

Perhaps the most straightforward and most evident of all our tips. But at the same time, one that due to its obviousness still has a certain tendency to go unnoticed. A rapid method is to simply type in your search engine “anime similar to (insert anime of which you are looking for a similar story)” and Google will do its thing. Since many anime blogs publish lists of “anime like …” each season of new releases. The chances of having a list of recommendations made from that anime that you loved are very high.

You can even find several active participant forums where the same question has been asked, such as Reddit.

Honey’s Anime Six Similar Anime List Can Recommend new Anime To Watch

Honeys anime is one of those anime portals dedicated to giving anime and manga news, reviews, tops etc. And thankfully for us in this case, one of their longest-running themes for articles has been listing 6 anime similar to the ones airing that anime season. And when I say the longest-running theme is because even if it has been given the tag of an “article theme” it has its own category on the page.

You can try entering directly to this article category and search manually for your anime in their 560 pages of just “similar anime” content (when I said longest running, I meant it). Or you can try entering “anime similar to (insert anime name). By experience, I can tell that you will find an article of suggestions based on the anime you liked or this anime will be part of the recommendation list for another anime.

Find Anime By Tags On Anime Search Engines

Tags on various anime databases can be useful in finding anime recommendations. Review the plot of that anime you loved and try to think about what genres the series would fall into, such as “thriller”, “romance”, “horror”, “music”, “slice-of-life “, etc. Also look at what tags they fall into according to sites like Anime-Planet, My Anime List, or even Wikipedia. That way, the tags you will use based on your anime will be very precise, as it will follow how it has been categorised around the internet.
The only thing you have to do is insert those selected genres in search filters on pages like My Anime List or Anime-Planet. Read the descriptions of the anime that the search results drop. This way, you can find the anime that matches the plot of the anime you were looking for recommendations based on.

Trying to fill the void that that incredible anime you finished watching left you might be not easy. Still, we hope that the recommendations based on that series you have been able to find will be to your liking. Who knows, you might be able to find your next favourite anime. If there is any other method you know, feel free to let us know in the comments!
Thank you very much for reading and until next time anime lovers!