Fate/Grand Order Servants Ultimate Tier List

The Fate series is ever vast, it extends to both the realms of anime and games in great lengths. One such big game title is Fate/Grand Order (FGO), which is a free-to-play Japanese mobile game.

It was developed by Delightworks using Unity and published by Aniplex, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

The game is based on Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night franchise and was released for both mobile platforms including Android and iOS. The Japanese releases were in 2015 and the English releases were in 2017.

Fate/Grand Order Servants Tier List

Now let’s get to the Fate/Grand Order Characters List! We categorized the characters into several tiers depending on how great they are in the game and how versatile they are.

Fate/Grand Order Servants: S+ Tier

merlin fgo op servant

First up is the S+ Tier Fate/Grand Order Servants. These Fate Servants, with some exceptions, have the ability to be effective in any and all situations.

They have exceptional performance in all regards; be it versatility, high-difficulty quests and farming. They can greatly reinforce the strength of the whole party itself and these characters are the literal current game-changers within FGO.

You can’t go wrong with these all-rounders.

● Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)
● Merlin
● Arash
While the top two of these characters are 5 Stars, obtaining them through the Gacha system requires some luck. But Arash is a 1 Star character, quite easily accessible to everyone.

Fate/Grand Order Characters List: S- Tier

gilgamesh fgo op servant

Second best are the S Tier Fate/Grand Order Characters. These Servants are the most exceptional of any type there is, they exhibit exceptional performance in one of the realms of versatility, high-difficulty quests or farming.

They also show overall superior performance in all these areas and these recommendable Servants prove effective regardless of their level.

These servants are useful and handy party members to have even within a mixture of Classes or Affinities.

Some Common units on this tier are useful even when matched against rare ones and perform exceptionally even at high-difficulty levels and contribute to story progression.
● Gilgamesh
● Orion
● Nikola Tesla
● Ozymandias
● Jack the Ripper
● Cu Chulainn (Alter)
● Minamoto-no-Raikou
● Amakusa Shirou
● Chloe von Einzbern
● Mordred (Rider)
● Nitocris
● BB
● Euryale
● David
● Georgios
● Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
● Spartacus
● Mash

These FGO characters are spread out across the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Special Star Servant classes. There is some luck involved, but they are all feasible and obtainable options.

Fate/Grand Order Servants A+ Tier

Third Best are the A+ Tier FGO Servants who are exceptional characters within their own classes.

They either do really good in one of the areas of versatility, high-difficulty quests or farming or show above average performance in all three areas. Additionally, their strengths outweigh their weaknesses, making them very viable characters overall.

They are effective in most situations of the game and offer obvious benefits to their Masters. Some Common Servants in this tier can be utilized better than rarer units in certain circumstances.

● Nero Claudius (Bride)
● Miyamoto Musashi
● Altria (Archer) A.K.A. Fate Artoria
● Ishtar
● Scathach
● Tamamo (Lancer)
● Cleopatra
● Hijikata Toshizo
● Jeanne Alter
● Anne & Mary (Archer)
● Altria Alter (Lancer) A.K.A. Fate Artoria
● Altria (Santa Alter) A.K.A. Fate Artoria
● Sakata Kintoki (Rider)
● Helena Blavatsky
● Heracles
● Ibaraki-Douji
● Bedivere
● Cu Chulainn (Prototype)
● Ushiwakamaru
● Paracelsus
● Lu Bu Fengxian
● Andersen
● Shakespeare

This Tier consists of characters from 5, 4, 3 and 2 Star Servant Classes, making them generally obtainable as well.

Fate/Grand Order Servants List: A Tier

suzuka fate grand order

Fourth up are the A Tier Fate Servants of Grand Order.

These Servants have a clear cut role within their own Class. Characters of this tier show decent performance in one of the areas of versatility, high-difficulty quests or farming. They can also be the optimum choice depending on Support and Party compositions as per the Master’s requirement.

These characters in this FGO servant list are also superior within their own Class or among those with a similar role and the Common Servants are well worth levelling up in the absence of rare Servants with the same role.

● Altria Pendragon A.K.A. Fate Artoria
● Okita Souji
● Mordred
● Karna
● Altria Pendragon (Lancer) A.K.A. Fate Artoria
● Francis Drake
● Queen Medb
● Mysterious Heroine X
● Shuten-Douji
● First Hassan
● Xuanzang Sanzang
● Illyasviel
● Vlad III
● Jeanne d’Arc
● Meltryllis
● Altria Lily
● Lancelot
● Suzuka Gozen
● Tristan
● Elisabeth Bathory
● Santa Lily
● Ryougi Shiki
● Emiya
● Scathach
● Elisabeth Bathory
● Medea (Lily)
● Nursery Rhyme
● Lancelot
● Chacha
● Caesar
● Tawara Touta
● Alexander
● Eric Bloodaxe

The A tier consists of characters from 5, 4, 3 and 2 Star Servant Classes from FGO. They are not far from reach for an average player either, making them great budget choices.

FGO Servants list: B Tier

fate grand order servants

Fifth on the list is the B Tier of the FGO Servant List, these are Servants of Average capabilities.

They show decent performance in one of areas of versatility, high-difficulty quests or farming. B Tier constituents are effective frontline Servants and are highly viable depending on the Support and Party composition of the player.

They have their pros, but are usually a grade lower than other units from higher tiers.

The Common FGO servants below are worth levelling up only if you don’t possess many characters in your collection.

● Altera
● Ryougi Shiki
● Arthur (Proto)
● Archer of Shinjuku
● Arjuna
● Brynhild
● Enkidu
● Iskandar
● Quetzalcoatl
● Leonardo da Vinci
● Sakata Kintoki
● Nightingale
● Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)
● Edmond Dantes
● BB
● Nero Claudius
● Siegfried
● Rama
● Emiya
● Atalante
● Oda Nobunaga
● Emiya (Alter)
● Fionn mac Cumhaill
● Vlad III (EXTRA)
● Martha
● Anne & Mary
● Astolfo
● Carmilla
● Medusa
● Thomas Edison
● Tamamo Cat
● Frankenstein
● Beowulf
● Gorgon
● Passionlip
● Martha (Ruler)
● Fergus mac Roich
● Robin Hood
● Romulus
● Hektor
● Diarmuid
● Jaguar Warrior
● Boudica
● Hundred Persona
● Kotarou
● Charles Babbage
● Geronimo

This FGO servants B tier consists of characters from 5, 4 and 3 Star Fate/Grand Order Servant Classes. They are neither too difficult to obtain nor too easy to obtain. In the right hands, they can work their wonder, but these Servants are certainly not for every Master.

Fate/Grand Order Servants C Tier

Sixth on the Fate/Grand Order Characters List is the C Tier.

These Servants are comparatively weak in certain areas, they are a few steps below the others FGO Servants of the upper tiers with the same types and roles. They have their moments, but they are hard to use in the existing game environment.

Unless the game changes in their favour anytime soon, this category of Characters are rarely the best option. To use them at all, players need to fully understand their strengths and use them in a supporting role, where they can truly be effective.

● Altria Alter
● Gawain
● Kiyohime
● Marie Antoinette
● Assassin of Shinjuku
● Avenger of Shinjuku
● Gilgamesh (Child)
● Billy the Kid
● Jing Ke
● Jekyll & Hyde
● Medusa
● Cu Chulainn
● Darius III
● Kiyohime
● Edward Teach
● Cursed Arm
● Sasaki Kojirou

This Tier constitutes Servants from 4, 3, 2 and 1 Star Character Classes. They are pretty easy to obtain for any player and require a lot of understanding to become effective in some limited scenarios.

FGO Servants List: D Tier

Before the very last Tier of the FGO Servants, there is the D Tier featuring characters not really recommended for any level of player.

There are many stronger and more effective alternative Servants for all of these characters from the same types and roles as well. These Servants are bad picks because their weaknesses are way more prominent than their strengths.

Even when placed in custom parties made to work around them, their abilities are grades lower than others, ultimately making it a waste of effort. In the best case scenario, they can be of limited practical use once their specifics are fully grasped and mastered.

● Li Shuwen
● Gilles de Rais
● Phantom of the Opera

These three fall into 4, 3 and 2 Star Servant Classes respectively. Nothing much to say about them, they can be obtained without much issue and be made use of in very few and conditioned situations.

Fate/Grand Order Servants List: E Tier

The Final Tier is the E Tier, consisting of a very limited number of utterly Neglected Servants that ought to get a bit more love at least.

Regardless, they are in this Tier for a reason; their own faults and weaknesses greatly overshadow their limited strengths. These guys are unvalued Servants that are currently neglected in FGO.

Unlike previous tiers, even Masters possessing full understanding of these Servants and utilizing their abilities to their maximum cannot get them to work even decently.

These characters really need some care in how they are used within the game or really need a change in the meta of FGO.

● Gilles de Rais
● Sanson

There two are 3 and 2 Star Servant Classes respectively. Getting them is probably a waste as well at this point, considering the ongoing version of Fate/Grand Order.

A Master working with these guys is really someone who needs to challenge themselves to the maximum and harbour at least a decent amount of hate for the Meta.

That’s It For Now

Thus concludes this Fate/Grand Order Servants Ultimate Tier List! Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player or a Veteran, this Fate/Grand Order Servants Tier list can come in handy for you, as it is a compilation of the experiences of many players worldwide.

Prepare to commence playing from a higher level of expertise henceforth if you’re already a part of this great game or get into anew and assert your dominance over oncoming foes in Fate/Grand Order!