Top 350 Strongest Characters In One Piece

Today we are counting down the top 350 Strongest characters in One Piece ranked into ten categories! The characters inside a category are approximately in the same strength-tier and are therefore likely to win against characters that are a tier below, and lose against characters a tier above them. Battles between characters in the same tier could have a wide variety of effects!

The Strongest characters in One Piece: “Pirate King” to “High high” tier

Most of the known strongest characters in One Piece are either pirates or elite ranking Marines.
  • Pirate King Level : Prime Gold D Roger, Prime Whitebeard
  • Top top tier: Shanks, Big Mom, Kaido, Blackbeard, Prime Garp, Akainu
  • Mid top tier: Prime Sengoku, Prime Silvers Rayleigh, Kuzan, Monkey D. Dragon, aged Whitebeard,
  • Low top tier: Dracule Mihawk, Fujitora, Kizaru, Green Bull, current Silvers Rayleigh,Benn Beckmann, current Sengoku, Pre-timeskip Blackbeard
  • High high tier: Marco the Phoenix, Queen, Magellan, King, Katakuri, Prime Don Chinjao, Donquixote Doflamingo, Enel, Prime Hyogoro, Sabo, Smoothie, Kidd, Current Luffy, Shiryu of the Rain, Lucky Roo, Kuma, Edward Weeble

The strongest characters introduced into the One Piece the story are of course Gol D. Roger, the man who started the great pirate era, and the only man said to rival him, in his prime, Whitebeard. In our list, they occupy the highest level of strength, “Pirate King” level. Since both Whitebeard and Roger have passed away, it is fitting that the surviving pirates chasing the One Piece are aiming to surpass these two figures.

The strongest pirates alive, who could be said to be the closest to obtaining the One Piece are the Yonkou (Four emperors): notorious pirates who rule the New World independently of the world government. The power of each Yonkou is said to single-handedly rival that of the the Marines and the emperors themselves are known as the strongest pirates in the world. They occupy the “top top” tier of our list.

The other two members in the “top top” are Sakazuki, the fleet admiral and strongest of the Marines, and Monkey D. Garp, a marine hero, who in his prime fought Roger. They were said to “almost kill each other” on numerous occasions, and for this reason prime Garp certainly belongs to the pinnacle of strength in One Piece.

In the “mid top” tier we have prime Sengoku, another old-timer of the Marines. He was Garp’s main ally and fleet admiral before Sakazuki took over the reigns. We also couldn’t forget prime Silver’s Rayleigh, who was the right hand man of the pirate king, nicknamed the Dark King and certainly one of the strongest pirates of all time. Then, Monkey D. Dragon, Garp’s son, who chose an entirely different path from Garp, and is known as the “most wanted man in the world”, because he is leading the revolutionary army, that opposes the world government. We also added Kuzan from the marines, Sakazuki’s main competition for the position of Fleet admiral, and Whitebeard in his old age to this tier.

The Ones Who Sit by the Throne: “Mid high” to “mid” Tier

The Weak but not Powerless: “Low tier” to “Weakest”