Read One Piece Chapter 1000, Legendary Chapter Release Date, Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1000 Release, the legendary milestone of Eichiiro Oda’s masterpiece manga One Piece, is right around the corner. The official release date is set to 04 January 2020! These milestone chapters tend to be highly epic, to celebrate the milestone reached. For example, in chapter 100, Luffy’s father, Monkey D Dragon is first introduced and the Straw Hat pirates first enter the Grand Line, a legendary dangerous part of the sea where pirates roam free and wild.

So its only natural that the One Piece fanbase is highly anticipating the release of chapter 1000. Will this hype be justified, or will it receive a hostile reaction, because the fanbase hype may have reached a pinnacle that is hard to satisfy is yet to be seen. For example, recently, when Cyberpunk 2077 hit the stores it. disappointed many hyped up fans of CD Project Red, because its unfinished nature and numerous bugs made it a bitter dissapointment for many hyped up gamers.

There are indications that the chapter might not live up to the expected hype. Oda has discussed how he was forced to shorten the Logue Town arc too much in order to fit in the moments he wanted to have in chapter 100. Perhaps he has chosen to avoid this type of rushing for chapter 1000. But let’s dig into the One Piece chapter 1000 spoilers and you decide for yourself!

One Piece Chapter 1000 Spoilers

The Korean spoilers reveal, that the chapter is titled after the main character of the series “Straw Hat Luffy”. In the chapter Luffy finally reaches the roof of Onigashima, through the help of the Minks led by Shishilian and Inuarashi. On a lower level, Zoro is also trying to get up to fight Kaido and is helped by Marco, who manages to block both King and Queen in an epic fashion and throw Zoro to the roof of Onigashima. Zoro getting to the roof will certainly give more fuel to fans of Zoro, who believe he will use Enma to reopen the scar created by Oden 20 years ago.

Another interesting reveal in the chapter is by Yamato, who tells Luffy that Oden’s logbook predicted that young pirates will appear into the New World in 20 years. The fact that he knew of such an event might give some insight to the nature of One Piece, as there seems to be some sort of set in stone fate going on here. But after all, One Piece is about the journey, not the end destination so its not really necessary to speculate on the nature of One Piece too much.

We also get some more tidbits about Yamato’s and Ace’s meeting years ago. It appears they become really good friends, as Yamato even gives a Vivre Card to Ace, so he can find her in the future. Its uncertain what has happened to that Vivre card, perhaps Ace has given it to someone powerful who might come for the Straw Hat’s assistance, but it may not be important for the future story of One Piece.

The bulk “hype” part of One Piece chapter 1000, however is the face off on top of Onigashima between Kid, Killer, Zoro, Luffy and Law against the two Yonkou. Law uses his room powers to transport the scabbards onto a lower floor, so it they are clearly defeated but alive. Probably many fans were expecting some of the scabbards to be dead or seriously injured, but seems like they might be able to rejoin the fight on a lower floor, if they manage to recover.

The chapter ends with Luffy declaring that he will surpass Kaido and hitting him with a special new attack “Gomu Gomu no Red Rock”. Big mom exclaims her surprise at Kaido getting hit and chapter 1000 leads in this new fight of the New World pirates against the two emperors

Gomu Gomu no Red Rock One piece 1000

What do you think of One Piece chapter 1000. Does it live up to the hype for you? We are waiting impatiently for the scanlations and official release of course.