How To Find New Anime To Watch

When an anime fan tells you, “I don’t know what to watch anymore,” one usually couldn’t believe it. I mean, there are thousands of thousands of anime to watch with new releases every 4 months. But as someone who has watched anime pretty much their entire life, I can say that getting stuck in a limbo of not knowing what to watch is completely real. At the same time, that experience has given me tricks to get out of that hole. Tips that I will gladly share with you.

Find New Anime To Watch: Search In the Rankings of Your Favorite Genre

Do you like romance anime series? Or maybe the ones with Mechas? For tastes, there are infinite options, but there are some that stand out in one of the genres to which it belongs and ends up consecrating as one of the best that the genre has to offer or even a classic not to be missed.

We could call them series that the fans of the genre they belong to would tell you you have to watch yes or yes. And I would recommend the same. And it is not that they are challenging to know and find where to watch due to their relevance since they are overflowing with popularity for the same reasons previously mentioned. There are two ways to find these anime.

First, the use of anime databases like My Anime List. And we are not talking about its “Top Anime” section (although we would also recommend taking a look at it). The process is as follows:

  • Enter the general anime tab
  • Click on the “Advanced Search” option under the search bar.

Continue with these steps:

Use Google To Find New Anime To Watch

Searching for “Top best (insert genre) anime” will give you, in contrast to the method of using anime databases, not a list of anime whose one of its genres is the one you chose and the order of the ranking will be in the order of its general score as a series. Instead, the lists from the google search will likely be depending on how well they performed in relation to the specifically chosen genre of preference.

Look For Anime Similar To Those You Already Like

If you don’t feel adventurous enough, there is always the option of looking for series with a plot similar to one of your favorites. And to tell the truth, we happen to have a full article of tips to help you find these series already on the platform. But while it is not an almost unknown series, with a simple Google search, it is very likely that you will get more than enough sources of results.

And is that in the anime industry, where there are various series released year after year, it is very typical for some of them to share similar plots either by chance or by having been inspired by other works. For an in-depth guide on how to find anime based on those you already like check out our guide!

Do Not Limit Yourself To Your Comfort Zone

“I only watch action anime,” “I only watch seinen anime,” “I ONLY watch x” are phrases that I have heard after being asked recommendations. Despite giving premises that sound moderately interesting to them, the genre they belong to is not something they usually watch, and for the same reason, they end up discarding them.

Dude, don’t limit yourself without even watching what the series has to offer. Slice of life anime can be as enjoyable as fantasy anime in its own way.

In an immensity of series offered by the world of anime, limiting ourselves to our comfort zone or rejecting them due to prejudices made before even giving anime of other genres you are not used to, a chance is to exclude yourself from potential series that you might like.

Check Currently Airing Anime To Find Anime Reccomendations

Every 4 months, there are 90 to 150 anime new releases, either of new or continuations of previously released series. It is like bread fresh out of the oven that brings many surprises. Series that generally by the third week will already have consolidated their popularity among those aware of new releases.

Here I advise the use of a handy platform to see the billboard for new releases: This platform archives anime by categorizing them exclusively by release season (winter, spring, summer, fall) of each respective year.

It shows you very directly on information cards all the anime of their respective season. Each one with its individual well-written summary, to which genres the series belongs, animation studio, the percentage of public appreciation, and in how many days a new episode is released. Making it a lot easier to decide which anime to watch.

Be Patient When Looking For New Anime To Watch

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is rejecting an anime too quickly. Some do not even go half an episode before immediately rejecting the entire series. Or they already come with prejudices because of what someone told them, and after giving it a glance, they dismiss it. News for you if you didn’t already know: Not all series are going to have an explosive first episode. Some will reveal their plot throughout the episodes. And someone else’s opinion will not necessarily always be the same as yours when watching the series.

Something that anime, as Madoka Magica teaches you, is that appearances can be deceiving. And it is that a twist of the plot can happen, or new situations and characters will appear that will end up hooking you to the series.

Personally, I would advise, in any case, to wait for 3 to 4 episodes for a series to give you reasons to continue watching it. Since that is enough time to give a series to settle their plot. For the same reason, you will see that most series will have consolidated their popularity in their third or fourth week of broadcast in the ranking of most followed series.

I sincerely hope that these tips have helped you find new exciting anime to watch and get out of that boredom limbo of not knowing what to watch next. Also, that you enjoy the experience that the new anime that you choose to watch has to offer you.

Until next time anime fans!