Must-watch Matches in the 2022/23 Premier League Season

With March knocking at the door, we’ve two and a half months left to see which teams will top the league table. With over half the season gone, league tables have started shaping up, and things are more apparent than ever. The 2022/23 Premier League season has proved very exciting, with unlikely teams occupying some respected spots while favorite sides are in the mid of the table.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal has been the top story this season. They have recorded wins against the big six sides, the primary reason behind securing the top spot at the table. They lost against Manchester City at home and against Manchester United away but have registered wins against Liverpool and Chelsea. They recorded the double against their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs and won against Manchester United at home.

Talking about one of the top-performing sides in the Premier League, Manchester United has been entirely changed by Erik Ten Hag; since the Dutch manager has taken charge, they have recorded wins against the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Spurs.

As mentioned above, two and a half months remain to check out the winner. In this period, few heavyweight fixtures are scheduled to take place, which you can’t afford to miss due to the quality present and league deciding factor in those games. Plus, if you want football tickets visit

Manchester City vs Newcastle United (March 5, 2024)


Manchester City vs Newcastle United couldn’t have been considered a heavyweight fixture, but the sharp rise by the latter has made this one to watch.

Unlike recent years, Manchester City isn’t at the top of the table this time. Still, more surprising is that it’s not Liverpool who is challenging them but Arsenal. They’re doing wonders and sit at the top of the table despite losing a few points in recent games. They sit second at the table with 55 points after 25 games, winning 17, drawing 4, and losing 4.

Against them is Newcastle United, who is doing absolute wonders this season. Club’s ownership changed last year, and without spending a mind-blowing amount in signings, they’re playing one of the best football teams in the league. They sit 5th at the table with 41 points in 23 games, winning 10, drawing 11, and losing just two.

Above them is Tottenham Hotspurs with one more point, but they’ve played one more game. That said, there is every chance of Newcastle replacing Spurs and taking 4th spot.

Talking about the fixture, Manchester City knows they can’t afford to lose any points as they’re 2 points behind the Gunners with playing one more game. That said, the game against Newcastle United will undoubtedly be challenging for them, who have lost just two games this season (the fewest in the league).

On the other hand, Newcastle United are also very well aware of how important this game is for their chances of finishing in the top 4 this season and would go all in to at least secure one point from the fixture.

Liverpool vs Manchester United (March 5, 2024)


Liverpool vs Manchester is one of the anticipated fixtures in the premier league calendar. Liverpool badly needs points as this season hasn’t gone according to their expectations so far, and they would be eyeing this fixture to get on the winning track before it’s too late to finish in a good spot. Meanwhile, Manchester United are bossing the Premier League under Erik Ten Hag and would like to pass another test under their Dutch manager with flying colours to increase their case of qualifying for the UEFA champions league this season.

Manchester City vs Liverpool (April 1, 2024)

Manchester City vs Liverpool is the most anticipated fixture in Premier League football from the previous six to seven seasons. With both sides bossing the league and European competition, this has been a fixture to entertain all.

Despite Liverpool’s poor form this season, they beat Manchester City in the first leg at home, as form doesn’t matter much in a fixture like this. This would be a tough test for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, who sit second behind the Gunners and won’t want to lose any more points to remain in the title race.

Newcastle United vs Manchester United (April 2, 2024)


Newcastle United is one of the most improved sides in the Premier League this season. With just two losses in 23 games, they’re the side with the fewest losses this season and sitting in fifth position, and they would like to register a win against them after taking one point from the first leg. That said, this would be a tough test for Erik Ten Hag’s side, which is playing some great football after a long time. They currently sit third and want to secure all three points to strengthen their claim of finishing in the top 4.

Chelsea vs Liverpool (April 5, 2024)

Two struggling sides from the big six group will take on each other at the start of April. With both sides badly needing points, this is one of the few fixtures you won’t want to miss in the next few months. At the premier league table, Liverpool sits 7th while Chelsea at 10th. Both want to get on the winning track as soon as possible to finish the season at a venerated spot.

Liverpool vs Arsenal (April 9, 2024)

Top-of-the-table Arsenal will take on struggling in another exciting fixture set to take place in April. Liverpool is leading defending champions City with two points and one more game in hand.

With City going toe to toe and the title expected to go till the last Matchday, they’d like to add these three valuable points to maintain their lead against Pep’s side. Meanwhile, Liverpool struggles to secure points and would like to turn things around as their injured players are back and ready to help their side.

Manchester United vs Chelsea (April 22, 2024)


Graham Potter’s side will face another big test in the form of Erik Ten Hag’s Manchester United as they’re scheduled to travel to Old Trafford on April 22, 2024. Against them is one of the top-performing sides, Manchester United, who’d like to secure all three points at home after drawing the first leg away.

Newcastle United vs Tottenham (April 23, 2024)

Newcastle United vs Tottenham is one of the most exciting fixtures in the coming months because of how things stand. Antonio Conte’s side will face the most improved side in the premier league this season, Newcastle United, who sit fifth at the table, one point behind Spurs but with one more game in hand. On the other hand, Spurs are playing some good football and would like to secure all three points to increase their chances of qualifying for the UEFA champions league by finishing in the top four.

Manchester City vs Arsenal (April 26, 2024)

Manchester City vs Arsenal is the most crucial fixture, scheduled around four weeks before the season’s end. The fixture is of utmost importance for apparent reasons as first and second-ranked sides will take on each other, and it would be like a final before the end of the season.

Tottenham vs Manchester United (April 28, 2024)


Tottenham Hotspurs have several heavyweight fixtures scheduled in the remaining season calendar. One of those is against Manchester United, who is currently unstoppable and would like to make it double after winning the first leg at home by 2-1 in October 2022.

Arsenal vs Chelsea (April 29, 2024)

Top-of-the-table Arsenal will take on struggling Chelsea at home on April 29, 2024, after winning the first leg by 0-1 away. They’re in an excellent position to win the league and won’t want to lose any points. On the other hand, this fixture would be crucial for the blues, who are also looking for the runs to finish in a respectable position.

Liverpool vs Tottenham (April 30, 2024)

Klopp’s Liverpool will host Antonio Conte’s Tottenham at Anfield for the second leg after beating them 2-1 away. With sitting 7th in the league, they need points and would like to make it double against them this season.

On the other hand, Tottenham Hotspurs will be visiting Anfield with keeping in mind the 2-1 loss at home against them in November 2022. They would like to secure points this time to keep themselves in the UEFA champions league qualification race.

Manchester City vs Chelsea (May 20, 2024)


Manchester City vs Chelsea is one of the fixtures to look out for in the season’s final days.

Keeping the date in mind, the heavyweight fixture will be of very much value, with the result of the game affecting the title race. On the other hand, the fixture would be of utmost importance for the Blues and three valuable points against Manchester City at such a crucial time of the season.