Hottest League of Legends Characters

Today we are counting down the hottest league of legends girl characters. There is a large selection of sexy lol champions to pick from and quite a few of them have more talents than simple team carry or pentakill potential. This list is definitely subjective so feel free to disagree or share your favourite sexy lol champions in the comment section below.

10. Irelia

Irelia sexy league of legends champions

“There was a time when I danced only for myself. Now, I dance for the First Lands.”
~ Irelia

Making league of legends hot since 2010, Irelia is a great top laner that relies on swords and a rather tanky build. She is also one of the hottest league champions on the League of Legends roster. Before Irelia’s parents were brutally murdered she was focused on mastering the art of dancing, but during an onslaught by hostile warriors she discovered a crest depicting the Xan family emblem and by opening it gained the ancient powers of her bloodline, making her a fearsome opponent indeed.

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Using these newfound powers, she was chosen as the leader of the Ionian resistance and ultimately took her revenge against Admiral Duqal. Her story ended in victory, but the sweet nature of the hottest lol champion Irelia was forever changed by the tragedies of war, leaving her mind consistently uneasy.

9. Morgana

Morgana hottest lol champions

“Only those you love can break your heart.”
~ Morgana

To continue our list of league of legends hot girls, If you are willing to ignore Morgana’s obvious obsession with revenge and dark side traits, you are in for a treat with this goth girl. one of the best supporting sexy lol champions, with a great long-range ping, a shield that gives magic immunity and a temporary movement speed boost. Morgana is fun to play and is a sexy lol character for sure. Her Q has a very long stun, like the effect her beauty as one of the hottest lol champs of all time has on most gamers.

In terms of lore, Morgana is the twin sister of Kayle who is an extremist focused on carrying out justice, even turning her blade towards Morgana herself and their common father who had committed a crime. Morgana’s heart was deeply wounded but her inevitable fight with Kayle was postponed. A tragic personality, but easily one of the hottest league champs of all time.

8. Nidalee (Snow Bunny Skin)

hot league of legends champs Nidalee

“The untamed know no fear.”
~ Nidalee

Besides being one of the hottest league of legends characters, Nidalee represents many good traits: love of freedom, love of nature and love of animals. She is cute and fearsome at the same time, a great combination. Kind of like Mowgli, Nidalee’s back story is that she was raised by a lion mother as part of her group of cubs. In fact, she has the ability to transform into a lion herself and expertly wields a spear in her human form.

Her home is in the wild eastern jungles of Shurima and is a creature of the forest, quite like the real lion cubs. This raw beauty and mysterious beauty is what makes her one of the hottest lol character in my view. The catlike flexibility and honest pure emotions add charisma points as well. In terms of gameplay, her Q can deal some serious damage and seriously wreck squishy targets, so skill-shots should be your forte with this cougar. She truly belongs in this lol hot champions list!

7. Akali

hottest league champs Akali

“If you look dangerous, you better be dangerous.”
~ Akali

If you’re into long dark hair and tattoos, Akali should be right in your ballpark of sexy lol champions. Akali, one of the hottest league of legends characters, was born in Ionia, the land of wild magic into a family of “Kinkou”, the keepers of Ionia’s sacred balance who seek balance between the spiritual and material realms. What better way to resolve conflicts, than with overwhelming force, right?

And this hot league of legends characters candidate can wave those blades in a very deadly fashion. Akali is hard to play, but once fed, has some serious pentakill potential and should not be underestimated. When one asks around about the hottest league champs of all time, Akali’s name is sure to pop up in that comment section!

6. Caitlyn

Caitlyn sexy hottest league of legends characters

“To be the best hunter, you have to be able to think like your prey.”
~ Caitlyn

Caitlyn is one of those sexy lol characters, with an amazing body and strong affection for long ranged weapons. In lore, Caitlyn works as a sheriff in Piltover, the City of Progress. She regards law and order as the highest good and works hard to safeguard peace and law. Caitlyn is not only one of the sexiest lol characters, but she is also a good person!

One of the best things about this hottest lol character is her gorgeous blue eyes and straight long hair. She is said to be very intelligent and uses her cunning to track down all sorts of criminals in Piltover. The gameplay reflects this type of nature, as her R can true shot any visible target. A great inclusion to our lol hottest champions list!

5. Qiyana

Hottest League of Legends characters

“Some day, all this will be Ixaocan. A glorious empire, with an empress to fit.”
~ Qiyana

If you’re into sexy lol champions who have an awesome booty, Qiyana should be one of your top picks for the hottest league of legends characters. She may or may not have been inspired by Niki Minaj, but what is certain is that she is deadly both in combat prowess and in terms of good looks. She is not a very good person however. According to the lore, she even once injured her sister in combat to the degree where she was never able to walk again. Yikes!

Gameplay wise she is not the easiest hottest league champ, as the amount of combinations possible is quite high. Her skillset allows for quite a bit of mobility and range attacks, so if your favourite champ is Garen, then Qiyana might not be your second pick. In any case, god bless Riot for increasing the lol hottest champions list by this worthy specimen.

4. Miss Fortune

league of legends hot girls Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune sexy

“The bigger the risk, the bigger the bounty.”
~ Miss Fortune

Moving on with our list of sexy league of legends girls, it is apparent that we are missing one very adventurous red head. Let’s try to list all the good things about Miss Fortune: great long range flurry, beautiful red hair and a banging hot body, she is certainly one of the hottest league of legends champions. Her backstory is that, she is a bounty hunter out to get revenge on her arch-nemesis pirate Gangplank. Miss Fortune is surely one of the sexiest lol champions of all time.

In terms of gameplay, Miss Fortune is one of the classic attack damage carry champions with a well rounded skillset. Her R is especially devastating, and can gun down a large number of enemies in one big flurry. Deadly and one of the hottest league of legends champions!

3. Lux

league of legends hot Lux

“The light inside is what makes me different, and I’m always careful where I shine it.”
~ Lux

Lux is your classic sexy lol champion with no bad side to her whatsoever. She fights for good in the lore, is one of the hottest league of legends characters and has an overpowered ultimate with a very low cool-down. What’s not to like?

Her nice Q stun and protective shield make her a great support champ as well. Another, rarely mentioned bonus about playing Lux is her highly positive statements that keep you motivated. One of my clear favourites in this list of hot lol characters.

2. Kai’Sa

Now we are reaching peak beauty levels, dear readers. It doesn’t get much better in any proper hottest lol characters list than Kai’Sa. Gorgeous blue eyes, striking features and a Sonya’s Hourglass figure. Good job Riot character design team!

sexy league of legends Kai'Sa

“My appearance may frighten you, but make no mistake—I am on your side, and we fight to the bitter end.”
~ Kai’Sa

In terms of gameplay, she is really hard to play, but is the best sexy lol champion in the game for sure. Kai’sa manages to pull off the edgy beautiful girl vibe perfectly. The second hottest league of legends character in my opinion.

1. Ashe

Ashe hottest league of legends characters
Art by haeaswen

”One tribe, one people, one Freljord.”
~ Ashe

Without a doubt one of the hottest league of legends characters, Ashe has no downsides (except her lackluster E). Gorgeous, blonde, great body and noble character. Ashe has this kind of combination between beauty and physicality that can’t be challenged. She will shoot those arrows of love right into gamers hearts. Easy win for Ashe as the sexiest lol character of all time!

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