Top Ten Cute Anime Plushies

Today we will list our picks for the top ten cute anime plushies in the whole world! Stay tuned for the most adorable anime plushes, coz’ this list is packed with them. This list is in no particular order so take a look and let us know which one’s are your favourite 💜

1. Shiba Inu Plush

A cute dog with a little frown on his face, it’s Shiba Inu! There are two kinds of people, those who already know this angry fellow and those who don’t…

cute corgi plush

Well if you don’t know him, this short and cute fluffy boy is a major celebrity on social media, you may not see him a lot but when you do, you see him completely dominating the spotlight. Such is the Charisma of this incomprehensible cuteness!
Imagine having a rough day and then you see this fellow frowning back at you… I’d say, it’s going to be one wholesome Bro Moment! Now, imagine the same scenario, it’s one of those rough days. You are out of it and then you see three fluffy boys frowning back at you! Science has yet to create something more wholesome than this. Shiba Inu is a cute, kind of angry, frowning little fellow, and he is the kind of cute anime plushy you don’t just want, you need! Take a look at a video of a real doggo interacting with the Shiba Inu:

2. Totoro Plushie

Here we have a Star from one of the Studio Ghibli classics, the anime film “My Neighbor Totoro.” Totoro appears to be a large furry like soft boy but what makes him so appealing is how grey he is. It’s like, Totoro takes one of the dullest colours and somehow manages to endorse it to a fantasy level! He has grey fur, grey arrows on his chest, grey bunny like ears, bird like eyes, and a big leaf in his paw. On top of all that, he has a silhouette that slightly resembles that of an owl.

Totoro cute anime plushie

A refreshing Studio Ghibli character indeed! This is the perfect cute anime plushie gift for any Studio Ghibli fan, get it for someone you know, or if you yourself have always been a Studio Ghibli fan, gift it to yourself. I mean, let’s be honest for a moment… everybody needs a Neighbor like Totoro!

3. Nyanko Sensei Plushie

Next up in our list of cute anime plushies, a cat who was worthy enough to earn himself the title of “Sensei.” Nyanko Sensei is a whole lot more than a cute keepsake. He likes to act tough and a little selfish even though he is not, and the one thing he likes more than anything else is “a lot to eat” as well as “a lot to drink.”

Nyanko Sensei cute anime plushie

So if you can get this tough yet fluffy guy some good food and drink, you can be friends! That’s it for the introduction. But as much Nyanko sensei tries to act tough, he is still a dear old softy when it comes to people who are close to him… He maybe a Neko with an “UwU” smile and blushing cheeks, but he is also a Neko with a big heart! Easily a great present for a anime Neko Lover!

4. Nine-Tails Kurama Cute Anime Plushie

Anime plush Nine tails plushie

As the beast who went from causing massive destruction to helping our main character not only win the 4th Great Shinobi war but also find a great friend who is always by his side… Kurama’s redemption arc will never be too old for the fans. And Kurama is now just as wholesome as he is terrifying.
He is friendly, soft, and if we only take this plushie into consideration, he is also fluffy. With its nine tails spreading behind its back, a short and sweet smile, and eyes that appear to be larger than life.
For a Naruto fan… regardless of their age… this is the perfect gift, always!
Even as a keepsake, this fluffy beast will continue to add a little bit of brightness to your everyday life. Both Naruto’s and Our friendship with Kurama go back a long way, after all!

5. Snorlax Plush

A wise man once said, “Let me sleep for just two more minutes.” Contrary to what some people might say, there are a lot of us who love a good night’s or even a good day’s sleep. Then there’s this Pokemon who practically embodies what it means to sleep! It’s our good old Snorlax. With big paws, a massive tummy, and a peaceful face… this cute anime plush can sleep through everything, be it a rain, a storm, or even an epic Pokemon battle.
So if there is someone who has trouble sleeping, this fluffy sleeping plushie can be the perfect bedtime partner for them! And if you are looking for one, you can find a variety of Snorlax plush toys at
For some of us, sleep is beautiful and having something, even if it’s just a plushie, that inspires you to sleep on time can make a difference in your everyday busy life.

6. Fairy tail Happy plush

“We’re not your puppets! We are… Mages of Fairy Tail!” -This plushie to you after you are done buying it. From a popular series called Fairy tail, this cute cat like creature is literally named “Happy”.

adorable fairy tail plush happy

He is a smug and eccentric looking cat with deliberately glaring eyes, a provoking tongue, a napkin on the neck and a fish in his hand. But that’s not all, he is one of those cute anime plushies that will add a little bit of colour into your life. It’s his eccentric persona and comedy relief that makes him a gift worth giving, to not just a Fairy tail but any anime fan in general. Because the more you look at it, the more interesting it becomes.

7. Chopper (Law Oufit) Cute Anime Plushie

Any One Piece fan would never think twice before getting themselves one of these cute anime plushies. As someone who has come to be known with a nickname as legendary as “Cotton Candy Lover.” Chopper is indeed a very cute and interesting fellow.

adorable anime plush tony tony chopper

But even if you are someone who hasn’t watched One Piece yet, you cannot deny the charismatic appeal of this cute anime plushie.
It has shadowy brown eyes, reindeer hands and feet, a blue nose, and an adorable hat like thing on top which makes him look like a walking mushroom. But don’t mistake him for the crew’s pet. Regardless of his adorable pet like appearance, this guy is still very much a human. Which makes it all the more exciting to give it as a present to a One Piece fan

8. Gudetama “Lazy Egg” Adorable Anime Plushes

As a character who practically embodies the terms “Laziness” and “depression,” Gudetama has always been on the front lines of Japan’s Kawaii culture.

lazy egg cute anime plushies

But that was only the start, with time, ‘his highness’ also spread their influence outside of Japan, and now Gudetama’s popularity as a “Lazy egg” is as lively as ever, despite him being just a lazy egg himself. With it’s barely open eyes, a constantly snoozing mouth, and a misaligned cap on top, he’s almost like sloth itself.
So, does this plushie remind you of someone? Is there a friend, a sibling, a spouse, or someone you know that is something of a lazy egg themself? Gift this personification to laziness to them as a present and see how much of a good match they make. Of course, having a fluffy yet lazy boy like Gudetama for yourself wouldn’t be half bad either now, would it?

9. Koro Sensei Cute Anime Plush

An octopus like being who somehow appears to be larger than life, this anime plushie may be a cute keepsake but it’s also a tribute to an exceptionally great anime character who will forever remain in our hearts as the teacher we always always wanted. Sometimes, there are some anime characters that we feel a deep emotional connection with, we know that they aren’t real, but to us they are feel alive.

interesting anime plushes koro sensei

And Koro Sensei is one such character! He is cheerful, he is adorable, he is both intelligent and wise, and last but no the least, he is someone who would never abandon his students. So if you know someone who felt genuinely sad at the climax of this anime, get them this plushie! The same goes for you too! We, the Assassination Classroom fans, will never forget this character, ever.

10. Cute Anime Plushies: Black & white Monokuma Plush

It’s a bear! A bear that represents duality that is… kind of similar to the popular Yin-Yang symbol that you must’ve seen at some point in your life. With its left side being white and the right side being black, it is a creature that represents innocence and hope with its left side, and darkness and despair with its right side.

best anime plushies monokuma

But as they say, it probably isn’t as “Black and white” as it seems.
Even if a person has two different personalities, there is still a lot more to them than the interpretation of those personalities. Just like how there is a lot more to this cute yet sinister looking bear, than what appears on the surface.
This is an excellent keepsake for any anime fan as it highlights not just the Yin-Yang concept but also the dual nature of humans. Plus it’s also cute and fluffy so why not?