Top 10 Most Adorable Cats in Anime

Anime is a medium littered all over with cats. These feline overlords seem to have claimed all of anime as their own, and as abundant they are, it is just too hard to pick out just few of these Kawaii cats in anime as your favourites. Despite the difficulty, for this list, we put together our picks for Top 10 Most Adorable Cats in Anime! So, without any further wait, let’s dig into this cute anime cat list (Disclaimer: This list is based on personal preference only. And solely focuses on cats, not cat girls or even cat boys).

Adorable Cats In Anime, Chito from Flying Witch

Black Anime Cat Chito

Being a Witch’s familiar can be tiring, and Chito, a 17-year-old black anime cat is here to show you, just how hard life can get. From keeping up with her master’s eccentric experiments to roaming the local area and meeting new cats; Chito has her busy days full of adventure and something unexpected that comes her way every day.

While Chito may seem like a pretty normal anime kitty because she does not show any magic or any over the top quirk for that matter, her calm and peaceful nature makes her out to be just the most adorable cat in anime that we can’t help but fall in love with.

Black Anime Cat, Nyanko Big

Cute Anime Kitties Nyanko Big

Nyanko Big from Tada-Kun Can’t Fall in Love is a cat we have all dream of having in our lives. He is a 10-year-old stray anime kitty, who was clearly found and adopted by Mitsuyoshi. But from what we have heard from Nyanko Big, it seems that the situation is a bit more complex than that.
For 10 straight years, Nyanko Big has looked over Mitsuyoshi like a guardian angel and has seen him grow up into a splendid man. He has encouraged the youngling through tough and difficult times as an anime kitty can. Heck! He even has his own blog that Mitsuyoshi runs and documents, Nyanko Big’s daily violent interactions with Kaoru.

Sakamoto from Nichijou

black anime cat Sakamoto

Just like the previous two entries, Sakamoto is a pretty normal cute anime cat, but with a twist. He can actually speak. Through the power of technology, and some good fashion sense, the genius inventor, Hakase designed Sakamoto a scarf that gave him the ability to actually talk.

Using his newfound quirk, Sakamoto often calls out Hakase for her childish behaviour and admonishes her since he is the oldest member of the Shinonome Household. But Alas! Being a cat, Sakamoto often succumbs to his cat-like habits and, much to his dismay, fall for the little pranks that Hakase likes to play on him.

Anime Kitten Yamada

cute cat anime Chi

Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home is also your average mackerel striped anime Kitty with a loud and trouble mongering personality. Since Chi was abandoned as a kitten early on and adopted by the Yamada family, she essentially did not have an adult cat teach her ways of the world.
This lead to Chi being somewhat selfish and also stubborn at the same time.
Chi likes to play all day, indulge herself in the delicacies of the world, and vigorously avoid Vets at all costs.

Happy From Fairy Tail

blue cat anime Happy

Unlike the previous entries on this list, Happy is far from being a normal cat. He is soo unique that Happy is not even a cat. Yes, you read that right, Puck is actually from a different species of living beings called Exceed. But, since he looks like a cat, and to some extent, acts like one, we are willing to give him a pass here.
Happy is the sidekick of the dragon slayer Natsu Dragneel and is one of the most important members of the Fairy Tail Guild. He is someone who will make you laugh with his smooth “Aye Sir” remarks and to add just one more detail, Happy, can even fly using the little wings on his back.

Adorable Cats In Anime, Puck 

cat anime characters Puck

Just like Happy, Puck from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is not exactly a cat, but rather an Astral Spirit in the form of a cat. But who cares about these little nitty-gritty details.
Anyhow, Puck is 420 human years old, making him the oldest anime kitty on this list and, quite the most dangerous one at that.
Don’t let his adorable appearance fool you– as he has been dubbed as one of the most destructive entities to exist in his world.
But other than that, he is a pretty fun cat, who is adamant about protecting his contracted master, Emilia.

Cat Bus from My Neighbour Totoro

studio ghibli cats

Continuing the trend of weird cats here. Since everyone likes buses and studio Ghibli cats; and Japan likes to be Japan. Hayao Miyazaki decided to combine the two into the most adorable and comfortable Cat Bus you can imagine.
Most iconically known as the NekoBasu; the Cat Bus can essentially run on power lines when you are in a hurry, and even keep you warm in its extra fur seats in cold weather.

Kuro from the Blue Exorcist and Kirara from InuYasha

Kuro and Kirara are basically the same types of Cats so we have combined them into just one entry on this list. These both cute little fur-balls are actually Demon Cats, who can change the size of their body into these huge, giant versions of themselves that you can even use as a mode of transportation if the Cat Bus is just too big for you.
Both cats are extremely adorable in their normal form—soo much so that just by looking at these adorable little cats in anime, one can easily make out the fact that these little cats are special with their 2 tails, and just adorable appearances.

Baron from the Cat Returns

the cat returns

We need more studio Ghibli cats in this list. Wearing a slick white suit, and a matching top hat, The Baron is the most mannered cat anime character you could ever meet, albeit with a human-like appearance, to say the least. Definitely one of our favourite cats in anime, as he is very charming and has great style, let’s be honest!

The Baron first made appearances in The Whisper of The Heart, and then played a major role again in The Cat Returns. He is a magical cat in anime, who is in reality, just a statue in an antique shop with the ability to come to life at night.

Cute Anime Kitties, Madara

cute anime kitty Nyanko Sensei

And last but not the least, we have Madara, from Natsume’s Book of Friends, or more popularly named Nyanko Sensei. Now, Madara may look like just any other normal, Pudgy Cat with a smirk on their face. But as we have learned today; appearances can be deceiving and Nyanko Sensei, is a cunning, powerful Yokai who has taken on the form of a cute little anime Kitty.
Nyanko Sensei, no matter how adorable he gets, can actually shape shift, pass sarcastic remarks and even scare off other Yokai’s with his special magical abilities.