How To Find Anime Songs On Spotify

The Spotify user interface is quite intuitive and easy to use, but nevertheless one might not always find the anime songs on Spotify with the first attempt.

In this article we will help you find some awesome anime songs on Spotify and give some playlist recommendations for your listening pleasure.

How To Find Anime Songs On Spotify

spotify anime playlist

To find anime songs on Spotify, simply launch your web player or application, navigate to the search tab and search for your favorite anime titles.

The basic approach is as simple as that and is likely to give great results. But what if you have exhausted your ideas and have no idea what kind of anime songs you would like to listen next? Here are some Tips

Use Discover Weekly For Anime Music Spotify Recommendations

Discover weekly is a nice feature that gives you recommendations based on your listening history.

On the Desktop app you will find it under Library, on the web player, under Playlists and on mobile it will be under the Made For You tab.

So if you have been listening to a bunch of anime music, the recommend weekly feature will hand you some new anime tunes.

Spotify Anime Daily Mix

These listening suggestions are similar to discover weekly, except that the recommendations are based on anime songs you have already liked. A good way to listen to some favoured classics in a fresh order.

Check Out Some Of These Spotify Anime Playlists

Use AniPlaylist

AniPlaylist is a nice supplementary app that adds anime specific filters and helps you check if the anime Spotify songs are available in your country or not.

You can also filter by seasons and categories such as anime OST, Ending, Opening and many more.