Funny Anime Attack Names

Many of our favourite badass anime characters have signature attacks like Zoro’s SiShi Sonson, or Saitama’s trademark ‘One Punch’. Watching the characters unleash these attacks is a treat, and strengthens the legend of these characters by giving names to their most epic combinations and attacks. Sometimes, however, the names fall on their face with hilariously named or executed attacks that bring nothing but ridicule to the characters that use them. Let’s take a look at our selection of the top ten funny anime attack names of all time.

Piccolo’s “Full-Nelson Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo firing his "Special Beam Cannon"
Piccolo firing his “Special Beam Cannon”
Goku gets hit while in"Full-Nelson"
Goku gets hit while in”Full-Nelson”

Whereas Piccolo’s special beam cannon (or “Demon’s Penetrating, Killing Light Gun” as a straight translation, doesn’t really roll off the tongue, he managed to make the attack even more complicated, by co-operating the beam with Goku. This is how the attack works: Piccolo says something to distract his enemy, like “sorry to keep you waiting”, and meanwhile Goku sneaks up on the enemy from behind and locks them in a “Full-Nelson” grapple, so they are unable to escape the beam. Piccolo takes advantage of the situation and uses his special Beam cannon to penetrate both Goku and his enemy. Great Success.

“ZA WARUDO”, by Dio Brando

“Za Warudo”, by Dio Brando, has become a meme in itself with the amazing voice acting and fart-like sound effects that have captured audiences of all ages and nationalities worldwide. It is probably the named attack on this list which I find to be the most badass, but also highly hilarious at the same time. This is a combination, that only JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and few other series, know how to pull off.

Dio’s Stand is called “The World”, and has the extremely overpowered ability to stop time for everyone except Dio for eleven seconds, whenever he uses it though, he will loudly proclaim “Za Warudo” in hilarious Engrish, to let everyone know that their ass is about to be whopped and they can’t do anything about it really.

Hokuto no Ken, also known as “ATATATAT”

Now this next one is Kenshiro’s signature move from the series Fist of the North Star, and is certainly extremely badass in most of its incarnations. For some reason, however, I have always found it hilarious when Kenshiro unleashes the consecutive hits, while screaming “ATATATAT” from the top of his lungs, right after his red shirt explodes for the millionth time in the series. Quality entertainment for sure.

Franky’s “Nipple Lights”

This one requires no comment really, but here goes. Midway between the story of One Piece, a timeskip occurred, where the Straw Hat Pirates group members spent two years training to get stronger and acquiring new awesome abilities. For this reason, everyone were excited to see what type of powerful weapons and and abilities Franky the cyborg has developed to combat the enemies in the New World. One of these abilities turned out to be both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time: “Franky Nipple Lights”, truly a terrifying ability.

“Infant Armor”, from Insufferable

"Infant Armor", Funny Anime Attack Names.

The next one is kind of an odd one out in this list, but i couldn’t leave it out, because the fighting strategy used by this character from a comic called Insufferable is so hilarious. It wasn’t a named attack in the comic itself, but has been dubbed “infant armor”, in reddit posts and by PewDiePie.

The strategy is simple, but brilliantly villainous, strap adorable looking infants onto your body with duck tape and become invulnerable to anyone with a good enough sense of morality. Coming from the man himself: “You can’t shoot me. You can’t taze me. You can’t gas me. You can’t even knock me down. Not without something very fragile, and very precious going squish.” Truly a highly creative way to gain some defence stats.

Charlotte Chuhlhourne‘s Dumb Attack Name from Bleach

Chuhlhourne is the type of character to mince his words, and badly. His power and fighting ability, certainly isn’t something to scuff at but his style of naming attacks seems to be adding a non-stop barrage of words together that he happens to like until he ends up creating some funny anime attack names. The full attack ends up being called, “Ultimate Technique! Stunning Charlotte Chuhlhourne’s Miracle Sweet Ultra-Funky Fantastic Dramatic Romantic Sadistic Erotic Exotic Athletic Guillotine Attack!”. Chuhlhourne truly has a way with words and we appreciate that.

“Star Gentle Uterus”, from Sailor Moon

This next one is hard to explain, to be honest. It might have been an error on the Mangaka’s part, who’s first language is not English, or a deliberate joke worked into the story. In any case, it is certainly is one of the top ten funny anime attack names of all time.

This truly vicious uterus attack was used by Sailor Star maker who fired off multiple spheres of light towards an enemy, who consequently was hit by some greyish looking liquid straight in the face which made him scream in pain. Again, this attack is a mystery that is hard to explain.

“Shining Finger Sword”, from G Gundam

We carry on with our top ten funny anime attack names, and bring to you an attack which I find to be genuinely badass, and an awesome moment in Anime. Something about the dialogue, however really makes me chuckle:

“This hand of mine glows with an AWESOME POWER
It’s burning grip tells me to defeat you!
Take this! My love, my anger and all of my sorrow!

Epic, but at the same time you realise he is essentially destroying you, by giving you the finger and explaining the process by yelling his emotions in a poetic way.