A Simple Guide To Anime AMV – Creating An Anime

Looking to become an anime AMV creator? As anime fans, we all have stumbled across some cool AMVs once in a while, and you have to admit, they are really addictive. So, how did you first find out about AMVs? Was it the love for an anime character? Or perhaps an epic fight scene?

Either way, you’re here because they piqued your interest enough to make you wonder about the nature of these videos.

If you are a beginner and looking to start anime, you are in the right place. In this article, we will share all the information you need to understand better what AMVs are, what makes them so cool for anime fans. On the other hand, If you are looking to start making anime AMVs yourself, then look no further than this article, because we will go through the process of crafting one for yourself. So without further adieu, let’s get into it.

What Are AMVs?

Anime AMV

An anime music video, better known as AMV, is basically a compilation of clips, art, and anime images with some pretty incredible transitions and music. However, it isn’t that simple; you can’t throw in whatever you like and expect it to be good. Creating an anime AMV requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to make it look satisfying and stunning. You have to carefully choose a song that fits well with the kind of mood you’re going for and choose the clips, art, and transitions accordingly.

An anime AMV can be quite similar to an anime opening, but instead of animation studios, AMVs are produced by the fanbase as a tribute to an anime series they love.

Different Kinds of AMVs

I’m sure you have seen different kinds of AMVs all over the internet, each possessing a unique editing style. The creativity that goes into creating an anime AMV is what makes this genre great in my opinion. To get a introductory glance at how much variety there is, check out this great AMV focused Youtube channel.

There is no limit or restriction to how you can make an AMV, and that’s the best part about it. You can add your own creativity and just go wild with it. There is a never-ending list of diverse AMV types out there. Some types of AMVs, however, are quite common and will help you understand the diversity in AMVs.

The Typical AMV

Anime AMV

A typical AMV may focus on just one character or one anime with only one song. However, some AMVs may contain multiple anime and even more than one song. This Hotarubi no Mori AMV is an excellent example of a typical AMV, consisting of only one anime and one song. For an AMV featuring multiple anime’s, a great example would be the multifemale AMV, which is edited beautifully.

Text-Based AMVs

These AMVs are also pretty standard, easy to make, and quite mesmerizing. The text-based AMVs focus on using lyrics of the song to emphasize a particular scene. This includes adding clips, still shots having texts, and some advanced effects and transitions. An excellent example of this type of AMV would be the Hyouka AMV, which has used the lyrics correctly and has flawless transitions. Another example of this AMV type would be the Boxxed AMV, which is quite unique from most text-based AMVs.

Story AMVs

These types of AMVs convey a particular story about the show or a character featured in it. The story represented in the story anime AMV can be completely different than the actual plot of the anime. These AMVs involve the use of anime clips in which characters speak to explain the story better, coupled with a slideshow of clips and images that support the story. The Naruto AMV, “The boy who became a Hokage” is a perfect example of a story AMV, as it can give you an idea of the struggles Naruto went through in just six minutes. These type of anime AMVs are really touching; the Naruto one hits you right in the feels!


Another type of anime AMV would be the MEP, also known as a multi-editor project. A MEP is pretty much an AMV made by more than one editor. It can be any AMV like a typical one, a story one, or a multi-fandom AMV. The only difference is that more than one person edits it. This Swish Swish AMV is a multi-editor project and a text-based AMV. There are plenty of more MEPs on YouTube, mixing different editing styles.

How Can You Make an anime AMV?

I have been watching AMVs for quite some time now, but I still remember the first AMV I watched and how I absolutely fell in love with the process. Was it the same for you? Are you passionate about anime and would like to make some AMVs yourself? Or is it because you like a particular character that you think deserves attention? Either way, here are the steps that are involved in the making of an AMV.

Get the Right Software

Anime AMV

Finding the right software that works for you is essential, as most software lack even the most basic tools. However, since you’re a beginner, it’s best to check out free software like Windows Movie Maker or Video Converter Ultimate. If you’re willing to spend some cash, I will recommend you get Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas as these are some of the best video editing software.

Whatever software you choose, remember to study it beforehand and test out the different tools and effects to grasp the application better. You might get confused and frustrated if you just jump into the AMV making process with no prior knowledge about the editing software and how it’s used.

Decide on a Theme

So, you have all the equipment you need and you have picked out a software and studied it as well. Now what? Well, time to choose a theme, of course! This is a crucial step to piece together the AMV while using accurate transitions, effects, and songs. Take some time to think what kind of vibe you’re going for, whether you want an action type AMV, a dance or upbeat AMV, or an emotional AMV. You can mix up the different types of AMVs discussed above also.

Choose a Song

Decided on the theme yet? Alright, let’s move on then. The next step is to choose a song that fits the theme. When you listen to a song, do you think to yourself how it would suit a particular r situation or a person quite well? With the theme in your mind, search for some songs that would work well with it. You can use a slow song for an emotional AMV or fast-paced music with good beats for an action AMV. Take your time with this step, as choosing the wrong track can ruin all the hard work you put into the AMV.

Find the Clips and Images

The next step is to find the right clips, images, and art that go well with the song and the theme you want to create. Depending on what kind of a theme you’re going for, you have to choose the length of the clips as well. Usually, it’s better to use short clips unless you’re sure that you can get away with it. Another thing to keep in mind is to use only 720p or 1080p quality clips to ensure that your video looks good. Make sure not to use clips that contain credits as they ruin the vibe a little.

Throw in the Effects and Piece Them Together

Now comes the most one step; Adding the effects. I’ll recommend to go wild with it and have fun but make sure it doesn’t look too crazy. Focus on the beats of the song and add effects that emphasize the lyrics and the clips. The transitions and effects add more depth to even the blandest videos, so use them wisely.

Upload It and Wait

Once you’re satisfied with your editing, upload the video on YouTube. Check for the followers’ reactions, take their criticism positively, and apply them to your next video. If you’re lucky, you might immediately get new followers. However, don’t be disheartened if you haven’t gotten many views, as these things take time.

What Makes an AMV So Good?

Making Of 'AMV EDIT

So you know all the steps, and now you’re wondering what really makes them so good and addicting? Well, in short, it’s the effort. AMV’s require a lot of time to come out as good as they are. You have to work with the rhythm and flow of the song to make it really incredible.

A good example is this AMV that uses the song’s rhythm to its advantage to make the AMV look epic. You can add slow-mo to emphasize a particular scene, zoom-ins, fade-outs, and various other transitions. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind not to exaggerate it. You don’t always have to use a transition or an effect. Some of the simplest AMVs lack transitions, yet they are still very much loved.

Why Should You Give it a Shot?

A better question would be; why not? If you’re passionate about anime or video editing, then you have to try making some AMVs. Even if you’re not a hardcore fan, there’s nothing wrong with having fun with video editing. This is a great hobby that you will enjoy doing while also learning an essential skill. Video editing is pretty popular these days and will help you in many other ways. Furthermore, if you manage to get a good amount of views and followers on YouTube, you can use it to earn some money. Sounds cool, right?

Final Verdict

AMVs are a great way of expressing your story and even your feelings. While it’s true that AMVs do require a lot of effort, it might even take you weeks to finish your very first AMV, but the result is really satisfying. Making AMVs is all about having fun while doing what you love. So, make sure not to get too immersed in it and enjoy the process.