How To Find Anime Icons for Apps

If you are looking to find anime icons for apps, chances are your goal is to get a sweet new avatar as your profile picture. We’ve got you covered in this article.

We’ll go through the best websites where you can get anime avatars fore free, and will talk about the anime icons aesthetic overall. Another thing we will explain is the filetype and size that a good avatar should have.

The Best Anime Icons Aesthetics

So there are a large number of different anime icon aesthetics that are popular in the anime community. Let’s go through the best one’s briefly. Needless to say this is subjective opinion and your tastes and likes may differ.

Transparent icons

This one is a no brainer, a transparent icon is nice to apply to any custom background you want, so you have more options for customisation here.

transparent anime avatars SVG

Pastel Anime Avatars

Pastel anime icons are easily identifiable by their mild and relaxing colour scheme.

how to find anime icons for apps pastel avatars

Sometimes a filter has been applied to make a regular avatar look more faded out, but its best to look for images that achieve the same result naturally.

Monochrome Anime Icons

A monochrome icon is composed of careful application of the same colour, or a limited amount of shades of the same tone.

monochrome anime icons aesthetic

In this way it is different from a black and white image, because the less shades of colour are used, the more monochrome the look will be.


This anime icon style is quite self-explanatory as all the visual elements are contained within a circle. The reason this is one of the best styles for anime avatars is that you don’t have to crop the image if you are on the looks for anime icons for apps.

find anime avatars online

Skipping the cropping also makes sure that the intentions of the original designer remain the same on your avatar image.

How to Find Anime Icons For Apps: Use Google Icon Search

Find Anime icons for apps

Frankly Google does a really good job of categorising and helping you find anime icons for apps with helpful filters. Just navigate to and search for “anime icons” and you will end up with a large number of helpful categories of anime avatars.

Navigate around the categories and you will surely find an anime avatar suitable for your taste.

How To Find Anime Icons For Apps: Use Pinterest

Pinterest is another great option, because there are users over there who have put in a bunch of effort to assemble a great collection of anime icons aesthetics lists.

Take a look at this fine collection, for example to get you started.

But to be honest, besides the huge community Pinterest has, I don’t like their user interface too much as compared to google in terms of finding good images. A lot of emphasis is put on the social media aspect of the platform, encouraging the user to share and re-pin whereas some basic filters to ease the search are missing.

Other Options To Find Anime Icons

A while back we reviewed a number of anime wallpaper websites, many of them may also give good results for anime icons queries. A similar website that really shines in this regard, however is Shutterstock.

how to search for anime icons

They have some great filters that will make it way easier to find the exact type of anime icons for apps that you are looking for.

What Filetype To Choose and what Size

There are two main filetypes you should choose between for your anime avatar, SVG and PNG. Both have their own benefits.

If you are looking to customise or resize your icon in any way, make sure to get SVG as raster graphics can be easily resized and edited. The minus is that SVG is not always supported on all social media platforms, so it might not be the best anime icon filetype for the app you want to use it in.

PNG is almost always compatible and a safe choice in this regard. On the other hand, you will not be able to resize it without losing quality.

If you are wondering about which size of icon you need, refer to SproutSocial’s actively maintained article that has the info you need for most social media networks. If its not there, the apps themselves will usually have the required info somewhere as well.


We hope this was helpful and you found the aesthetic anime icons you were looking for. Share your favourites and see you in the next article!