How To Find Free Anime Wallpapers

4K Anime Wallpapers are hard to find if you don’t know the right resources. In this article I will show you the best websites and services that provide you with the anime wallpaper 4K goodness that you need. There are also a couple of tips and tricks that can help you find that 4K anime wallpaper faster and in most cases, free of charge.

What Are 4K Anime Wallpapers

In order to even consider looking for an anime wallpaper 4K, you should first confirm that your device supports 4K resolution. To put it simply, 4K is a type of display resolution that supports a horizontal density of approximately 4,000 pixels. This definition is pretty wide and there are accepted standards of 4K screens, some of which actually fall a tiny bit below the 4,000 pixel mark.

Another common umbrella term that covers both 4K and 8K displays is Ultra HD (UHD). So, if your display is Ultra HD, it is pretty likely, that is 4K too!

Therefore, when you have confirmed that your screen supports 4K resolution, you should also look up the exact measurements for your display. To find the most optimal anime 4K wallpaper, you should confirm the exact measurements of your screen and filter your anime wallpaper choices according to these measurements. The most common 4K resolutions fall into two types, and therefore there are two main sizes for 4k anime wallpapers are:

  • Anime wallpaper 3840 x 2160.
  • Anime wallpaper 4096 x 2160.

Another thing to keep in mind is that resolution denotes ratio between width and height not the actual dimensions of your screen. In other words, there are displays of varying size from home cinema displays to mobile phone screens.

Free Websites For Anime Wallpaper 4k Search


anime wallpaper pc

Wallhaven is one of the best sites for downloading wallpapers. It has a very extensive repertoire of very high-resolution images, ranging from Full HD to 2K and 4K Ultra HD. Best of all is the wallpapers’ overall quality, with some of the best illustrations and digital art I’ve seen in a long, long time.

We have the option to search for a specific anime in searches or click on the #anime tag that appears on the main screen as it is one of the most popular tags on the platform. From there, we just have to select the following options in the “Resolution” filter to get the best anime backgrounds in 4K

Next to each image, we have an editing tool where we can crop the image to fit the resolution we need. We also find several interesting data, such as links to the author’s original work (on sites like Deviantart and so on), searches by color, and a “tags” section to discover similar wallpapers.


Reddit is one of the biggest meeting points on the Internet. News channel? Social network? The truth is that on Reddit, there are subforums for all kinds of topics, and of course, wallpapers also have their own niche. 2 of the most prominent subreddits in this regard are /r/wallpapers and / r/Animewallpaper.

Together they boast a community of over 1.5 million users who upload wallpapers in high resolution on a constant basis. What makes the variety of anime wallpapers abound. As it is one of the most popular uploaded art forms on those subreddits.

A simple search within any of those communities is all it takes to find a variety of results. Most of the images are 1920x1080p, although there is also a lot of material in 2K and 4K, a must-visit site.


find 4k anime wallpapers

WallpaperStock has one of the most varied wallpaper collections that we can find in formats up to 2K and 4K. Thanks to its extensive side menu, we can browse through the thousands and thousands of wallpapers available and select the category we are interested in. Among them, a large number of anime series wallpapers.

animated wallpaper anime

An interesting detail is that the page can detect the screen resolution of our device. Thus, we will see a list with all the available formats under each image, highlighting in bold the appropriate size for our screen.


wallpaper 4k anime zedge

Zedge is a website dedicated to wallpapers and ringtones but for smartphones. It has a very eclectic collection of wallpapers, which is updated daily, and where we can find illustrations from Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, K-ON, among others.
We must recognise that there are some images that have are well above average in quality. I even use one of their wallpapers on my own phone. It’s definitely, one of the most recommended sources to download mobile 4k anime wallpapers in high resolution. The Zedge platform is also available as an app in the play store.

HD Wallpapers

anime wallpaper pc

HD Wallpapers is a website that is updated daily with wallpapers in high resolution, from 1080p and up. The images are selected by hand, so content curation has a precise weight in this case.
The page allows you to organise the results by popularity or upload date, although it also has a search engine and a list of categories (digital art, abstract, 3D, anime, celebrities, sports, architecture, etc.). In addition, when downloading, the page detects the resolution of our screen and offers us the format that best suits our needs. Little more can be asked for. The only downside is that to download an image, we must wait 10 seconds, so it is not the most comfortable in the world if we want to download many wallpapers at once.

Wallpapers Wide

wallpaper anime phone

Wallpapers Wide meets all the requirements to be considered an excellent source of high-resolution wallpapers. The page detects our screen’s resolution to offer us images adapted to our needs, it has a classification by categories, we hardly find any advertisement and downloads are practically immediate.

Although their anime section is way more reduced than the previous platforms presented, we recommend giving it a try. Maybe you are in luck, and the anime you were looking wallpapers of its on the page.
For each image, we can find a multitude of formats, ranging from HD to 8K in some cases. Its easy to find 4k anime wallpapers using their resolution filter. Also, tags are included so that we can search on particular topics, all from a pleasant and straightforward interface.

Anime Wallpaper Sekai app

anime wallpaper mobile

If you have an Android device with a very good quality screen and are looking for wallpapers on the Internet that fit your phone, you should definitely try the “Top Anime Wallpaper Sekai” app, an app with more than 1 million anime wallpapers, with new art updated daily. It has some interesting details, such as having an auto wallpaper changer feature, download images, share, and bookmark. The interface has a modern design, and the material it collects is generally of outstanding quality, one of the most popular and best-rated wallpaper apps on Google Play.

Tips To Find 4K Anime Wallpapers

• When looking for a PC anime wallpaper with a large title, try using its Japanese name in the search.

if you couldn’t find the pictures using the original title of the anime, try out other options. Some 4K anime wallpapers might be found by testing different words relating to the anime you are looking for. Try looking for names of characters and locations in the anime.
• If you can’t find any wallpapers of your liking on the previously mentioned sites, you can always give it a chance to Google using the keywords “(Anime Title) + 4k wallpaper” you can add “pc” or “phone” at the end to determine which device you are looking wallpapers for.

Hope You Found the Perfect Anime Wallpaper

Have these anime wallpaper websites been helpful to you? Did we miss a anime wallpaper search engine that everyone should check out to find 4K anime wallpapers? Let us know in the comment section down below and help us help others find their mobile or PC anime background!

Until the next time, fellow anime fans.