Who are the Best Anime Streamers?

Anime streamers are one of the most active and awesome members of the Otaku community. Anime livestreams are a great way to enjoy our favorite series and interact with fellow fans! These anime Youtubers and Otaku streamers are making valuable efforts in popularising our favorite anime shows and bringing more eyeballs to the genre overall.

Some of them have gained large followings on different social media platforms and are not just working as full-time as anime content creators, but making a killing within the biz! So why not show your favorite Otaku streamers some love, let us know in the comment section, who do you find the most entertaining?

Why Watch Streamers and Anime Youtubers?

Simple answer, its awesome. Anime has gone mainstream. Just in the last year, anime has seen a massive influx of fans and Otaku streamers from all over the world. Even video streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon have started to invest heavily into buying exclusive rights to the most popular anime out there. Coupled with such a huge increase in popularity, a ton of anime streamers from all over the world have started to gain recognition and huge fanbases.

Popular anime streamers like Kizuna Ai have stayed in the spotlight for a long time. But now with Holo live in full swing, and more otaku streamers taking the helm with their massive followings. Anime live streamers are bigger than they have ever been.
So, let’s take a look at some of the best anime Youtuber’s and streamers out there. And see just how huge and prominent anime streamers have become in 2024.

What is the meaning of VTuber?

A Vtuber is short for virtual Youtuber, an online streamer that uses an avatar instead of their real appearance in their videos. The avatars can range from drawings and images to full animated graphics. Anime Vtube’ing has become increasingly popular in the recent years and many of our favorite streamers prefer to interact with their audience by using their own anime avatar, a virtual character modelled after themselves.

Best Anime Streamers: Our Picks

Without further ado, let’s jump into our picks for the best anime streamer in. 2024. Perhaps you will find your favorite in this list. If not, let us know in the comment section down below.

1. Best Anime Streamers Group: The Hololive English Generation 1

anime vtubers group

Its kind of cheating to give the number one spot to a group of otaku streamers, but they are just dominating the game too massively to be ignored right now.

Hololive English members, Gawr Gura, Watson Amelia, Ninomae Ina’nis, Mori Calliope, and Takanashi Kiara have essentially become the most popular anime Vtuber group out right now. Within a few months after their official debut in 2020, the Hololive group took the internet by storm, and since have garnered massive popularity on their YouTube channel and Bilibili.

They are the most popular, anime streaming group out right now within the international anime community. Hololive English has grown huge in just 6 months that it’s a feat like none other.
Gawr Gura is leading the pack with 2.39 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Mori Calliope is following the shark with 1.2 Million Subscribers. Watson Amelia has also crossed the million subscriber threshold with 1.07 Million Subscribers. And other Hololive English members like, Takanashi Kiara and Ninomae Ina‘nis are closely are growing with 8.66 K and 8.64 K subscribers respectively.

2. Most Popular Male Anime Streamer: CDawgVA

best anime streamer

The man – the legend – the protagonist, CDawgVA is currently the most popular male anime streamer with 243 K followers on Twitch and 1.99 Million Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

CDawgVA started his career as an anime voiceover actor in 2016. Then, following his success as an anime YouTuber, he started streaming on Twitch recently in 2024. And in just a few months, CDawgVA has grown into the most massive anime streamer on Twitch with an even bigger fan base.

3. Nyanners: Extremely Popular Anime Vtuber

Top Anime Vtubers

Nyanners started her career as an anime vocalist on YouTube. She was massively popular there as one of the most renowned anime cover artists on the platform.
But in 2020, she made her debut as an anime Vtuber. She got signed with the Vtuber talent agency VShojo and since has become massive as one of the biggest anime Vtubers on Twitch.
She currently has 383K followers on Twitch, with her YouTube going over 1.11 Million Subscribers at the time of writing.

4. Ironmouse: Veteran Anime Vtuber

Anime Vtuber best moments

The second VShojo anime Vtuber on this list, Ironmouse is one of the most popular anime Vtubers out there.  Her gleaming personality has won her 424 K followers on Twitch, and 312 K subscribers on her YouTube anime channel.

Ironmouse is a veteran Vtuber, as she has been streaming on YouTube and Twitch since her debut in 2017. She is also known to collaborate with other big-time streamers like CDawgVA and more.

But to just call Ironmouse another massive streamer on Twitch is an understatement. The only reason she is ranked below Nyanners and CDawgVA is because of her low subscriber count on YouTube.

5. The Anime Man: Youtube Otaku Streamer

Otaku anime Youtube

The Anime Man is one of the most popular Anime YouTubers ever. He has a massive 2.76 Million Subscriber count on YouTube and supports a staggering 268k followers on Twitch.
The Anime Man is one of the most popular personalities on this list. But the main reason why he is so low on this list is because Joey is not a regular streamer.

He may be popular, but he has streamed only a handful of times on Twitch, or any other platform to say the least. But his popularity is so hard to ignore that despite only having streamed so little, he makes it on this list just because of the sheer volume of viewership he can get through his streams.

6. Nux Taku: Male Anime Vtuber

Nux Taku review

Nux Taku has really raised his following in the recent years reaching an impressive 1.8 million on his Youtube channel. He is also quite active on his Twitch account and Twitter.

Known for his shrill voice and unique sense of humor, Nux Taku is an anime Youtuber to be reckoned with. He is posting highly regularly and has interesting takes on series like One Piece, Seven Deadly Sins and more. Be sure to check him out.

7. King of Lighting: Hilariously Cancerous Anime Streams

King of Lightning is one of the most entertaining anime streamers out there. He is actively mostly on the King of lightning twitch account and on his Youtube account. He makes regular One Piece reaction videos and covers other series that he personally follows. His tier 4 twitch streams are one of the most cancerous and funny anime entertainment out there.

8. Shibuya Kaho: Voice Actress Turned Anime Streamer

hot anime streamers

And last but not the least, we have the former AV actress, turned author, turned radio host, turned anime cosplay model and now an Anime Streamer, Shibuya Kaho.

Shibuya Kaho started her career in media as a sports journalist. But she was then scouted by an AV agency early on in her professional career. Kaho then retired from her job in 2018 and went on to write a book about her experience as an AV actress and even made her debut as an actress in a J-Drama.

She has been working as a radio host since August 2019, and at one time, also hosted her own YouTube channel called Omochan.
In 2020 Shibuya Kaho launched her Shibuya_Kaho Twitch channel that has grown fast to 122K followers. She is now one of the biggest anime streamers on Twitch and is expected to grow even further as more opportunities come her way.

Final Thoughts

Anime Streamers have come a long way from low viewer counts and dull streams. With Vtubing taking over Twitch, and anime being as mainstream as it is now.
Anime streamers are becoming more and more popular than ever before.
This was our list of the top anime streamers in 2024. There are a lot of massively popular, growing Vtubers, and other anime streamers out there. But this list was made taking into consideration the main theme of the streamers, and their follower/subscriber count.