Anime Ships That Refuse To Die

Shipping certain anime characters should be a sin. A lot of anime shipping trends are normal and quite wholesome, to say the least. But, since we can’t always have nice things, some anime ships are so over the top that they have made us lose faith in humanity.

These shipping trends are popular, and despite being quite old, refuse to die down. They are some of the most questionable ships in anime. So, without any further wait, let’s just get into it.

Sakura X Naruto – Ship or Skip?

wrong anime ships

Yes, despite moving and getting married to Hinata, there are still a lot of anime fans that still ship Naruto and Sakura. This ship will never happen, but that does not stop fans from making a ton of doujin, and fanart to support their favorite couple.

Naruto had a crush on Sakura growing up, but he grew out of it and went on to marry Hinata who almost died protecting him when Pain attacked the Leaf Village. Hinata supported Naruto through thick and thin, but even so, some fans are still vehemently supporting NaruSaku despite this ship not making any sense.

This ship still continues with a ton of fanart that is floating around the web, and doctored manga panels to make them seem more legit.
Heck! There are even a ton of fan-written short stories about Naruto and Sakura getting together that are still quite popular in the fandom. Its time to give this anime ship a rest!

Eren X Levi – One of the Most Persistent Anime Ships

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No matter how impossible, or even illogical this ship looks, every Fujoshi in their heart believes that Eren should end up with Captain Levi.

Attack on Titan fandom is already extremely enthusiastic about some of the more prominent characters in the series. So this type of shipping does not come as a surprise. But year after year, Levi X Eren has not only grown more prominent, but the fanart pertaining to both of these characters in risky positions has also increased.

The situation has grown so severe that there are thousands of doujinshi and even more Levi X Eren fan art floating around on the web. And every single anime fan from all around the world, unless they have been living under a rock for the last 6 years, has come across some kind of art, or a modified manga panel at the very least that promotes this ship in one way or the other. An example of anime shipping gone too far indeed.

Rem X Subaru – Anime Pairings That Should Not Happen

shipping anime characters

Yes, as controversial as it might seem, Subaru belongs to Emilia. When Subaru rejected Rem in Re Zero Season 1, the whole anime fandom clamored on and on about how Rem is the best girl, and Subaru should have not rejected her.

The ‘I Love Emilia’ quote has essentially become a meme in the anime community. But what most fans that still support this ship fail to realize is that Subaru’s love for Emilia is so strong that even after getting killed multiple times, Subaru still comes back stronger than ever to save Emilia-Tan.

But even so, this ship keeps on coming back every year stronger than ever, and now with Season 2 of Re zero on a full roll, many fans are hoping that Rem will shoot her shot once more and Subaru this time will accept her. This is one of those anime ships that for some reason just refuses to die.

Kirishima X Bakugou

Kirishima X Bakugou ship

Just like the Levi X Eren, Kirishima and Bakugo have been an ongoing subject in Fujoshi groups all over the internet. Both of these characters have totally opposite personalities, but even so, they have become good friends. So, Fujoshi’s with their wild imaginations had started shipping these two anime characters together just because of that.

But, unlike most fads, that everyone just forgets about within a week, or even a year the KiriBaku ship has somehow remained relevant and has even managed to grow out of proportion. There are entire pages on social media websites dedicated to this ship, and even websites that catalogue each and every single manga panel, or anime scene that has these two characters together.

Although this ship is not as huge as Levi X Eren, it is not showing any signs of fading away or even slowing down anytime soon.

Kallen X Lelouch – Friends Shipped as an Anime Couple

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Lelouch and Kallen were good friends. They were never a couple, as Kallen had one-sided feelings for Lelouch because of his dual identity as Zero.
Yes, Kallen did kiss Lelouch a few times and even made more aggressive advances towards him. But Lelouch never initiated any one of these advances.

As mentioned before, it was a one-sided love that made no sense whatsoever. And Lelouch even had other closer relationships that he was more interested in. Lelouch never loved Kallen, and he knew that Kallen only fell for him because of her devotion to his motives. 

This was further proved when Kallen turned back on Lelouch because she felt betrayed later on in the series. And then even tried to Kill Lelouch multiple times. Kallen X Lelouch is a weird ship that does not make much sense, but it is alive and extremely popular in anime forms all around the internet

Lucy X Natsu – Get Over It

Lucy X Natsu pairing

And at the last we have one of the most popular Power couple ships of all time. Natsu was essentially Lucy’s first friend at the Fairy Tail Guild and her trusted partner in most of her assignments. Lucy has utmost faith in Natsu, and Natsu seems to have the same feeling for lucy.

They both have a special relationship with one another, that is more than friends, but not quite there in the relationship mark. Out of all the ships on this list, this one makes the most sense, and could become cannon if the author ever decides to continue Fairy Tail later on. But for now, the author left the fans hanging, as Natsu and Lucy both went on the 100 year quest. And despite the manga ending, no conclusive ending was given for both of our heroes.

So, despite being the most realistic ongoing ship, Lucy X Natsu was never realized officially. And the only things fans have going for them is fanart, and fan made stories that show Lucy and Natsu living a happy life at the end of their journey.

Ending These Anime Ships Once and For All

So that’s it for our list of unlikely anime couples that sadly get shipped way too often. Did we miss some unlikely pairings? Let us know in the comment section below. Until next time anime fans!