How to Make Money from Anime

If you are reading this article, then chances are that you love to watch anime and read manga. There are tons of entertaining and unique anime series out there, so every single person can find and enjoy exactly what they want. Most people around the world would definitely call watching anime a waste of time.

However, that is definitely not correct! Anime provides you with an immense amount of entertainment which is very crucial if you want to lead a healthy life. And you can even make money through anime and manga!
Earning money through anime and manga is the ultimate dream of every single otaku. Today, I am going to tell you guys about all of the ways you can earn money through anime and enjoy what you love all day without any kind of problems.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Long Term Anime Work

Is a job in anime something you’ve been dreaming of? Or maybe you are just wondering if making money from anime is even possible.

At first we will talk about the online anime work opportunities that will pay off in the long run and will not yield immediate returns. When you attempt these methods of making money from anime, you should approach them as a business from the get-go. That is, you should seek to combine things you like with the things that can generate some revenue so you have some resources to justify all the work you put in.

You can of course start passion projects only with no real hope of having the project succeed as a business. If that is the case though, you might as well share your your hobbies with your friends only, or interact with the many anime communities online and not worry about making money from anime.

Starting an Anime Blog

Anime blogging is the type of work that will require a lot of patience. However, if you pull through, you can end up making good amounts of money through this method. In a nutshell, you just have to write about anime! You can write reviews of different shows, top-10 lists or anything at all as long as other anime fans find it interesting. There are many anime websites that let you post your content and get revenue from it, but if you want to start a blog of your own you should buy a domain and create your own website.

There are many ways to monetise a blog such as ads and affiliate marketing. The key thing is to have enough traffic on your site so if you are really interested you should focus on that first. There are many things you will have to learn to achieve success and you have to be ready to work hard before you reap any significant fruits from your labour. That being said, one can certainly make money with anime blogging.

Live Streaming

make money as anime streamer

There are many live streamers out there with thousands of fans all across the globe that earn money by talking about what they love. Different types of anime streamers do different types of things in their streams. So, you can do whatever you like. Maybe react to some anime episodes or play different anime games.

The best thing about streaming is that you get to directly interact with your audience. You can easily find out what your fans want to see on your streams, and they even give you donations which can help you out a lot. Apart from these donations, of course, you also earn money through ads and affiliate marketing.

Become an Anime YouTuber

how to make money from anime as a youtuber

Just like Blogging and live streaming, you earn money on YouTube through ads, affiliate marketing or promotions. What’s great is that the monetisation side is partially handled for you through the Youtube Partner Program. The basic rule is still the same, the more views you can get, the bigger your earnings will be, so as an anime YouTuber you should be focusing on growing your subscriber count and fanbase by uploading entertaining content.

YouTube is still one of the fastest growing platforms online and the video format is truly one of the most engaging options out there. So if you feel comfortable in front of the screen and with your speaking voice, you can surely give it a go. You can even use a virtual identity if you like, and become a Vtuber.

Overall, YouTube gives you a lot more freedom as compared to Live Streaming! You can edit your videos in a lot of ways and completely represent your style. You can also create top-10 lists and reviews if you can’t really think of anything creative at the moment. Similarly to blogging, becoming an anime YouTuber is a long journey that will not pay off immediately, but can be worth it if you are willing to put in the work.

How to Make Money From Anime: Freelance Anime Work

Freelancing is the perfect way of making money through anime if you want to start earning as fast as possible. Unlike most of the other methods on this list, you don’t need to build a huge name for yourself and gather a lot of fans in order to get started. As a freelancer, you just need a skill! This skill could be anything at all as long as it can help someone on the internet. Let’s talk about a few of the skills that can help you as a freelancer:

Write Anime Articles

anime blogger work
Don’t mind us just on a little break from writing and editing!

Writing anime articles is probably the easiest thing to get started with if you want to make money from anime. This is because you don’t always need any kind of professional training aside from what you already learned at school.

If you just plan on writing for different anime bloggers, then you just need to have a good grasp of English grammar and an interest in anime. Even if your vocabulary isn’t too great, you can still start working as an anime freelancer and slowly improve along the way.

Try Freelance Anime Voice Acting

jobs in anime voice acting

If you think you can mimic the voices of different anime characters, then you should definitely give this one a shot. You will need a lot of practice in order to become a good voice actor. However, the best thing about this type of work is that once you are good at voice acting, you won’t really have to work too hard, and you can sell your voice for a lot of money.

Even if you can’t mimic different anime characters, you can still just try to acquire a clear voice and start working as the voice actor of some creator on YouTube. You can also try looking for gigs on Fiverr and Upwork to get some relevant experience.

Become a Freelance Anime Artist

anime work

This one is the hardest to learn, and it is also a pretty difficult anime job. However, if you think you can accurately draw anime-themed drawings, then you can try becoming a freelance-artist. Different people can ask you to draw all kinds of easy or hard drawings, and if you are good you can be paid handsomely as an artist.

I would recommend that you should try finding customers on your own if you are planning on becoming a freelancer. However, if you need help getting started, then you can try using different platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.
Now, let’s talk about some professional positions (anime jobs) in the world of anime and manga.

How To Make Money From Anime: Professional Jobs in Anime

There are many jobs in anime within the overall industry, perhaps you have what it takes to be successful in them. Let’s see what these anime work roles are.

Make Money as a Manga Artist

make money manga artist
Legendary manga artists. Can you recognise them from the image?

Of course the most obvious job in anime that comes to mind is a manga artist. Sadly you can only become a manga artist if you live in Japan, so you will have to be born in that beautiful country or move there somehow. Also, be warned that as a manga artist, you will have to keep on constantly improving your story-telling technique as well as drawing skills. Draw as much as possible. Keep drawing and then draw some more. It will be hard.

Once you are confident in your craft, you can try contacting different publishing companies and try to win them over. The life of a manga artist overall though, is notoriously hard and most professional manga artists work un-godly hours to keep up with deadlines and see their vision come to fruition. You have to have to have loads of talent and courage to attempt this career.

Work as an Animator in the Anime Industry

anime animatorjobs
You will be overworking like crazy

This is another job in anime that will require a lot of skills. If you want to become an animator, then you need top-notch drawing skills. Also, you will have to overwork a lot in order to keep your job. Plus side is you can help interesting anime series come to life and work on something you are passionate about.

I cannot give any solid advice with regards to this field, as I have no experience or talent with this, but it certainly should be mentioned as a possible option in this article.

Become an Anime Voice Actor

become an anime voice actor
Pareto principle in action

One more anime job recommendation. You could try becoming a voice actor in the anime industry. The best thing about this job is that you don’t really have to be in Japan in order to become a professional voice actor for anime. You can simply be a voice actor for dubbed anime!

This career path has similarities to becoming a singer, you need to have a good voice and you should enjoy performing and acting in general. If you think you have what it takes, why not give it a shot! Be wary though, as the Pareto Principle is strong in this field, superstar voice actors tend to grab all the good parts and leave little for newcomers. So it might be pretty hard to get your foot in the door here.

Can You Make Money With Anime

Yeah, its totally possible, as we have outlined by pointing out various ways in this article. Do take note, however, that a career anime might not be the easiest or safest route to take and remains a passion pursuit for most people in the community. Anyways, hope this article was helpful in pointing out some of the ways its possible to make money with anime.