Finding Incarcerated Individuals: When And How To Use Inmate Search Databases

The jail term is an unfortunate incident for anyone, whether it is an ongoing one or has ended. Also, it is not always possible to go and meet your known in jail as and when you feel like doing it. However, you should cater to the need of gathering information related to the case and your closed one in jail for the trial, or any other legitimate purpose, if needed.

But, it may or may not be possible for you to gather information due to security and other reasons. So, you can contact the authorized officers when you cannot furnish any information manually or through phone calls. If this option is also exhausted, use the inmate search database like

Right Time To Use The Search Database


The inmate search database is like an elaborate portal where you may find information about the people in jail even if you have limited information about them. So, you can use the database from the beginning or as the last resort when other options are not working out or are available.

All you have to do is visit the portal and enter the information. However, it is an obvious thing that people can share names. Hence, if the results are not what you are looking for when finding the person with their first name, you can see if the database allows searching with the last name.

However, if you are using the state database to search for an inmate and cannot find them with the last name, too, you should look for other ways. There is a higher possibility that the inmate is not in a Federal facility or jail that is not a part of the state database. Hence, you should gather proper knowledge about the jail and the state database, which it can be a part of.

If you know the DOC number of the inmate, the extra options are eliminated, and the chances of getting the required results are higher.

Tips For A Successful Database Search Result


You should be careful about the search because, based on it, you can locate prisoners and get records related to the same. Here are some tips that will help you get the desired search results.

● Try And Get the Correct Information

You should know the place and day on which the crime was committed, which works as the base of your incarcerated individual research. You can find the information based on their number if you know it, and if not, you can try searching from their first or second name. For instance, you can use the federal prison facility locator that will help you search with the help of the facility name, region, type, state, and security level.

If you cannot enter the location manually, you can use the map to view the area facility. Also, the federal inmate locator will help you find the incarcerated people from 1982 onwards in the database.

However, suppose you are unable to furnish the needed information. In that case, you can use the national sex offender public website that allows the user to submit a single national query to obtain information about a sex offender listed by name. Also, you can know about the offenders living in the geographical area.

● Using The Database Correctly


The database requires you to enter the correct information that is in custody. Usually, the database allows you to get information on the current people in custody. So, if you want to get information about someone who has been in prison, you can see the state databases that allow it. However, you should be aware that many websites might charge you before providing access to the information. The information is free; hence, you should refrain from falling for such traps.

● Look For The Alternatives

If you cannot get information, you have to look for alternative sources like the federal facility or other location-based databases. However, they will be free, and you may use them without major issues.

You can find websites that can help you do the searches based on the partial name, but it will help your search if you know the full and last name of the person. Also, you can use the date of birth to find accurate information. The listed information shall be provided, and sometimes, pictures of the possible search results of the searched-for inmates, too.

Sometimes, if nothing is working out, you can use a website called VINElink. It covers information from almost all states and allows instant notification of a change in the offender’s status. You can choose if you wish to get notifications related to the inmate’s movement or release date. You can get notifications in the form of a text message, a telephone call, or email.

Possible Reasons For Delay In Search Results


There may be many possible reasons that can cause a delay in the search results of incarcerated individuals. The most common reason is that the prisoners share a common name, so it takes longer than usual. Also, the updates regarding the releases may or may not be done timely. So, if you are looking for information from a database that stores current inmate information only, there shall be a delay. Also, a lack of information related to the jurisdiction of the crime or the person may further cause a delay.

Also, the process of gaining information may be hard to get if the inmate is in county jail until there is a trial and is either released or transferred to a permanent location. Hence, you can wait for the updates.

If nothing works for you, the best resort is to google the keywords so that the results lead you to authentic websites that don’t charge you a single penny for furnishing the right information. Other resources maybe used if the person whose information you seek is in prison for more than a month.


You will get information if you take the right steps and properly use the database facility. It is generic information; for specific information, you should sign up for the forms and communicate it to the officials. All these things will help you gain the maximum from the database and its features for you and your loved one serving the term.