Living Room Color Palettes: Finding the Perfect Combination for Your Space

In addition to purchasing basic furniture, you should take care of decorations, which include the color of the walls. They can bring in more light or style, the desired atmosphere, highlight a certain part of the room, and be a strong stylistic accent. The color on the walls is certainly an indispensable link in the decoration of the home – with it we bring the atmosphere, create an impression of spaciousness, define the style, but also adapt it to the purpose of the room and its specifics. When choosing the color of the walls that will prevail in your apartment, you can be guided by your own desire or basic rules that will help you choose the right color for sure. If you’re looking for inspiration on the popular social network, you’ve surely already come across many interior photos that have delighted you. See what color the walls are on them. Maybe the color that appears most often and the one you were considering are drastically different, and maybe it will just confirm the idea you had.


The living room is a place where the family hangs out and relaxes. That is why it should be dominated by the neutral color of the walls, which will create a peaceful atmosphere for everyone. Shades of gray, from soft to dark, are the best. Other ideal colors for the living room are dark blue and green. Details in dark red, pink, or yellow will create a nice contrast. However, the room in which we spend the most and prefer to stay deserves a lot of attention when it comes to decoration. It is very important to think about furniture when choosing the look of the walls. On LoomLan you can find many ideas on how to combine corduroy couch with the walls and other furniture, is there any better idea for the wall than painting, and so on. Choosing the right color is not easy. And in doing so, we must not be guided only by our desires. A well-decorated living room largely depends on the choice of colors on the walls, so you should take into account the style of decorating the rest of the room, its area, the height of the ceiling, and the amount of natural light.

In addition to colors, think about wallpaper, but if you want a simpler version, there are mirrors, pictures, photos, plates, posters, shelves… You can cover an entire wall or just a section of it – either way, it’ll be a completely different room when you’re done. To really make a difference, choose bright colors or highly decorative patterned wallpaper. The effect will be even stronger if it is a smaller room. Wallpaper is available in various qualities and varieties from natural to geometric. You can use them to eventually make attractive walls and rooms. They are not demanding and are easy to install on the wall, and with them, we can make a beautiful presentation.

Recently, we can see more and more other solutions for walls, which are various coverings or panels. Decorative wall panels can be an ideal option for all people who aspire to make their walls artistic. Decorative panels can come in a variety of designs and colors, which means there are plenty of options on the market, so if you’re looking for something that will get the most out of your walls, they can do just the trick. Decorative stone is one of the most common choices, and it offers many advantages. In addition to acting as a natural insulator, preventing the room from cooling down quickly during the winter period and heating up during the summer, it is very easy to install and maintain and will give the room a completely new look. If you decide to use stone, there will be no need to additionally decorate that wall with shelves or pictures.

In addition to decorative stone, wooden panels appear as another modern and practical solution. Simply choose a panel in the color that suits you and attach it to the wall. The wall will look empty if you don’t decorate it a little. A good idea is to hang the TV on the panel and supplement it with a few shelves or artificial flowers that will hang and decorate the room.

Using boards and battens is a traditional way to get rid of plain walls. This involves the use of wide boards and narrow slats between the boards to create a robust structure. If you don’t finish them completely, they will give a rustic look, and if they have a nice finish, they will give a modern look to the walls.


If you want to refresh your walls, 3D tiles are another good solution, both for interior and exterior walls. They are the perfect way to create a modern and minimalist wall in your home that is an art in itself – whether in your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

When it comes to interior design, people can definitely agree on one thing, and that is that large blank walls have always been unacceptable. When wall surfaces have almost nothing on them, they make the space look unfinished and boring. This is something that most people tend to skip when it comes to decorating their homes. At the same time, wall art is not for everyone.

The atmosphere is extremely important in every space, and we achieve this primarily through the way of decoration – from the style itself, through the selection of colors, patterns, and shapes, right down to the details. What most people want to achieve in their space by arranging and decorating it is a greater dose of style and an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Decorating to make the interior look better requires high creativity and imagination. Decorating the walls with something decorative and functional makes them unique and definitely makes you feel more comfortable in your home. Top interior designers like Swiss Interior have years of experience when it comes to living room interior design and wall decorating. Check them out now!