A Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with Cash 2024

Crypto exchanges are active in Istanbul and other Turkish cities. This makes determining how to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash a challenging decision for cryptocurrency users. However, this article has been prepared for you to assist you in solving these challenges. We will also discuss the kinds of cryptocurrency exchanges that are active in Turkey. This is done to give you choices so that you may decide for yourself whenever the question of how to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash arises.

Physical Bitcoin Exchange Facilities

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A physical Bitcoin exchange office is an on-site exchange that makes it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies right in their office. NakitCoins is a popular choice and good illustration in Turkey. You can determine how to buy it in Istanbul with cash at a physical exchange office. These exchanges offer unique qualities, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s look at them now.

Pros of Using a Physical Bitcoin Exchange to Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with Cash

The benefits of using a physical Bitcoin exchange office are examined below.

  1. Speediest transaction: With a physical exchange facility, purchasing with cash happens relatively quickly. They offer the fastest transaction rate when compared to other forms of exchange in terms of transaction speed. The fact that they only accept fiat currency helps to explain this. Another factor that contributes to a quick transaction procedure is the absence of the necessity to look for sellers.
  2. Security: One of the factors that makes you wonder how to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash is security. You do not want to be taken advantage of; thus, security is vital. The safest method is offered here because they have a physical exchange facility.
  3. Personal customer service: Compared to alternative exchange methods including Bitcoin ATMs, in-person customer service is the biggest benefit of buying and selling Bitcoin in person at a physical exchange office. You can interact with the expert concierge and ask any questions when you buy from a physical exchange office.

Cons of Using a Physical Bitcoin Exchange to Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with Cash

The following are the only disadvantages of buying Bitcoin in person via a physical Bitcoin exchange.

  1. Mono payment option: Fiat currency is the only payment option accepted at physical Bitcoin exchange offices. Because of this, buyers of Bitcoin cannot use other types of payment methods aside from fiat currency.
  2. Trading is prohibited on their website: The website of a physical Bitcoin exchange office does not allow for the sale or purchase it by using cash or any other method. This makes trading remotely impossible.

Centralized Exchanges

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A centralized exchange is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that provides a safe setting for trading digital assets. They accomplish this by serving as a middleman between the buyer and the seller, managing and confirming every transaction through centralized servers. Through commissions and transaction fees, they make a profit. You should be aware that there are conditions you must fulfill in order to understand how to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash through a centralized exchange. These are a cryptocurrency wallet, an account with them, and a form of identification.

Pros of Using a Centralized Exchange

Here are some benefits to weigh when considering a centralized exchange.

  1. Convenience for users: The usage of a centralized exchange platform is quite simple. This provides novices to cryptocurrency an advantage. The centralized exchange platform is simplified to provide easy navigation, as opposed to a convoluted platform that makes it harder for people to use.
  2. Highly secure: Centralized exchanges are extremely dependable to use because they employ an additional layer of security. Security is guaranteed for all transactions, small and large. They are therefore reliable in terms of both service and security.
  3. Margin trading opportunities: Some centralized exchanges give their users the chance to trade on margin. With this choice, you can use borrowed funds from the exchange to leverage your investments.

Cons of Utilizing a Centralized Exchange

The drawbacks of employing a centralized exchange to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash are listed below.

  1. Higher transaction costs: The fact that centralized exchanges charge greater transaction costs than other types of exchanges is one of the disadvantages of using them. Most Bitcoin traders who want to trade in bigger quantities find this discouraging. This is due to the fact that the transaction fee rises when more Bitcoin is purchased.
  2. Does not allow for self-storage of digital assets: This is another downside of using a centralized exchange. They forbid you from keeping your digital assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a private cryptocurrency wallet. Instead, they act as a custodian by keeping your cryptocurrency in their own wallet.

Decentralized Exchanges

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A decentralized exchange is another sort of digital currency exchange that allows customers to buy crypto through direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions on their platform without the involvement of a middleman. For people who are interested in learning how to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash, there is another alternative to consider. When a buyer submits a purchase in a P2P system, it is instantly coupled with a seller’s waiting order and executed. Since P2P networks use permissionless smart contract technology, they merely serve as a conduit connecting buyers and sellers.

Pros of Using a Decentralized Exchange

When you decide to use a decentralized exchange to find the answer to your query of how to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash, you get to profit from several advantages.

  1. Storage autonomy: Due to the way a decentralized exchange functions, it allows customers to keep their assets in their unique wallet addresses. They have an advantage over centralized exchanges in this regard.
  2. Lowest possible transaction costs: Decentralized exchanges only levy small transaction costs. One of the advantages of employing them is this.
  3. Privacy: A decentralized exchange provides customers with anonymity and privacy. This is supported by the fact that you can buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash without having to fill out any KYC forms.

Cons of Using a Decentralized Exchange

The drawbacks of purchasing Bitcoin in Istanbul through a decentralized exchange include these considerations.

  1. Difficult to use: A decentralized exchange’s trading platform can be difficult to use. This makes using them challenging for those new to cryptocurrency.
  2. Fiat currency is not used: A decentralized exchange typically accepts all other kinds of cash payment except for fiat currency. As a result, purchasing Bitcoin with fiat currency is impossible.


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In order to answer your question about how to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash, this article has discussed three different exchange options. The greatest tip to make the best decision for you is to pay attention to a few things. These factors include the price, liquidity, security, and accessibility of Bitcoin on the exchange. How to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul with cash will be more than adequately answered if you pay great attention to the factors given above.