Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know About Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has become the industry’s most tactical and popular FPS game. It’s a competitive game where players can select any operator from the Rainbow team, choose a role (attacker or defender), and use their abilities/weapons to their advantage.

Players on the quest to become the best R6 players have led the constant discovery of new tips and tricks for conquering the game. Apart from attacking and defending your team, there are more tips you didn’t know about the game.

Moreover, these Rainbow Six Siege hacks are handy tools to get the best out of your gameplay.

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Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks

1. Practicing in solo plays is rewarding


Practicing solo at the early stage of R6 Siege gives you enough time to master, explore, and experiment with weapon load-outs in the game. Apart from beginners, veteran and pro players engage in solo plays to boost their gameplay and performance. The Terrorist Hunt is an ideal level to practice at the start.

Playing the mission helps you learn the map layouts, camera positions, and tricks like speed play. It helps to build up your ability to line up headshots and snap-aim your targets. In Terrorist Hunt, you can test different sensitivity settings to find the best adjustment for the game.

2. Use your ear, eyes, and drone

Playing Siege with quality headphones can help you take great advantage of sounds. Since everything in the game is loud, use your ears to differentiate between dangers and opportunities. Don’t make loud noises, as opponents can use them against you.

Go slow, launch your drone, and survey the areas before taking any step. You can walk or crouch while examining adjacent regions. More importantly, please don’t misuse the drone; it is vital to ensuring your safety.

Instead, position the drone strategically to get a perfect view of any area or room. It will help you prepare for what’s before you.

3. Do the pre-fire trick


It’s a standard trick for firing from your cover. First, aim down sight, pop out, strafe out of your hideout, blast the target, and return to cover. Doing this as quickly as you can reduces the chances of exposing yourself.

Also, pre-firing, meaning firing before and while taking cover, forces the opponents to hide for their lives. At that point, you can quickly approach and knock them off or find another angle to save yourself. It sounds easy, but this trick can be your best bet in a gunfight.

4. Focus on the mission

Rainbow Six Siege is a mission-based game. Players entering as attackers must defeat the defenders to win. On the other hand, the defenders must strive to prevent the attackers from such actions. As such, focusing on the mission is advisable rather than going for kills. You could lose a match if objectives are incomplete.

Hostage, Bomb, and Secure Area are some objectives assigned to players in R6 Siege. They can determine your success or loss in the game. So, you must protect the hostage, defuse the bomb, and secure the given area in the game. Also, play the mission according to your character’s role.

5. Activate the abilities of your character


Every hero in Rainbow Six Siege has some abilities to support the weapons they carry into combat. These abilities can significantly damage an opponent’s health and increase your chances of winning. For instance, Frost has a bear trap ability that pins down an enemy for you to finish off.

Placing the bear traps in undetectable areas like stair tops, behind windows’ ground floor, or doors can be your best bet. However, Frost does not have any protection. So, a teammate will help to place the traps. Depending on the hero you’re playing, discover his abilities and take advantage of them.

6. Smash things with breaching charges

Breaching charges work on walls, smashable windows, and doors without barricades. Using the breaching charges is a trick that works like a distraction to redirect opponents in the wrong direction.

Place them on a wall (where you want opponents to tail on) and move to another direction before they blast. You can sneak up on your target as the opponents go after the explosion. This trick comes in handy for escaping sticky situations.


Despite being a tactical and competitive game, these tips and tricks can pave the way to success in no time. For instance, practicing in solo plays, using your ear, eyes, and a drone can boost your safety and guide your movement. More tips and tricks are unlocked as more players join the Rainbow Six Siege gaming community.

Also, pre-firing keeps you alive as you move and uses breaching charges whenever necessary. Most importantly, focusing on the mission as you play will enable you to win, as leaving them incomplete means failure.

Lastly, remember to use the abilities of your operator. They can be your best bet in sticky situations.