Top 8 Essay Generators for Students in 2024-25

Have you ever considered how helpful it can be when you have a smart assistant with you who can craft impactful essays for you per your needs? An AI essay generator can change the game for students who want to enhance the quality of their academic papers with a mix of creativity and efficiency.

No matter how good the AI generators are, they must not be blindly relied upon as they mostly fail to comprehend the contextual background of the academic questions. As per Forbes, over 75% of users are concerned about misinformation related to AI. That is why you must choose a professional essay writing service to craft a tailored essay per your requirements.

Coming back to the topic, in this article, we shall explore in detail the top 8 best AI and human essay generators that can help you refine your work to perfection. Let’s dive deep into the details, with the definition of such tools first.

What Is an AI Essay Generator?

So, the basic definition goes like this: an AI essay generator is a sophisticated tool that is designed to help users create essays and other academic papers using machine learning algorithms. Needless to say, such generators and platforms can comprehend language patterns well and can be used for conducting research and generating coherent and well-structured academic essays. Furthermore, you can get coherently written papers from such tools really quickly.

An Ultimate List of Top 8 Essay Generators in 2024-25

So, here are the best essay generators that you can use for crafting tailored academic papers per your needs:

1. is one of the most brilliant AI essay writing platforms which can generate outlines, ideas and even complete essays per your needs. The tool is particularly good for crafting engaging conclusions and introductions and can write tailored academic essays for you within a few minutes. Also, when you get help from this tool, there is no chance that you will miss your deadline.


It goes without saying that this tool stands out for its ability to craft creative essay content frequently for the writers. If you are going through writer’s block, you can enhance the quality and creativity of your work using

Pricing Details: comes with a free trial. However, the premium package starts at $36 per month.

2. Writesonic

As a good essay generator, you should be aware that Writesonic is designed to help students with different styles of content creation for academic purposes. Not only that, it can be used to craft marketing copies and essays with custom citations. The interesting thing about Writesonic is that you can use multiple templates on this platform for this type of writing and can generate entire content sections effectively.


As discussed above, Writesonic needs no introduction when it comes to the quality of the content that it generates. This quality makes it ideal for both professional writers and students who are looking for an essay generator with efficiency and inspiration.

Pricing Details: 

It has a free version. The subscription plan starts at the price of $13 per month.

3. The Academic Papers UK

This essay writing company is best known for its research and writing achievements and comes with a user-friendly interface. You can get a price quote for your work on the home page and place your order in easy steps. The best thing about this essay generator company is that you can get a human essay writer to craft a personalised paper in the timeframe you choose. They can work in any citation style you choose.


You can get multiple freebies with expertly written custom essays, and there is a guarantee of the timely delivery of papers. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee and also keep your information safe.

Pricing Details: 

The price per page for an essay starts from £9.45 on this platform.


This is another highly versatile essay generator that is capable of crafting meaningful and effective content across a wide range of different writing formats. excels in creating quality content based on minimal input and comes with a variety of creative academic writing styles. The best thing about this tool is that you can use it for almost free, optimise your content, and adjust the tone of your essays.


Interestingly, this tool can adapt to different writing styles and its ability to create high-quality content makes it a favourite among students and professionals alike. You can use it to craft tailored academic essays per your instructions.

Pricing Details: 

The free version of comes with a 7-day trial. The paid subscription to the tool starts at $39 per month.

5. The Good AI

The Good AI is an essay generator that focuses on professional and academic writing and offers tailored solutions for essay writing issues. Not only that, this tool also provides features for summarisation, research and citation generation for your work. All the research-supporting features of this tool make it the best for getting help with online essays. You can ask for assistance from it any time of the day.


It basically focuses on ensuring the academic integrity of the papers it crafts for students. Furthermore, the research support features of this resource make it an invaluable tool for researchers and students who need help with their papers and essays.

Pricing Details: 

It has a free version. Prices of the paid version start from $14.99 per month.

6. Cheap Essay Writing UK

Having been serving students for over 23 years, Cheap Essay Writing UK is an affordable essay generator for students. Given their experience in the industry and the 99% customer satisfaction rate, it almost goes without saying that you can rely on them for excellent support with your studies. You will just need to inform your writer about the requirements of your topic, and they will deal with the rest for you.


The benefits of getting online essay assistance from this company are that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and provides papers to you at affordable prices. Not only that, they do free referencing of your papers and provide you with free originality reports of the work.

Pricing Details: 

The price per page for an essay starts here from £9.45.

7. Rytr

Rytr is an AI-powered essay generator that has made creating content for students way easier than it used to be. Needless to say, that the tool offers a user-friendly interface and a lot of customisation options for style, tone, and type of content. Apart from that, it has a knack for generating small sections of content for you and can write detailed blog posts per your topic as well. The cherry on top is the flexibility of this platform which makes it stand out from the rest of the resources.


It now goes without saying that you can rely on Rytr as an attractive option for all academic writers who are looking for flexible essay generators. We need not say that it can cater to a broad range of writing tasks and responsibilities.

Pricing Details: 

Surprisingly, the free version comes with all the basic features. However, the price for premium version starts at $9$ per month.


The best thing about this tool, which you will love, is that it has specifically been designed for academic essay writing, and it provides a streamlined solution to meet the needs of students. We need not clarify that is known for focusing on the generation of structured essays, including thesis statements, key arguments, conclusions and other research-based content. The best thing is that you can also use this tool for generating topics for your papers.


The specialisation of this tool to write tailored academic essays makes it a valuable resource for students who are looking to improve their writing process and craft well-structured essays. It crafts papers per your custom guidelines.

Pricing Details: 

This essay generator is free to use and has limited features.


In summary, it is important to check the prices and features of an AI essay generator before you make the decision to pick anyone. You should always pay attention to the refund policies and reviews, and taking all things into account, if you need to get essay writing help online, you should choose the writing staff of a reputable company. Their human writers have a penchant for writing excellent academic papers per the needs and requirements of students. To ensure that your work is plagiarism-free, you should ask for a plagiarism detection report from the service providers. Although the final choice will be yours, it is still way too better if you choose a human essay writer over an AI essay writer.