Diablo 4 – A Thousand Times “Yes”!

The first game set in the Sanctuary World realm was released 27 years ago. Diablo has endured both highs and lows during this time. In light of this, there were conflicting emotions around the anticipation of Diablo 4. Fortunately, it was in vain because the game deserves appreciation and these are not just empty words. The fourth chapter of the conflict between demons, angels, and occasionally humans already contains what is to come.


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The new Diablo continues to introduce us to the history of the enmity of the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. In this part, we have to confront the very progenitor of Sanctuary, the daughter of Hatred, the demoness Lilith.

Unlike the bosses in the previous parts, Lilith is especially smart and therefore intimidating. The demoness promises people liberation from the limitations of faith and subdues the weak in spirit. For her sake, people are ready to go against their friends and relatives and become murderers and thieves. Her presence is noticeable even where there are no followers of Lilith – there are statues everywhere, and devilish eyes flash on the screen now and then.

The world of Diablo 4 will seem to players the darkest in the series. After the events of the third part, 50 years have passed, and Sanctuary has plunged into hopelessness, which is constantly emphasized in the plot and side quests.

Not for the introverts

One of the news that greatly shocked fans of the game was the sudden change of genre for Diablo 4. From a regular action/RPG, Diablo has turned into an MMOARPG, which means that there is no single passage for you.

In general, the information about this is not new – the creators announced the constant need for an Internet connection for the new Diablo back at BlizzCon 2019. Other clues also confirmed the change in the genre of the game. But is it bad?

On your adventure across the Sanctuary universe, you will now encounter other players. But is it a drawback? Blizzard compensated for the necessity to play with others by providing a significant number of enjoyable and practical add-ons.

For instance, because the game allows for the exchange of commodities between players, it will be simpler to find the items you want. Of course, if something extremely necessary can not be found you can visit SkyCoach.gg and purchase the required item. Additionally, there was a clan system with shared chests and regional, global, and PvE events. Additionally, you can always find someone to talk to in the tavern.

But all of this has one significant drawback. Although disconnecting from the system will take you out of the game’s content, it will not protect you from the players on the screen. Bringing Diablo on vacation will not work either; the smallest network failure will result in your death.

Updated systems

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With the change of genre came the change in the combat system of the game. If in the first three parts of the enemies had to be called “to victory”, then Diablo 4 slightly changed the rules.

It will no longer be possible to “shut up” enemies, you need to think tactically: save money, monitor a series of attacks – in general, a new Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Evasions have migrated from the third part of the game, now they are available to all classes. Be aware: you will have to use them constantly.

The class system of the characters has also changed. Now there are five of them: druid, barbarian, wizard, necromancer, and robber. Within each class, several sub-branches can be used both individually and in combination. And if you suddenly get tired of the assembly, you can reset it and pump it with the help of game currency. To decide, you can try all classes: the account supports up to ten saved heroes.

Aggressive marketing

It is worth paying tribute, Blizzard did a great job promoting the game in the media. This was facilitated by two campaigns that are aimed at completely different audiences.

For fierce pro gamers, Diablo has prepared a huge statue of Lilith, the main antagonist, which will be decorated with the nicknames of thousands of players. The condition is very “simple”: you need to get the 100th level of the character in Diablo 4 on the “hardcore” difficulty. In this mode, players have the right to only one death – it will be the first and only one for the character.

Musical accompaniment

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Blizzard has created great music for the game for those players who still maintain social lives. We are referring to a new rendition of the song Lilith performed by Halsey. A member of the BTS group from Korea named SUGA was also invited to contribute to the composition.

And the track came out high-quality. For the release of Diablo 4, the song was supplemented with a clip that was designed in the style of the Laura game. Presumably, this was a reference to the first Diablo, because in the video Halsey walks around the cathedral, which is inhabited by something sinister. Presumably Diablo himself.


To answer the issue of whether buying Diablo 4 is worthwhile, the answer is unquestionable yes. The game turned out fantastic – it was dark and thrilling, and the open environment and character customization made it thrilling like never before.

It is also appropriate for individuals who are unfamiliar with the Diablo universe because the complexity of the opponents varies according to the character’s level in the game. Experts have also praised the high caliber of the plot element, which was lacking in earlier installments.

Of course, Diablo 4 has its drawbacks: at the exit, the game gave out friezes and errors, the problems of druids and necromancers have yet to be solved, and you can not play it without the Internet. Nevertheless, the fans’ expectation of 11 years is justified by Blizzard with a vengeance.