Customizing Your Eternity Band: How to Design Your Dream Ring

Are you a fan of customized jewelry? If yes, we recommend that you stay with us until the very end, as we have some tips prepared for you on how to simply create the unique eternal ring.

When it comes to jewelry customization, there are countless options to make the perfect personalization and create that perfect dream piece. When creating a piece like this, you are creating jewelry that is created exclusively according to your preferences, so here is the opportunity to include your creativity and imagination and make a piece of jewelry that you will not want to take off of your hands. If you were to formulate personalized jewelry in this way, some people would say that putting it all into practice is much more complicated and requires an enormous amount of time. No, my dears, creating personalized eternity bands is much easier than you think, and just made this task even easier for us.


There’s no doubt that a ring is one of the most popular and often symbolic pieces of jewelry worn by women. It can represent your marital status, fertility, and even wealth and at the same time, it can be a wonderful accessory to wear. When it comes to picking the right ring, there are a lot of factors to consider – from the size, color, and materials to the style. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what type of ring would be perfect for you.

Maybe you want something classic and timeless, something trendier and more contemporary, or even you want to hit high extremes and pick a flashy bling. Or maybe you need something in between. How do you go about finding the right eternity band? The best way to find the perfect ring is to start with your dreams and goals. What do you want your ring to symbolize? What do you want it to communicate? Once you have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, you can begin to filter through all of the different options out there.

In this article we will present you some tips that could help you design the ring of your dreams, so let’s see together what we have prepared for you.

First decide on a style


We assure you that if you master this step, which is the most difficult of all below, you already have the ideal band for your finger. Many girls, and also guys, when creating a personalized ring for girls, make the initial mistake, which is that they first choose the material or the color, and then everything else. Primarily when designing an eternity ring, one should start with the style of the ring. Will it be classic, vintage, modern, with one or more rows, will it be a three-stone band or with only one large stone, and so on. To make it easier to go through this step and choose the one that will suit your personality, we would advise you to first look at the rings you are wearing at the moment. Or look in your jewelry box of rings. Which style mostly prevails? Feel free to try them all and decide which one suits your hand best.

Choose the material

Having mastered the first step, from now on you will have no indecisive thoughts about the final product. Next in line is the material you would like your dream ring to be made from. As you know, there are several types of materials from which an eternity band can be made, white or yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or a mixture. You will choose the color of the band according to your complexion, if it is lighter on your hands, white gold, rose gold, or platinum would suit you. Otherwise, yellow gold suits darker complexions.

The shape of the stone


Choosing the right shape for a stone is an important decision. It can affect not only the look of the ring but also its durability and resale value. There are several factors to consider when selecting a ring’s stone, including material, size, and shape. Logically, it is a diamond ring, but there are several categories of this precious stone. You have to decide whether the diamond will be mined from the ground or created in a laboratory. A lab-created diamond has more or less the same characteristics as any other. But another category follows, and that is the carat size, that is, how much you are willing to invest in such a piece of precious stone. The larger the carat, the higher its value. If you want to treat yourself, then choose a higher-carat ring. Finally, we come to the last category and that is the shape of the stone itself, since there is a wider range of shapes it might be more difficult for you to make the right choice. But don’t forget one thing, no matter what the final choice is, we do not doubt that it would look great on your finger. From shapes, you can choose a simple round, or go for something more sophisticated like a heart shape. As possible choices are emerald, pear, oval, and many more.

Determine the size of the band

After you have defined all the previous categories, it is your turn to choose the size in which your dream ring will be made. If you don’t know the size of the ring that would ideally fit on your finger, there are two ways to get the desired measurements. The first way is to take any ring from your collection and measure the diameter of the ring and voila you have the size you need to place your order. You just have to make sure that the ring, which will be an example for you to measure, fits perfectly on your finger.

The second method will take a little more time but is just as effective as the first, and all you need is a piece of thread and a ruler. You will wrap the piece of thread around the finger, but you should make sure that it is not too loose or too tight, but that it is as if it is stuck to the finger. Next, you will take the piece of thread that was wrapped around your finger and measure it on the ruler. The length will determine the size of the ring you need to customize.

Finally, all you have to do is press the order button on the website and wait for your final product. Doesn’t seem difficult, does it? I hope these tips help you as they helped me to get my eternal dream band and enjoy its magnificence and beauty.