Investing in a Chris-Craft Boats: Is it Still Worth it?

If you are a fan of any kind of sailing, then you probably already recognize the quality of vessels. Some brands and companies offer model boats of tremendous and recognizable quality. And maybe you want something vintage for your collection. It seems like Chris-Craft is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the industry.

But the question is, is it worth investing in this type of boat, or should you go with something more modern in the first place?

The answer depends on several factors, including your personal preferences, intended use, and budget. Chris-Craft is a popular and respected brand in the boating industry, producing high-quality boats with classic designs. Before taking any step further it’s better to click here and check on the Chris-Craft Boat Listings, so you can make an “unbiased” decision yourself. Still, you need to know that for some users, these boats may look pretty vintage, so if you don’t like that style, Chris-Craft may not be your best choice.

On the other hand, if you appreciate the vintage look and you are ready to spend money on a premium model, then it may be worth it to invest in one.

The History of Chris-Craft

History of Chris-Craft

The Chris Craft Boats was founded in 1883 in Michigan. It was probably the first boat company that made boats out of wood, and that’s why people loved the idea so much.

The guy named Christopher Columbus Smith built his first wooden boat in 1874, creating the foundations of the company he’ll launch later. Over the next several decades, Chris-Craft would go on to build thousands of boats, from runabouts and cruisers to motor yachts and fishing boats. That’s how the brand became a definition for a wooden boat manufacturer, and many took their example as a role model in launching their businesses.

What does it mean to own a Chris-Craft boat?

The brand is so popular even today, that it’s somehow a prestigious thing to own one of the Chris-Craft boats. That means you get quality and looks for sure.

Chris-Craft boats

Still, you need to know that the models are quite expensive these days, especially the older and well-maintained boats. Most of them are considered collectibles and are often available in private sales. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t available on the market. There are plenty of them and you still can buy one, if you really want one.

Get ready though, because the prices may surprise you. Chris-Craft boats indeed have become increasingly rare and expensive in recent years. The prices for these boats can vary widely, depending on the age, condition, and rarity of the vessel. And when we talk about high prices, we mean six figures for sure. Still, some models cost only a few thousand, so you need to figure out the best option for you.

What about the maintenance?


When you invest that much money, you probably are ready to invest in maintenance too. If you’re purchasing an older model, you should plan the maintenance costs in advance. That’s one of the perks of owning a Chris-Craft boat, especially a vintage one. Classic boats often require more maintenance and repairs than newer models, and replacement parts can be more difficult to find and expensive to purchase.

Additionally, you will have to decide on how you’ll use your new old boat. If you’re primarily interested in recreational boating, a Chris-Craft may be a great choice. But, if you’re looking for a boat that’s more suited to fishing or water sports, there may be better options available. Keep in mind that vintage boats aren’t the best fit for fishing because of the construction and materials, and going far away from the coastline may come with a risk. Even though Chris-Craft is a legendary boat company, the models available are quite old.

What happens with Chris-Craft boats today?

Chris-Craft boats

The company still exists, but not with the original concept in mind. In the 50s, the family sold the company, and today’s Chris-Craft boats are more focused on functional vessels, with just a few elements of the original idea.

The classic vintage models were last produced in 1971, and the last boat was sold in 1972, before re-imagining the whole concept. And that’s one of the reasons why the original boats are now worth a fortune, while the newer ones have the usual market value.

Many things happened in the meantime, but we must note that Chris-Craft was selling boats to celebrities like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

Today a company named Winnebago Industries owns the brand, and as we said, we can recognize just small elements of the original designs.

The verdict?

Before investing much money, it’s important to evaluate your budget and determine whether buying a Chris-Craft boat makes financial sense for you. It seems like an attractive idea, especially knowing that you can sell the boat later to someone who appreciates it more. But, while these boats can be a great investment for some, they are often expensive to purchase and maintain. What you need to do is to ensure that you’re able to afford the ongoing costs associated with ownership.

For lovers of boats and other vessels, who have a great passion for sailing, it makes sense to spend money on expensive models. In fact, every collector would love to own such a unique piece in their collection. Well, if you recognize yourself in this description, then it might be worth considering and investing in an expensive but vintage model if only to have something to show off in front of your friends.

Again, don’t forget the costs. Just remember how many times we’ve mentioned them in this article and it will be clear to you that this is something that needs to be maintained regularly. The initial cost may be higher than the price of the vessel, as initial repairs are also included.

Overall, investing in a Chris-Craft boat can be a nice choice for those who appreciate the brand’s classic designs and are willing to pay for the associated costs. Still, you have to always keep your budget in mind before investing that much money in something.