Best Vegas Hotels for Kids Your Family Will Love

A voyage to the heart of Sin City needn’t be adults-only territory. Las Vegas, the glittering oasis in Nevada’s desert, is a wonderland for families, too. Contrary to popular belief, this entertainment capital of the world offers a myriad of activities and accommodations for youngsters. Let’s explore some of the best Las Vegas hotels that your kids—and you—will absolutely adore.

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The Venetian Resort: A Family Paradise in Vegas


An Italian escapade awaits at The Venetian Resort, where gondola rides replace poolside lounging. This establishment reimagines the City of Canals, allowing your youngsters to revel in a charming Venetian experience without ever leaving American soil. Sights of painted skies on ceiling frescoes, cobblestone pathways, and distinctive Italian architecture will have your little explorers captivated at every turn.

Underneath this authentic Venetian atmosphere, an array of amenities designed for kids make The Venetian a family-friendly haven. The Kids Quest Club offers engaging activities, from karaoke to arts and crafts, and even video games, ensuring your children have a memorable and joyful stay. Amid a bustling city known for its dazzling nightlife, The Venetian offers a slice of European tranquility for the whole family.

Circus Circus: Fun-Filled Adventures for Kids

Welcome to Circus Circus, a high-energy oasis that serves as a carnival dreamland for children. Imagine the joy on their faces as they stroll into this circus-themed hotel, greeted by the vibrant sights and sounds of arcade games, midway shows, and a five-acre indoor amusement park. It’s a place that thrills the childlike spirit in every traveler.

The Adventuredome, an indoor amusement park, is the jewel of Circus Circus, teeming with rides for all ages—from merry-go-rounds for the tiny tots to heart-pounding roller coasters for the older thrill-seekers. This Vegas hotel keeps the fun alive, offering your kids more than just a place to sleep, but a thrilling experience they’ll treasure for years.

Mandalay Bay Resort: A Water Wonderland for the Whole Family

Mandalay Bay Resort strikes a balance between Las Vegas glamour and a sun-soaked beach holiday. Its massive aquatic playground includes a wave pool, a lazy river, and a real sand beach—yes, a beach in the heart of the desert! Your children will relish in the refreshing water, the soft sand, and the myriad beach games available.

Beyond its outdoor aquatic allure, Mandalay Bay houses the Shark Reef Aquarium, home to more than 2,000 animals. Here, your young explorers can safely encounter an array of aquatic creatures, from sharks to rays, and even golden crocodiles. This dual beach-aquarium offering makes Mandalay Bay Resort a destination your family will undoubtedly cherish.

MGM Grand Hotel: Entertainment Extravaganza for Kids


As one of the largest hotels in the world, MGM Grand Hotel doesn’t shy away from providing larger-than-life experiences for its younger guests. It offers an array of family-friendly shows and attractions, keeping your kids entertained throughout their stay. The KÀ by Cirque du Soleil, a martial arts-infused spectacle, for instance, will leave your children breathless with its stunning theatrics.

But that’s not all. The MGM Grand is also home to the Virtual Reality (VR) Powered by Zero Latency, an immersive gaming experience that your tech-savvy teens will love. Through these entertainment offerings, MGM Grand transforms a simple hotel stay into a fantastical journey of sights, sounds, and unforgettable memories.

Excalibur: Magical Stay for Your Little Knights

Travel back in time to the age of valiant knights and majestic castles at the Excalibur Hotel. Its medieval theme, complete with turrets and a drawbridge, will spark your children’s imagination. Here, they are not just guests; they are gallant knights and beautiful princesses in their own fairy tale.

One of Excalibur’s primary attractions is the Tournament of Kings, a dinner show with knights, horses, and jousting. Along with the Fun Dungeon, a gaming arcade filled with over 200 games, Excalibur invites your family to embrace the medieval spirit, making your stay an enchanting experience straight from the storybooks.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino: Urban Adventures for Families

Experience the Big Apple without leaving the desert at New York-New York Hotel & Casino. Its cityscape design featuring iconic NYC landmarks—Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Times Square—offers a bite-sized East Coast journey for your kids, filled with fun and discovery.

The Big Apple Coaster, an adrenaline-packed roller coaster that whirls around the hotel’s exterior, offers an exhilarating ride with breathtaking views of the Vegas Strip. Paired with Hershey’s Chocolate World—a two-story haven of sweets and treats—New York-New York provides an enticing mix of thrilling rides and mouthwatering delights, a combination your family will find irresistible.

The Mirage: Wild Animal Encounters in Vegas


The Mirage offers an exciting opportunity for your children to learn about wildlife while having fun. Its Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, created by legendary magicians Siegfried & Roy, provide interactive wildlife experiences. Your little ones will marvel at the sight of bottlenose dolphins, white tigers, lions, and leopards up close.

But the wildlife wonders don’t end there. The Mirage Volcano, a sight to behold, erupts nightly, mesmerizing spectators with its fiery spectacle. Accompanied by an outdoor tropical rainforest and a vast aquarium in the hotel lobby, The Mirage whisks your family away on a thrilling wildlife adventure in the heart of Vegas.

Treasure Island: Pirate-Themed Delights for Kids

Treasure Island makes every kid’s pirate dreams come true. This seafaring-themed hotel provides an adventure-packed stay, where your young buccaneers can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of pirates. With its ship-shaped design and lagoon area, your children will feel like they’ve stepped into their favorite pirate movie.

Inside the hotel, Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N is a must-visit for superhero fans. It’s an interactive exhibit that combines science, technology, and the Marvel comic universe in one epic adventure. Between its pirate theme and Marvel superhero attractions, Treasure Island offers a unique, kid-friendly Vegas experience that will have your children begging to return.

Final Reflections

Finding a child-friendly hotel amidst the bustling Las Vegas Strip may seem like searching for a diamond in the rough. Yet, as we’ve shown, there’s a treasure trove of family-oriented accommodations just waiting to be discovered. Whether your kids dream of carnival delights, medieval tournaments, wild animal encounters, or piratical adventures, Vegas has a hotel that caters to those fantasies. And, in creating these unforgettable family moments, you may just find that Las Vegas—with its sparkling lights and vibrant energy—captures a piece of your heart, too.