Use an SSL Certificate to Protect Your Important Data

Customers and people have always been concerned when purchasing products online through e-commerce sites. Clients who have had their personal information and, most importantly, their credit card numbers stolen have been around almost as long as e-commerce has existed. Now that online shopping is so simple and secure, the fear is not unfounded. So it’s no surprise that the client wants additional assurance that the vendor they’re ordering from is legal. Because there are so many hackers out there these days, validation is more important than ever. Clients have grown more confident, and many will not buy from a site unless they are confident that the site can be trusted to authorize certificates, so many sites obtain SSL certificates.

SSL certificates validate the website’s validity each time the page is loaded. Customers look for the “https” prefix, green address bar, and icon to ensure that they are dealing with a secure site page. Nowadays, if you do not assure your clients that their private information is encrypted and secure, and if they do not see these signs at the top of the address bar, they will immediately leave. If they enter any of our personal or private information, the browser will warn them that they are on an insecure site and will warn them to leave.

Why is an SSL Certificate important?


Getting an SSL certificate could be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business. It demonstrates that you care about your customers’ safety and well-being and want to protect their online security. Because of the increasing number of frauds, many people are wary of online transactions. SSL certificates allow users to easily enter their username and password, credit card information, and other private information. You will be able to gain your customer’s trust in this manner. As their trust grows, so will their willingness to provide you with the information you need to complete their transaction on your website.

Furthermore, an SSL certificate provides authentication, ensuring that the website owner is who he claims to be. This also implies that you are sending the correct information to the correct server and not to a fraudulent server. This adds another layer of trust when visitors visit your website, providing a sense of security to all visitors.

It prevents a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. When you connect to an unsecured channel, MITM occurs. When you connect to wifi in a coffee shop, for example, a hacker could easily intercept your connection and act as the “middle-man” connecting you to the wifi connection. That is, when you type your username or password, they can intercept it and use it against you. Fortunately, an SSL certificate prevents this, allowing you to securely browse the web. From a business standpoint, this instills complete trust, confidence, and comfort in your customers.

Get an SSL Certificate if you are a consumer-focused business to provide a positive customer experience.

What are some of the common types of SSL certificates?


Let us now look at the different types of SSL certificates available for your business:

Domain Validation (DV)

This certificate is recognized as a basic type of SSL certificate, requiring only the domain registration details for activation. These SSL certificates are simple to install on your web server/website. They include the domain name, the issuer’s name, and the validity period on the certificate but not the organization information. As a result, these certificates are not appropriate for corporate enterprises. They can be installed on both a single and multiple domain. Furthermore, you can select the Wildcard SSL option, which allows you to use the same certificate on multiple subdomains (e.g.,,, and so on).

Organization Validation (OV) Certificate

Similar to domain validation certificates, these certificates represent the next level of cyber security. When compared to DV certificates, the process of installing an OV certificate is slightly more complicated. The Certification Authority (CA) requires additional information in order to authenticate your organization’s ownership. These certificates include business information such as the organization’s name, location, and certificate validity, as well as the service provider’s information. Because these certificates assist visitors in authenticating organizational details, they are recommended for business users. If you get this certificate for multiple domains (let us take an example, and, the term for it is Subject Alternative Name (SAN). This certificate can also be installed on different subdomains (for example,,, and so on).

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

This is another type of SSL certificate that has gained popularity due to its superiority over other digital certificates. In addition to having the organizational details, these certificates allow your website to display the organization name and a green bar of trust on the latest browsers to represent the secured connection. This SSL certificate increases the value of your organization’s goodwill by assuring your customers that your website is trustworthy and secure.

What is the cost of obtaining an SSL certificate?


Obtaining this certificate is not expensive, and it is required if your company passes a thorough examination. The certificate authority will perform a check and validate the identity, subsistence, and domain registration of the requesting customer. Remember that a security certificate means that third-party companies validate you and verify that you are a very honest and reputable company to do business with, and you will guarantee clients that you are safe and professional.


In conclusion, we say that SSL certs from are very crucial and any site should have them in place. People nowadays are concerned about purchasing items online. They want to ensure that their information is secure. SSL certificates aid in this. They demonstrate that a website is safe and genuine. Customers know it’s safe when they see “https” and a green bar. They might leave if they don’t have this. SSL certificates also contribute to trust. People can enter their information without concern. SSL certificates deter hackers as well. They protect information from the middleman. Obtaining an SSL certificate is a wise business decision. It demonstrates concern for customers and makes them feel secure. So, get yourself an SSL certificate and keep everyone happy and safe!