Upgrading Your Water Heater: Tips from Plumbers on Choosing a More Efficient Model

We want everything in our home to be ideal, from the looks to how we want to arrange things inside it. In essence, we want the best of the best and as comfortable as possible, but to have to pay the least as possible, which is pretty understandable, and luckily, when it comes to water heaters, there are some great models. Of course, to pick the right one, it’s a must to know what to look for and, more importantly, how to avoid common mistakes, and that is something this article should help a lot with.

Choose the right capacity and size

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The size of the water heater is something that one should consider first, or they can easily end up without enough hot water for showering or other purposes. It depends on the number of appliances connected to the water supply and the number of taps, and it is necessary to estimate how many of them can use the hot water at the same time. Of course, the bigger the house and the more family members, the bigger heater would be needed, so it is definitely something that should be determined before purchasing. Understandably, these are just some of the basic things to cover before purchasing the water heater, and once you have covered that, you can focus on other criteria like peak hour usage, as it’s usually in the morning and the evening when you need hot water the most. Everything regarding this issue and more on water heaters, you can easily find online, so visit this site and find all the info you might seek.

On the other hand, buying a bigger water heater than you need means spending more money on it and higher bills at the end of the month. The needed size is different for various types, which is why it is necessary to do some research before making the final decision. A common mistake people make is buying too large water heaters, and it is one of the biggest reasons for complaints regarding high electricity bills. Namely, if you have a large water heater and don’t need that much water on a daily basis, repeatedly switching it on and off will affect the electricity consumption, which will reflect on the bill. So, to avoid spending more money on bills than needed, make sure to pick the right size and the capacity of your water heater.

Check the warranty

It can be pretty challenging to find the best water heater that meets all your requirements, especially for people who are not familiar with various brands. It requires a lot of research, and even then, one can be confused with the number of manufacturers and various brands. Going with a renowned brand is always a much preferable option if one doesn’t know what specifics are most important or if one simply doesn’t have enough time to do the research. On the other hand, the more renowned the brand, the more likely the price will also be higher for that product. Now, even though paying more for something usually means you will get a product of better quality, the price and how big it will be is also connected to the fact how popular some brand is. The thing people often overlook, besides the price, is the warranty, as this is a big plus for those more famous brands.

The logic behind this is simple, the longer the warranty lasts, the less money you will spend, which is why even if some water heaters might cost a bit more if it comes with a longer warranty, then it is a much more cost/efficient option in the long run. Because of that, it is the best solution to check the warranty, as all reputable brands with quality products sell their units with a warranty that lasts at least a few years. If the product comes without a warranty that covers parts and labor, it is a sign that you should look for another manufacturer.

Make sure it is energy efficient

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The good thing is that water heaters come in different sizes, shapes, capacity, and more importantly, they use different types of fuel, which can also play a huge role in our decision-making. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter which fuels the water heater you choose uses, as it is important to buy the energy efficient one, which can easily be checked with a simple look to the EF (Energy Factor), which measures the efficiency.

The type of fuel was the most important aspect regarding how much energy it will use in the past, but most newer models are energy efficient, as they need to meet certain standards, but the higher the EF number is, the more efficient the device. Understandably, there is a huge argument even here, as people often think that since these types cost a bit more, it is all just a hoax, but once again, this is a short-term way of planning and thinking.

Yes, but even though devices with higher EF are initially more expensive, it eventually pays off after a while as the bills will be much lower, and if they come with a five-year warranty, you will not have to worry about paying too much for the bills or having to replace your water heater anytime soon.

Decide between tankless or tank water heaters

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There are two most popular types, and besides the final decision on a certain model, it is necessary to determine which of these two types is better for your household. Models that contain tanks have been popular over the years, and they heat and store hot water, and we can use it directly from the tank. On the other side, tankless ones do not have a tank hence the name, and the water is heated on demand.

Both of these types have their benefits and flaws, and although tank ones are much cheaper, and because of that, the first choice among many people, tankless ones are much more energy efficient, and we do not need to worry whether there is enough hot water in the tank, or we need to wait for it.