Top 10 Best Songs to Jam When Snowboarding – Add A Lot Of Fun And Energy

Snowboarding is one of the coolest and most exhilarating winter sports. But let’s face it, without sick beats and a hype playlist, it just wouldn’t be complete. That’s why we have compiled the Top 10 Best Songs to Jam When Snowboarding!

Whether you’re carving up the slopes, stomping tricks off a jump or just cruising through some powder, we have the perfect selection of songs to get your blood pumping. So plug in your headphones and…

The cold weather can make snowboarding exciting and exhilarating. A great playlist is an essential part of a good day on the mountain. Whether you’re shredding for fun or for competition, listening to energizing music can help you get into the groove and make the most of your snowboarding experience.

To help you maximize your time on the slopes, we’ve compiled a list of 10 songs that are sure to get you ready to rip it up while riding down your favorite runs. Get ready to turn up the volume and hit those jumps – here are the top 10 best songs to jam to when snowboarding!

What to Consider When Choosing Music for Snowboarding


There are a few key factors to consider when selecting the right music for snowboarding. Picking the right tunes to listen to while you hit the slopes can dramatically affect your overall snowboarding experience. Here are some key things to keep in mind when deciding what songs will make it onto your snowboard playlist:

  • Tempo: The tempo or rhythm of a song is an important factor in determining how enjoyable it will be while snowboarding. High-energy, faster songs tend to be the best fit for winter sports but ultimately, it’s all about personal preference.
  • Pace: Snowboarders tend to ride faster with more upbeat tracks, so understanding the pace of each song is essential. Fitting songs that match your pace and style as a snowboarder will give you maximum enjoyment and satisfaction every time you hit the mountains.
  • Lyrics: Although lyrics are not essential for creating a great snowboard soundtrack, some songs benefit from an inspirational concept. Listening to motivational lyrics can help pump you up when tackling difficult obstacles and overall provide encouragement during challenging runs down the slopes.

Best Genres To Choose

genres of music

There are a few different genres of music that are great to listen to when snowboarding. Some good choices include:


Rock music is fast-paced and energetic, making it perfect for getting into the zone while shredding the slopes. Classic rock songs like “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC or “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses will get you pumped up and ready to ride.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is another great genre for snowboarding, as it has a similarly fast pace and energy to rock music. Plus, it’s easy to sing along to while you’re riding. Some good hip-hop songs to jam out to while snowboarding includes “Lose Yourself” by Eminem or “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled.


EDM (electronic dance music) is also a great choice for snowboarding, as it can help you get into a groove and keep your energy up. Plus, there are often drops in EDM songs that can make for an exciting ride down the slopes. Some good EDM songs to listen to while snowboarding include “Levels” by Avicii or “Animals” by Martin Garrix.

When selecting tunes for winter sports, it’s always good to go for upbeat tempos with driving beats. Genres like electronic music – drum and bass, jungle, hardstyle – hip hop and rock are great choices for getting into the zone on the mountain. The important thing is finding something that works for you personally which should allow you to achieve a maximum flow state on the slopes!

Top 10 Songs for Snowboarding

For many skiers and snowboarders, having the perfect accompaniment to your ride is essential. Accodring to Slash and Scroll Music can often inspire confidence as you take on that run, so having the right tunes in place can mean conquering some serious slopes! To give you that necessary bump of energy, these are our top ten picks for songs to jam to when snowboarding:

1. “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

And at the top of our list is “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This high-energy track is the perfect accompaniment to a day of shredding, whether you’re carving up fresh powder or hitting the park. With its catchy hooks and driving beat, “Can’t Stop” will keep you pumped all day long. So crank up the volume and enjoy the ride!

2. “Came Back Haunted” by Nine Inch Nails

This industrial rock song is full of energy and will have you headbanging all the way down the mountain. The hard-hitting drums and distorted guitars are the perfect accompaniment to a day on the slopes, and Trent Reznor’s anguished vocals will make you feel like you can conquer anything.

3. “Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers is the perfect song to jam out to when snowboarding. The catchy beat and lyrics will keep you motivated as you hit the slopes. Plus, the song is about overcoming adversity, which is something we can all relate to when learning how to snowboard.

4. “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand

The song is built around a propulsive guitar riff and features an anthemic chorus. The lyrics tell the story of a man who is trying to pick up a woman in a club.

Snowboarding and “Take Me Out” go together like peanut butter and jelly. The upbeat tempo and catchy hooks make it the perfect song to jam out to when you’re hitting the slopes. So crank up the volume and enjoy the ride!

5. “Ride The Lightning” by Metallica

“Ride The Lightning” by Metallica is one of the best songs to jam when snowboarding. It’s an uptempo song with a great beat that will keep you going while you’re shredding the slopes. The guitar riff is also killer, and it’s a great song to headbang to while riding.

6. “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX

“X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX is the perfect song to jam to when snowboarding. The high-energy beat and intense lyrics will get you pumped up for a day on the slopes. Plus, the song’s dark and gritty vibe will help you get in the zone for shredding some serious powder.

7. “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” by My Chemical Romance

As the sun sets over Monroeville, the sky is ablaze with a beautiful orange hue. The snow-capped mountains in the distance look like they’re on fire. It’s a stunning sight, and it’s made even more special by the fact that it’s set to one of the best songs were ever written.

8. “My Name is Mud” by Primus

The heavy bass and driving beat will keep you pumped up as you shred the slopes. And, of course, the lyrics are perfect for a day on the mountain: “My name is mud, I’m covered in dirt / I’m nothin’ but trouble, I’m nothin’ but pain.” So crank up this tune and enjoy your day in the snow!

9. “Enter Sandman” by Metallica

The snow is falling, the wind is howling, and the only thing that can warm you up is some seriously heavy metal. Enter Sandman by Metallica is the perfect song to get your blood pumping when you’re shredding the slopes. The fast tempo and driving guitars will keep you energized all day long, while the catchy chorus will stay stuck in your head for days.

10. “Epic” – Faith No More

The song’s catchy riff and driving beat will get your adrenaline pumping as you carve down the slopes. The lyrics are also motivating, with frontman Mike Patton belting out lines like “I won’t give up/I won’t go quietly.”

How To Listen to Music While Snowboarding + Safety Tips

When you’re out on the mountain snowboarding, having the right music for your ride can make a huge difference in your enjoyment. There are a few different considerations to make when selecting tunes that you like and work well with snowboarding. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your jams when shredding:

Choose songs with high energy and a driving beat

Try to select music that will keep your momentum going with upbeat tempos and fun vibes. Pick something that pumps you up or has lyrics that are inspiring for the situation.

Wrap up warm

In colder temperatures, listening to music through earphones or headphones can block out sound in either one or both ears, making it harder for you to hear what’s going on around you. To reduce this risk and ensure maximum enjoyment, always wear a warm hat when listening to music while snowboarding so that both ears stay warm.

Pack extra emergency supplies

When exploring off-piste trails, don’t forget any necessary preparations like food rations or extra batteries/chargers; this may also involve packing an emergency power source if your phone dies or drops out of battery during a trip. Not only can this equipment help save time in an event of an emergency situation, but it will also allow for uninterrupted musical enjoyment by providing backup power sources so you won’t have to worry about missing out on any good songs!

Wear hearing protection

Snowboarding can be loud since you’ll be moving at great speeds over bumps on hard-packed snow. An effective way of protecting your ears is by wearing earplugs inside your hat while riding down mountainsides; they will prevent loud sounds from reaching sensitive parts of your inner ear structure and ensure that every note makes it through clearly as intended while jamming down slopes as hard as possible!

How to Protect Your Music Gear While Snowboarding

headphones wired or wireless

When it comes to snowboarding, listening to music can add a lot of fun and energy to the experience. But if you’re going to have a great time out in the snow with your tunes, you need to make sure that your music gear is safe from snow, slush, ice and any other elements that it might encounter. Here are some tips for protecting your music gear while snowboarding:

  1. Invest in a waterproof and shockproof case for storing your device. Look for cases specifically designed for electronics that can handle extremely cold temperatures and are made out of durable materials. This will keep your device safe no matter how much it gets shaken around while you ride down the slopes.
  2. Avoid using wired headphones as they could get tangled or even yanked out of an unprotected headset jack when you fall or bounce off an obstacle. Instead, use Bluetooth headphones to give yourself more freedom of movement while still enjoying great sound quality.
  3. Make sure to always turn off your device before starting a run, so it won’t be at risk for getting wet or drained battery-wise by unwanted background apps running on the lock screen while in action mode use mode.
  4. Bring extra power sources such as power banks and solar chargers so that you don’t end up half way through the day without any audio options left!

By taking these simple precautions you can make sure that your music will be there when needed on the slopes!

How to Create the Perfect Playlist for Snowboarding

snowboarding playlist

When you’re out on the mountain, a great playlist can make the experience even better. Music can give you an extra boost of energy and motivation as you ski or snowboard, so it’s important to pick the right tunes.

But with there being so many different kinds of music out there, it can be tough to narrow down which tunes should make your winter sports playlist. To help make things easier, here are some tips on creating the perfect playlist for snowboarding or skiing:

  • Choose upbeat music: Upbeat music is perfect for getting you pumped before and during a ride. You want to make sure that the songs you choose don’t slow down your activity – look for tracks with up-tempo beats and a steady rhythm that will keep your toes tapping along with them.
  • Mix-up genres: All types of music are welcome – feel free to experiment with different styles as this could help create a more interesting atmosphere when on the slopes. From metal to pop and hip hop to rock, varying your genre selection could give you an added edge when snowboarding or skiing!
  • Pick songs with meaning: While it’s nice to listen to some catchy music when shredding, it’s also great if these songs have personal meaning too – pick tracks that remind you of special people or moments in life that can be reflected back on while enjoying winter sports
  • Look at top lists: Checking out lists released by other experts or fellow boarders is another great way to get ideas for building your dream snowboard/ski playlist! Doing research online or referring back to specialist sites can be one of the simpler ways of creating your ideal soundtrack.


Music can be an excellent way to accompany snowboarding trips, adding an extra level of excitement and energy to your adventure. While some songs will inspire frantic efforts up a steep hill, others will make you take in your beautiful surroundings or slow things down a bit while you take in the scenery.

Whatever genre you prefer and whatever experience you want to have, there are multiple songs that can make your snowboarding trip even better.

Whether it is something upbeat like “Uptown Funk” or more relaxed like “Summertime Sadness”, the right music can create a unique and memorable snowboarding experience. Choosing which songs to listen to while on the slopes can be tricky, but with these top 10 best choices the task just became much easier! So grab your board and get ready for a one-of-a-kind journey down the mountain – with some jamming tunes!