What To Know When Visiting Santa Anita Park

There are few more famous horse racing tracks in the United States than Santa Anita Park, and there will be more eyes than ever on the track this year, as the Breeders’ Cup will be held at Santa Anita in November.

Visitors from across the world travel to take in the sights at the track throughout the year, with customers able to soak in the sun while watching some of the high-quality racing action on the track. But, what should you know before visiting the Californian racecourse?

Races At Santa Anita

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This year will see some of the stars from around the world descent on Santa Anita, as the track hosts the prestigious Breeders’ Cup for the eleventh time in history.

However, besides finding the best Breeders Cup horse racing betting strategy, according to TwinSpires, there are more opportunities to visit throughout the year, as there is no shortage of huge graded stakes races.

In total, 13 Grade 1s are held at the track throughout the season, which includes the pivotal Santa Anita Derby and American Oaks.

Both races have a huge bearing on the Triple Crown season, with the prior proving to be one of the most significant on the road to the Kentucky Derby. Aside from races for three-year-olds, Santa Anita also hosts the lucrative Shoemaker Mile, Frank E. Kilroe Mile, and the Santa Anita Handicap. Aside from Grade 1s, there are also 33 Grade 2s held at the track annually and the same number of Grade 3s.

How To Get To Santa Anita

Santa Anita is one of the easiest tracks in California to visit, as it is accessible from a number of local cities. The track itself is located at 285 W Huntington Avenue, which is just slightly east of Pasadena.

The majority of visitors will opt to stay in Los Angeles for their overnight accommodation, and there are numerous travel methods available from downtown. Those include the option to jump on the 92 bus, which will take you directly from the heart of Los Angeles to the racetrack in an hour and 15 minutes. Alternatively, visitors can hop on the B metro line, before then getting the 94 bus, which will take just over an hour.

The latter is often a preferred route, as it means that visitors won’t get stuck in the heavy traffic around the city. Alternatively, visitors can drive to the track, with payment for parking accepted on the official website of the course.

What To Wear

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When it comes to deciding what to wear for a day at Santa Anita, the majority of visitors will first need to examine the stand where they are located. Typically, if you have paid more for your tickets, then there will be stricter dress codes that must be adhered too.

However, given the climate in California throughout the year, visitors are often encouraged to dress in clothes that they will feel comfortable in. The heat is a key factor to consider before determining your outfit for the day, and is the reason why so many female visitors opt to wear summer dresses. As well as that, the majority of visitors will also wear a hat to a day at the racing to shade their heads from the direct sunlight.

Men will typically wear shirts with trousers, but there is no pressure to wear a tie. Once again, hats are a popular accessory among the male visitors, as it is a good way to cover themselves from the direct sunlight. Many visitors will also bring umbrellas, as this is the best way to keep out of direct sunshine throughout the day, as shaded areas will likely be popular around the enclosures.

Get Tickets In Advance

Visitors that are looking to attend mid-week racing will likely be safe booking tickets on the door, as they are unlikely to sell out. However, if you’re looking to attend one of the big race days at the track, then you will need to book your tickets well ahead of your visit to Santa Anita.

This is especially the case when it comes to the Breeders’ Cup, which will sell out at least a month before the opening Friday of the two-day meet. The most popular annual race day on the calendar is the Santa Anita Derby, with thousands of fans typically attending the occasion, as it is one of the biggest social events on the calendar. Tickets will be available across a range of prices, with one of the most popular coming in the form of the in-field option.

This is the cheapest way to get to see the action live, and the dress code is less strict. Furthermore, visitors will be able to bring in picnics to enjoy while watching the racing, and it is the preferred option among families that attend Santa Anita throughout the year.

Essentials To Remember

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A day at the horse racing can often be a chaotic experience, especially if you forget something that could overshadow your day. Therefore, you should be packed for everything. A key thing to remember is a phone charger, as this will ensure that your battery life remains healthy to access online apps.

However, it is also a tip because Santa Anita is one of the most beautiful race courses in the world, so you will want to get a lot of pictures of the picturesque backdrop of the course. An umbrella is an essential accessory to remember, as it will block you from the sun, and also cover you if there is any unexpected rainfall.

Meanwhile, visitors should always ensure that they carry both cash and card to the racing, with many tracks now only accepting the latter when it comes to buying food and drink. Finally, you should ensure that you drink enough water throughout your visit to Santa Anita, as a long day of standing on your feet and walking around can cause dehydration. But, overall, all visitors will have a memorable day at Santa Anita, regardless of the race day that they are attending on the horse racing schedule.