Mortgage Brokerage Technology

In the ever-changing landscape of mortgage technology, driving efficiency, enhancing customer service and customer experience, as well as staying competitive have been important factors.

Mortgage brokers in the UK leverage a variety of software tools to streamline operations (affordability and criteria checks, credit history check, mortgage sourcing, etc.), manage client relationships (via a CRM system and client portal), and remain compliant with the FCA’s regulatory requirements.

Let’s look at the essential software types used by mortgage brokers in the UK, focusing on their functionalities, benefits, and impact on the industry.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

CRM softwares, such as ClientTree, serve as the backbone of operations for mortgage brokers, enabling them to manage interactions with clients as well as their everyday processes effectively.

CRM systems allow brokers to store client information, track communications, automate workflows, and analyse data to optimise marketing strategies as well as create reports for the management and the FCA.

By having an online client dataflow, and facilitating personalised interactions via a client portal and mailshots, a CRM system helps mortgage brokers build and maintain strong relationships, ultimately driving business growth.

Loan Origination Software

A loan origination software facilitates the mortgage application process, from agreement in principle to completion. These platforms automate various stages of the process, including application submission, document collection, credit checks, ID and income checks, underwriting, valuation and approval.

By digitising and automating traditionally paper-based and manual processes, loan origination softwares reduce processing times and data re-keying errors, allowing mortgage brokers to serve clients more efficiently.

These platforms are largely disconnected from mortgage sourcing systems and CRM systems, as they tend to rely on different datasets. There have been efforts to connect them, but the process is slow, as the integration currently has to be done lender-by-lender.

Document Management Tool


Document management is essential for mortgage brokers to organise, store, share and retrieve documents securely and efficiently. These tools can be used for various types of documents, such as mortgage application related documents, financial statements, ID and income documents as well as compliance documents.

Advanced features such as version control, document indexing, and secure access controls can streamline document-related workflows, enhancing productivity and reducing operational risks.

Some CRM systems have a pre-set document structure for uploading certain types of documents. Others, like ClientTree, allow the user to create their preferred folder types and organise documents accordingly.

Compliance Management Software

A compliance management software can offer tools to mortgage brokers to track regulatory changes, manage compliance workflows, conduct audits, and document compliance activities.

By automating compliance-related tasks, compliance management platforms ensure that brokers remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations, mitigating regulatory risks and safeguarding their business operations, for example in case of a complaint or a regulatory audit.

Marketing Automation Software


Marketing automation systems allow mortgage brokers to execute targeted marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.

These platforms and capabilities are sometimes an integral part of a CRM system, while they can also be a standalone system.

They offer tools for segmenting client databases, creating personalised marketing content, scheduling email campaigns, and tracking campaign performance metrics.

By automating repetitive marketing tasks (e.g. sending out Christmas wishes every year) and delivering personalised content (e.g. about new services or just wishing happy birthday) to the right audience at the right time, marketing automation software helps mortgage brokers attract leads, nurture client relationships, and drive business growth.


In the dynamic and competitive mortgage industry, using the right software tools is essential for growth and success.

Whilst not every mortgage broker firm in the UK has embraced the various tools that are currently available, those who have done so have experienced enhanced efficiency, improved customer service and satisfaction, and will likely manage to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

As with every industry, there are softwares that have been around for decades using old technology and some updates over the years as well as more modern systems, like ClientTree, that use the latest technology available.

Still, every broker firm operates differently and one size does not fit all, so mortgage broker firms have to look around and choose the right technology for them.