Job Opportunities in UAE: Best 10 Sites To Find a Job

In the 7th century, small sheikhdoms were located along the Southern Coast of the Persian Gulf and the western side. Native residents had nothing interesting in their usual lives. All they needed was food and their own home. It was unpredictable what was going to be with this landscape after the years of revolution.

Colonization and struggle for independence helped this area to become stronger and tougher in the local area, even next to Great Britain.

This country has been controlling it for a long time. The sheikhs didn’t want to give up. They gathered a strong army of military men and set out to achieve independence and, in the early 1920s a struggle for it broke out in the Treaty of Oman. Moreover, a huge event in Emirates history happened.

The biggest and the richest oil resources were discovered. They provoked the country’s development. With the beginning of oil production (in the early 1950s) more and more foreign investments began to flow in the region. It has started getting amazing income.

Nowadays, the UAE is one of the leading countries in the whole world. It is a center of international bank resources. It has the highest level of GDP. According to the information from the CIA FactBook about 15 people in households are millionaires.

And this percentage is rising every year. The last of the features and achievements can be continued to the end of our article. But what is the reason for this statistic? Is it possible to provide such living conditions for citizens and migrants in the same way? There are some causes for it.

One of them is mentioned before. (oil production) This resource is needed for every country, which has provided the next reason for the landscape’s success. Especially, it is providing foreign trade with many investments. The commercial center of Dubai has attracted them.

The country’s parts are among the top 40 in the world. Substantial investments have been made in the construction of modern buildings, factories, and offices. The variety of these establishments has led to an increasing number of jobs.

How to find a career in the UAE without difficulties. Basic tips for beginners in the job search


When the previous steps are done, it is worth thinking about a resume for looking for a job on in your occupation. There are lots of actual vacancies in the Emirates. Coming here is an amazing astonishment. You will be surprised by the amount of local and international companies.

They are waiting for new specialists “with open doors”. But it isn’t necessary to visit them to search for vacancies in this workplace.

Nowadays, you can just take your gadget for it. So, if you are ready for searching, firstly, try to manage with the comfortable resources for this process. It is better to give preference to well-known sites, since only verified companies are posting here, like these:

  • It is full of different career spheres.
  • It offers even the rarest vacancies.
  • This one includes all the territory of the UAE.
  • It provides online courses for future jobs.
  • You can also find accommodation here.
  • Monstergulf. It is a global resource.

Before sending the resume on the liked vacancy on one of these websites, it is necessary to check the company’s page.

The most attractive country for tourists. The needed information for future employees about the earning opportunities in the UAE.


As we can see. This landscape is full of capabilities for personal growth and an area for building a successful career by getting an amazing salary.

To satisfy these needs of the country it is constantly working in motion. It is appealing to many tourists around the world. For example, millions of migrants are coming every year.

There are 85% of foreign job searchers in this Kingdom. The government is continuing to do everything possible to raise this number (they have many vacancies, but there is a huge lack of native specialists.

They are waiting for an experienced specialist in every sphere. Jobs in the UAE for migrants (in 2018) are available in lots of sectors.

There are vacancies in the economic spheres, including tourism, trade, information technology, and finances. Payments in all these sectors are very attractive for workers. They start from 5000 Dh (working as a general laborer or in the textile or, apparel industry) to 12000 Sh (for journalism or experience of in IT technology).

These salaries are available for every person who is ready to develop different skills. The employers are looking for qualified specialists, who have a good level of education, are ready to provide the company’s growth, and have the highest level of grammar, phonetics, and lexicon English possibilities.

Of course, you ought to prepare the official documents of your personality. These papers are the passport, medical certificate, diploma of higher education, colorful photos with a good photo of your face’s appearance (for recognition on the borders), and visa documents.

Take care of the presence of all of these components. If everything is prepared, you can start your trip to the country of many opportunities. Before visiting it, don’t forget to read information about the culture, communication, and general peculiarities. It is a very important thing because you can be arrested without knowing the reason for it.

For example, drinking alcohol is supposed to result in a fine or even deportation (especially, in society). Therefore, you need to get acquainted with the culture in the first place.



Perfect weather, amazing infrastructure, beautiful buildings, and many opportunities for future career growth are the main words that are associated with the UAE. It is a country fairytale for abroad job searchers. If you have never been here, try your chance and move to the UAE for a well-paid vacancy at one of the best landscapes in the world.