From Coast to Countryside: Top Holiday Destinations in the UK for Large Groups

The UK can be the best destination for planning a vacation with your big friend group. Many beautiful places are there that you can add to your bucket list and plan a visit with your buddies. You can include art museums, castles, movie shoot destinations, farms, scenic landscapes, and more.

You can plan for a staycation and make a reservation in advance. For large holiday homes in the UK, you can check those ideas. You can stay in a luxurious home with all the amenities and spend quality time with your friends. You can cover different places from the coast to the countryside.

There is a lot more to explore than you expect in the UK. You can start planning to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. This write-up will help you explore all the beautiful destinations worth visiting. You can decide whether to add them to your bucket list.

1. Scottish Highlands


If you desire to explore a treasure destination in Britain, then you should not miss the Scottish Highlands. This place combines beaches and mountains, which look mesmerizing and beautiful. It is good to tour the biggest national park in the UK, Cairngorms and Loch Ness.

You can also take a ride on the popular train, the Jacobite steam train, where the Harry Potter series shot. It is quite entertaining to see the dream place with your eyes and get the experience of your favorite film stars. This train ride is a must for every traveler as it rides over the highest bridge, and you can explore the scenic beauty of the Highlands.

2. Norfolk


For anyone who craves to see the natural beauty of the city, including wildlife, beautiful landscapes, royal palaces, etc., Norfolk is a must-visit place. You must add it to your bucket list and be ready to stay connected with nature. You can explore massive windmills in the countryside.

It is better to take a train and enjoy your journey. It will be relaxing if you take a train to this destination. There is not much peace everywhere that you can sit for long hours and relax your mind.

3. Pembrokeshire


It is another beautiful destination, located in the South-west Wales of the UK. Three sides of Pembrokeshire are covered with water, giving an outstanding coastal look. You can land here and enjoy the scenic beauty everywhere. The coast also includes coves, towns, harbors, etc. Only a few people know it is the smallest city in the UK, which is worth exploring.

If you are coming to this city with your friends, you must stay and spend time with them. For entertainment, you can indulge in different activities and enjoy your day. There is an attractive village, i.e., Fishguard, where you can explore the Gwaun valley. You can reach there by cruise and explore different islands nearby.

4. Windsor


If you love to visit historic places, Windsor can be the best choice. You must visit the old Windsor castle, which is a highly occupied destination across the globe. When you reach the tower, you can see the skyline. There is a scenic view that will blow your mind, and you cannot miss it.

Many individuals dream of visiting Windsor. You must plan your trip to this place for three days. You can arrange a private place to stay and enjoy the royal amenities with your friends. For memories, you can take numerous pictures and connect to the UK’s history.

5. Cotswolds


It is a photogenic place in the UK, where you can visit beautiful and unexplored villages. The Cotswolds village should be added to your bucket list if you plan a peaceful staycation. You can tour scenic gardens, farms, and nearby castles.

You can spend at least five days in this place and make your trip worthwhile. It is a perfect destination to take pictures, and you can make different memories with your friends. It is advisable to go there and make your journey relaxing yet enjoyable.

6. Yorkshire Dales


This place is perfect for people who want to explore the rural side of the UK and experience immense beauty. It is a beautiful destination, located on the northside of England. You can see beautiful mountains, towns, etc., and take numerous pictures as memories. It is good to prefer railway journeys to explore the place’s scenic beauty.

On your route, you can check out beautiful Dales and Bridleway. You can also take a walking tour to see stunning details of the village and connect with nature. You can plan a five-day visit and cover every corner of Yorkshire Dales with your friends.

7. London


Whenever you plan for a UK trip, you will think of London. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect place for a staycation, and you can plan the trip for many days. There are many things to explore in the capital of the UK. You can visit green places, skyscrapers, etc. You will find peace here by exploring nature through green gardens and national parks.

This place is called paradise due to its greenery and glasshouses. You can also visit the town area and glue your eyes to the amazing infrastructure of the city. It is a highly crowded place and is mostly visited by tourists. If traveling with a big group, you must add London destination to your bucket to explore everything in a single city.

The Bottom Line

Different places in the UK are perfect for planning vacations with your friends. Exploring different cities in a limited period is hard, but you can add some destinations to your bucket list. You must find an appropriate location to stay with the whole group and spend quality time.

It is good to book hotels, flights, railway tickets, etc., in advance to avoid problems. You can consider all the top destinations in the UK that cover mountains, beaches, national parks, gardens, villages, castles, etc. You must plan your trip and enjoy it with your friends.