GTA 6: All We Know Thus Far

With its announced release date of 2025, Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled to return to Vice City in Leonida. The official GTA 6 trailer 1, which was uploaded one day ahead of schedule due to the leak, served as the source of information.

Our GTA 6 article provides an overview of noteworthy features you may have missed in what appears to be one enormous open-world setting that pushes Vice City to new heights. Even just considering the new protagonists, settings, cars and other elements, there’s a lot to explore.

In the coming days, we’ll be updating our GTA 6 guide with the most recent news, commentary, and analysis as more information becomes available. In the meantime, scroll below to see everything we know so far.

A Sneak Peek at Future Events: The GTA 6 Trailer


Leaks caused the release of the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer to happen earlier than planned – December 5, 2024. The teaser presents a contemporary version of Vice City, unveiling a more aesthetically pleasing and larger city. It shows the critical characters in the game, such as Lucia, the first female lead in the series, who makes reference to her complex background with the law. The trailer suggests a deep plot that might center on a crime-ridden romance reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde.

Release Date for GTA 6: 2025 Is the Target

Rockstar has said that the official release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 is 2025. From the reveal trailer, we learn Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released on TBC in 2025; sure, but no exact release date has been given. While you’re waiting for the sixth installment of the series of games, you can spice up your gaming experience with a stunning GTA 5 graphics mod and many others that can completely change the game with

Before the reveal trailer, internet investigators speculated. According to several sources, Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch in 2025. This report was part of a more significant leak that revealed the game would take place in a contemporary Vice City.

It’s worth noting that Take-Two, which controls Rockstar, continues implying that GTA 6 will be published by March 2025 but never confirms it. Strauss Zelnick, the CEO, expressed confidence in positioning the business for a significant turning point in fiscal 2025, believing it would include new record levels of operating performance. The debut of GTA 6 is allegedly to blame for the considerable increase in revenue estimates.

When Did GTA 6 Get Announced?

February 4, 2022, saw the announcement of GTA 6 over Twitter. Other than the fact that Rockstar was actively developing Grand Theft Auto 6, this was essentially just confirmation that the game was being worked on.

GTA 6 Platforms: Where Will GTA 6 Be Available?


As previously stated, we know that GTA 6 will launch in 2025 on the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5.

No news yet about the PC version of the game or when it will be available. Since, in the past, Rockstar has always made all of the series’ games available on PC, they may be holding this vital information for later.

Location of GTA 6: We’re Returning to Vice City

Grand Theft Auto 6 sees the return of Vice City. Although the first game took place in 1986, the 2025 version is supposed to take place in what looks to be a contemporary setting. We’re heading to Leonida, which is “home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond,” according to a Rockstar statement. Touted as the “biggest, most immersive evolution of Grand Theft Auto yet,” Vice City seems to comprise a larger area that will comprise Grand Theft Auto 6.

We have already seen how attractive a Vice City can be through the trailer, and its portrayal of rural Florida is just as chaotic as the real thing. We’ll just have to wait and see whether we’ll be able to visit historical locales like the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, Little Haiti or famous places such as Starfish Island.

Fans have already begun comparing the new clip to the scenes from the first Vice City, as the teaser showed, highlighting just how meticulously detailed the upgraded version of the place is.

GTA 6 Gameplay

Even after Rockstar released a GTA 6 trailer, we can’t strictly say how Grand Theft Auto 6 will play and how it will differ from the original game. Thus, although the latest development footage shows that at least Rockstar is investigating and trying out some new features, nonetheless. For instance, the video shows people creeping while prone and carrying bodies, suggesting introducing a new set of stealth mechanics.

The weapon wheel, which underwent a redesign for Grand Theft Auto V, is also making a comeback in some form, and the leaked video appears to show that Rockstar is adding new health-boosting goods like painkillers. It is also evident that the VCPD’s enhanced AI procedures for following Jason and Lucia after they come to their notice have brought back the Five Star ‘Wanted’ feature.

What Is the Plot of GTA 6?


Once fans had finished poring over the trailer in search of details, many were prepared to make educated guesses about the general plot of the game.

We know that GTA 6’s two main characters are Lucia and Jason (although Jason’s name isn’t mentioned in the video; the earlier leaks correctly named Lucia). They appear to be in a loose criminal alliance if not a romantic one.

The first female protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series, Lucia, is featured wearing an ankle monitor in the teaser image and is incarcerated at one point. Jason’s background is unknown. However, some have theorized that he is an undercover police officer based only on circumstantial evidence.

In the trailer, they are seen using weapons to rob a store, and in the conclusion, they decide to trust one another. We’ll see whether they keep their word, but in typical GTA form, it wouldn’t be shocking if their misdeeds got out of hand and became much bigger.

GTA 6 Online

Thanks to the constantly updated GTA Online feature, GTA V has had a lengthy life beyond its initial release in 2013. This lets you play a large variety of game modes or just free-roam around the map with other players, gaining money you can then spend on cars, clothing, weapons and player housing.

The likelihood of a sequel arriving concurrently with Grand Theft Auto 6 is almost certain. However, the two experiences may end up separate. GTA 5 Online debuted a month after the single-player portion of the game, and with consoles now capable of installing particular pieces of a game rather than the entire package, Rockstar may decide to split the two.

Either way, hopefully, there will be some way for long-time GTA Online players to transfer their in-game earnings and items into the new game. Rockstar has earned a huge amount of money from players spending money on microtransactions in GTAO, and no doubt some players don’t want this to all disappear with the move to a new generation.

What Is The Price Of GTA 6?

Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably cost $69.99, which is becoming the norm for AAA video games with large budgets. Rockstar and publisher Take-Two haven’t disclosed the exact pricing yet. Additionally, based on misconstrued remarks made by Strauss Zelnick, the head of Take-Two, there are baseless reports that GTA 6 will cost $150 or be billed per hour. It’s possible that GTA 6 has more expensive premium or collector’s edition editions than the usual $69.99, but you should wait to place your pre-orders until Rockstar confirms this.

In Summary

The official GTA 6 trailer provides an overview of the game’s environment, setting, and characters, even though few details remain. We now know that it will be placed in contemporary Vice City, containing two main characters and a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired plot. As we add the most recent news and analysis to this post, be sure to check back for additional details.